Senior Citizens and Disabled access

Access to the boat is by four steps down from the rear deck with a handrail on one side.

Seating is arranged along the sides of the boat, and there are no individual seats.

The boat is fitted with a hydraulic lift and a ramp and can accommodate up to 2 unpowered wheelchair users per trip.

Please note:

  • We are unable to accommodate users of powered/motorised wheelchairs or mobility scooters.
  • Each wheelchair user must be accompanied by an able-bodied carer. The crew will operate the lift and ramp. The crew cannot assist with the handling of wheelchairs or their occupants.
  • Each wheelchair user, for reasons of safety, will occupy 2 of the available places on the boat. Therefore a maximum of 11 persons can be accommodated including one wheelchair user, and 10 persons including two wheelchair users.

Alternatively, our sister charity Accessible Boating, based in Odiham, operates purpose-built boats to cater for disabled persons and their carers.

For more details visit the Accessible Boating Association or call them on 07934 926683 .

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