Keep Your Canal Alive

The Basingstoke Canal is at risk

Your canal needs you!

Help us protect the Basingstoke Canal for future generations – we can’t take it for granted.
You can help by:

  1. Donating (Protect the canal through helping to fund essential projects)
  2. Becoming a Member (Supporting the charity efforts)
  3. Get Involved & Volunteer (Help us to help the Basingstoke Canal)
  4. Do your part and write to your local MP today (below is a helpful guide and template to do this)

The Basingstoke Canal is a beautiful resource for all to enjoy, helping us all feel healthier, happier and connected to both the environment and local community. But its future is at risk without the crucial funding it needs to keep it navigable, usable and safe for everyone to enjoy.

The canal is currently underfunded by £100,000 from local authority commitments and this poses a significant risk to the short-term running and maintenance of the Basingstoke Canal and it’s long term existence.

The funding from local councils for this Site of Special Scientific Interest ( SSSI) is pivotal to it remaining an asset that is maintained in a way that we can all enjoy whether that’s by foot, on a bicycle, in a canoe, on a boat or even seated and enjoying a beautiful fishing spot.

We all know that the Basingstoke Canal is an important spot for our physical and mental wellbeing. Without funding, we lose:

  • Access to much needed green space.
  • Opportunities to get out in nature.
  • 32 miles of beautiful fishing locations.
  • Access to “free” exercise locations.

As an SSSI protected site, lack of funding could result in:

  • The risk to life for nature and species unique to the Basingstoke Canal.
  • The potential closure of the 13th most beautiful waterway in the world (as voted for by Paddleboarders).

The Basingstoke Canal is an attraction for local people and tourists. The disrepair from the decline in funding could result in:

  • A decline in property value for homes along the canal.
  • A significant decline in customers for local businesses including but not limited to; coffee shops, restaurants, cafes, boating companies, fishing tackle shops, tourist accommodation and much more.

You can help to safeguard your and your neighbourhood’s health, habitat and local economy. 

You can help today by becoming a member for only £15 per year.  Receive regular news, member events and be a part of keeping the canal alive!

Or, by making a one off donation.

The Basingstoke Canal is important for your health!

The “Green Gym” on your doorstep is a free resource for walking, running, cycling and of course taking care of your physical and mental health, with studies showing that spending time by the canal can make you feel happier whether that be from the path, the water or even from a bench with a coffee in hand! 

The Basingstoke Canal is a diverse natural habitat!

Giving us an opportunity to appreciate nature, the canal brings a wider variety of nature to our doorstop.  The Canal is the most species rich aquatic system in Britain*.  Don’t take this natural delight for granted and take action to help protect this space for future generations to enjoy. 

Delivering £10 for every £1 donated in benefit to the local economy

The Basingstoke Canal delivers real value for money and drives spending in the local area from both locals and tourists whether they be keen walkers, families looking to enjoy the outdoors, cyclists, paddleboarders, fishers, boaters, just to name a few people who benefit from this important resource!

Find out more information on the work of the Basingstoke Canal Society and how we maintain the Canal, raise awareness of the canal’s benefits and importance as well as how you can help today.

*Basingstoke Canal Authority Conservation Management Plan 2018-2028