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If you pay by Bank Transfer or Cheque your reference is  /

This page shows you all the details of your account with the society.  The tabs below show details as follows:
  • HOME – Shows your personal details
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS – Shows your Membership Details
  • PAYMENTS -Shows the payments made to the society
  • LOGOUT – Logout of the Members area
More explanation can be found below the data

Access to this area is one of the benefits of joining the society.  You can do so HERE.


  • HOME Tab : Allows you to change the details we hold about you. Dont forget to ‘Save Profile’ after any changes.
  • SUBSCRIPTIONS: Shows your current Membership of the society together with its expiry date. If your Membership has (R) after it then it is a recurring payment.
  • PAYMENTS: Shows a record of your payments to the society. [Note that we hope to back date these as soon as possible]. The ‘Method’ column shows how you made your payments as follows:
    • STRIPE – Paid by Debit or Credit card.
    • CAF – Bank Transfer to our CAF Account.
    • Nat West – Bank Transfer to our Nat West Account.
    • Cheque – Paid by Cheque.