In today’s fast paced world it is difficult to find time to relax and reduce stress. Camping is a great way to reconnect with nature which has countless benefits for your health and wellbeing. Being outdoors after dark enables you to experience the environment differently. Enjoy the fresh air and outdoor activities with your family or friends on the campsites along the Basingstoke Canal.

Suggested Campsites

Camping Equipment

The most basic camping equipment is of course a tent and a sleeping bag! But it’s only when you’re actually out there that you realise what you’ve forgotten. Here’s our Quick List so you don’t get caught out when you’re under the stars!

  • Waterproof tent (of course! Although you could go for a bivvy bag instead)
  • Sleeping bag suitable to the likely outside temperature
  • Sleeping mat to avoid laying on those cold lumpy rocks
  • Battery powered light/head torch (with batteries!)
  • Something to sit on (mat or folding chair)
  • Small folding table (so your glass of wine doesn’t fall over!)
  • Something to make a cup of tea with and perhaps cook a meal
  • Bottled water/sweets/easy-cook food/milk powder or sachets
  • A book or other entertainment
  • A portable phone charger
  • Washing gear and toilet paper
  • Rubbish bag

Now you’ve got your list, where do you get this stuff from?