Behind The Scenes – Work Party

Lots of work going on!

It’s wonderful that there is lots underway with various work groups of volunteers. Not only is there the Weekend Work Group and the Tuesday Working Parties, but we have Lengthsmen and others on the Patrol Boat and other workboats.  All these help with a variety of tasks with for example the Tuesday Group recently painting lock gates (see photo)

Corporate Volunteers 

We are also working with local businesses and recently we had 27 volunteers with us organised by CMPP. The volunteers were from the Asahi Woking office. They spent the day painting the entire flight of 5 locks at St John’s in Woking. The kit for preparing and painting came from the Canal Authority so many thanks to them (Lily and Maggie), and the 2 Society volunteer leaders Richard Harwood and Ian Moore. 

The group were split into 3 teams, the litter pickers collected about 200kgs from Kiln Bridge down to Arthur’s Bridge, while team 2 prepared the gates with scrapers and wire brushes, who were followed by the painters.

The group had a picnic lunch of pizzas by the top lock, then went back to painting before finishing at around 3pm. 

The story was in both the Woking News and Mail!  Thanks to everyone for their help