Corporate Supporters

To help safeguard the health and habitat of your business and the local area where your employees and stakeholders live and work, why not get involved with The Basingstoke Canal Society. 

Studies show that spending time by a canal can make you feel happier *1, whether that’s walking along the towpath, cycling, navigating along the canal or even volunteering with a work party which is easy to arrange with The Basingstoke Canal Society. 

Why not get involved and bring your team for a day or even a few hours of volunteering to appreciate nature, support biodiversity on one of the most species-rich aquatic systems in Britain and above all to help protect this Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) or future generations to enjoy. 

Moreover , The Basingstoke Canal delivers value for money when it comes to supporting the local economy bringing tourists and spending to the area as well as delivering health benefits worth 7 for every £1 invested. *2

There are multiple ways you can get involved.

Recently, the below local companies have given their time and support to The Basingstoke Canal Society, why not join them on this list! 

“The AECOM Basingstoke team really enjoyed volunteering with the Basingstoke Canal Society in Feb. It was a great opportunity for colleagues to get together for a good cause and to use one of their 2 volunteering days they are given each year. Working on conservation projects like this are a great way to help with staff wellbeing. All felt like they had done some valuable work for BCS while enjoying some winter sun and exercising in the process.”

Mary Kucharska – Associate Director EUR – UK & Ireland, AECOM

“During the volunteering day the team removed three boatloads of hydro cotyle and two and a half black bin liners of litter out of the canal. All litter is then recycled in the correct way.

A great day well spent. Thank you to everyone involved!”

Katlin Pecsi Head of Neos Networks

The BMW Farnborough Team volunteered on a sunny day in October 2022 and worked hard as a team collecting three boatloads of vegetation cuttings from the Canal as well as multiple bags of litter.

*1 Basingstoke Canal Authority Conservation Management Plan 2018-2028
*2 IWA University Study 2018