Fundraising – Council Lotteries

Support The Canal And Win Up To £25,000!

The Basingstoke Canal Society has recently subscribed to several council lotteries which are intended to raise money for good causes in their respective areas. So, if you would like a flutter and also support the Society in raising money for the Basingstoke Canal, then why not sign up to one of these.

Click on the links to find out about the lotteries and to go to the Society page on each site.
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The Canal runs through these districts and boroughs, and funds raised from lotteries towards the Canal will be allocated to benefit it in the respective geographic sections. For more about how the Society will use funds raised, please refer to the Society pages.

Tickets cost £1 each a week, for which you can choose your own 6-digit number. Usually 50% of the ticket takings, that is, £26 each year, goes directly to the Society. The rest goes to a central lottery fund to which groups can apply for extra funding, (usually 10%), prizes (20%) and administration (20%).

A prize draw takes place weekly on a Saturday night, and prizes are awarded as follows:

  • 6 matching numbers  – £25,000

and according to matching rules:

  • 5 matching numbers – £2000
  • 4 matching numbers – £250
  • 3 matching numbers – £25
  • 2 matching numbers – 3 extra tickets in next draw.

All of these lotteries are run by the same provider (Gatherwell). Note that although set up by local councils, they do not receive any revenues from their lotteries.

If you would like to actively support the Canal in your area while at the same time stand a chance of winning a tax-free cash prize, then subscribe now!