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This page shows you all the details of your account with the society.  The tabs below show details as follows:
  • HOME – Shows your personal details
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS – Shows your Membership Details
  • PAYMENTS -Shows the payments made to the society
  • LOGOUT – Logout of the Members area
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  • HOME Tab : Allows you to change the details we hold about you. Dont forget to ‘Save Profile’ after any changes.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: Shows your current Membership of the society together with its expiry date.
  • PAYMENTS: Shows a record of your payments to the society. [Note that we hope to back date these as soon as possible]. The ‘Method’ column shows how you made your payments as follows:
    • STRIPE – Paid by Debit or Credit card.  If your Membership has (R) after it then it is a recurring payment.
    • CAF – Bank Transfer to our CAF Account
    • Nat West – Bank Transfer to our Nat West Account
    • Cheque – Paid by Cheque.