Activities & Wellbeing

‘Wellbeing’ – the state of being comfortable, healthy and happy, according to the Oxford dictionary. At the Basingstoke Canal Society, we understand the importance of environmental wellbeing and want to show some of the activities and places along the canal which you can enjoy and improve your health.

Connecting with nature positively influences our health and also inspires us to live more sustainably and protect what we see. Environmental wellbeing is about getting out into nature, exercising or just socialising.

Spending at least 2 hours a week in nature is associated with better health and it doesn’t matter whether this is spent all in one go or in several trips throughout the week.

But it goes further than that! A newer aspect of Environmental wellbeing is focused on supporting your community. The Society aims to encourage the public to use and respect our canal, but also maintain and educate on the canal so it’s a comfortable place to spend your time. If you’d like to improve your environmental wellbeing further, why not join the Society or volunteer and help us protect our lovely blue space.

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