Yoga and Pilates at the Wellbeing Space – Farnham

According to the National Institute of Health, research shows that Yoga and Pilates decreases stress and improves your mental health, mindfulness, healthy eating and your quality of sleep! These exercises alsoimprove your flexibility, strength and can even balance your metabolism and decrease inflammation. 

Rather than trying this on your own, we suggest trying Yoga or Pilates with a community by booking into aclass to make the most of your experience. 

The Wellbeing Space is a boutique wellness centre situated in Farnham. It has a wide range of activities to improve your health, fitness and wellness. Teachers and therapists at The Wellbeing Space offer a range of Yoga & Pilates classes, array of preventative treatments, Private 1:1 & 2:1 Classes, Courses, Workshops & SpecialClasses.

Classes include:

• Mat Pilates (all abilities)

• Mat Pilates (For Improvers)

Yoga Class Types:

• Hatha

• Restorative

• Vinyasa

• Morning Gentle Flow (with Breath-work)

• Gentle and Invigorating Flow (with Breath-work)

• Evening Relaxing Flow (with Breath-work)

Workshops/Treatments (more available):

• Acupuncture

• Breath work workshops

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

• Pregnancy and Post-Natal treatments

The Wellbeing Space welcomes people of all abilities and all stages in their health, fitness or wellness journey. They also offer a trial pass so you can try before you buy! Class sizes are restricted in size to keep you Covid-19 safe.

Address: The Wellbeing Space, North Barn, Lion and Lamb Way, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 7PY


Phone: 01252 726110

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