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Boat Training

JP Crew Manual 2020 – Click here

JP II Domestic Safety Manual – Click here

JP Emergency Procedures – Click here (Not in the directory)

JP Crew 1 Emergency Procedures – Click here

JP Crew 2 Emergency Procedures – Click here

JP Uniform (Not in the directory)

JP II – Fire Safety plan – Click here

Health & Safety

BCS Roadmap Mar 2021 – Click here

BCS Corona Virus Vaccine Policy – 24 May 2021 – Click here

DEFRA: Skippered Boats Mar 2021 – Click Here

EPOS Training

Note that these have been produced at different times, so some portions may reflect earlier screenshots, but the principle is the same.

Part 1 – Video EPOS Training – Click here

PCN – Video – Click here


APP Readme – Click here

IOS version – See Readme

Android version – see Readme


JP Trips 2021 – Click here

Passenger Count Notes

Count notes – Click here