Society Vision and Mission Statement

The Basingstoke Canal Society has significantly increased involvement with the community over the last few years, perhaps helped in the last year during the pandemic, with people really appreciating this wonderful local amenity.

The wider issue as we go forward is to focus on the benefits of the canal in terms of the major themes that are important to us all across society: that of culture and history, health and well-being, economic and environmental benefits. To this end, the management committee has created a Vision and Mission Statement to demonstrate the Society goals for the future.

“It is important that the Society is clear on its objectives and the steps to be taken to achieve them. The Vision statement helps the Society stand back and ensure all that we are doing supports the long term health and viability of the Canal.”
Ensure navigable and financially viable waterway for both now and the futureActively involve local communities and councils for leisure, recreation, health and well beingEnsure ongoing mutually beneficial economic benefits to local areas, councils and resident populationsProactively support and protect this unique natural environment for future generations

It isn’t the end off the story and it will undoubtedly get amended and added to from time to time. However, this is where the Society is now and this is how we see things progressing at the moment. It has been given to the County Councils so that they too know what we want to do and see happen to their canal.

Please visit our Mission Statement which includes short, medium and long term actions which demonstrate how the Society is placing itself at the forefront of the preservation of the Basingstoke Canal.