Email project – Spam and junk mail

The use of private emails for Society work has raised security concerns.

Not only is the Society at risk but so are those using their private accounts.

We also run the risk of non-compliance with data regulations.

Among other things, the move to GSuite has led to increased email security and it may take time for users to get used to this.

Sometimes Gmail may incorrectly mark messages coming from senders as spam or junk mail.

Users can help as follows:

Mark incorrectly classified messages as Not spam

  1. Gmail uses machine learning to better understand your preferences and what constitutes spam. When you manually mark a message as not spam, you teach Gmail how to handle messages addressed to you.
  2. Add trusted senders to your personal contacts list

When a user adds an external address to their contacts list this lets Gmail know to not mark their email as spam.

We can modify the spam lists at the Admin level but for present will monitor the situation in order to understand the type of emails we are receiving first.

This means users should check spam and junk mail folders as a matter of course for the present.

This particularly applies to the Booking Team and the Shop.