Current Projects

Signage / Information boards

The canal not only has a rich history, but also as a SSSI is an important nature site. It is also a tremendous leisure amenity, providing pleasure to countless people in Surrey Hampshire and beyond.

In order to enhance the public’s appreciation of the Canal and enhance their visitor experience we wish to improve the information displayed along the Canal.

We have identified 10 sites where further information would enable visitors to greater understand the importance of the Canal.

Total project cost £20,000

Eco friendly trip boat

Our existing diesel-powered trip boat, Kitty, moored at Woking is reaching the end of it’s useful working life.

We wish to replace her, with a more environmentally friendly Hybrid vessel, more in keeping with the Canal’s status as a SSSI., and to provide customers with a more pleasurable trip experience, and also allowing access for a much wider audience.

Total project cost £150,000

Pop-up cafe

Refreshment facilities along the Canal can be limited, detracting from visitor experience. Cafés are also an important source of revenue and so we would like to create a floating cafe moored at Odiham to provided regular facilities there, but can be moved along the canal to support events along the whole length of the Canal.

Total project cost £150,000