Email Project – Email Basics

Here are some practical tips for setting up and managing your new corporate emails on Gsuite as well as other email managers and devices.

Login to GSuite

You will require your Society email address and password to login.

Email Types

There are two types of email:

  • Organisational – an organisational account is one that represents an organisational email. For example Organisational emails are commonly managed by a person or persons on behalf of the Society. In this case, those involved will need to agree common password access.
  • Personal – managed by one person as their personal email account

Managing your emails

There are two ways that you can access both organisational and personal emails in the new system:

(i) Direct via GSuite

Login to your GSuite account and select the Gmail icon from the application list. This will take you directly to your email manager in GSuite. 

Many of you are already using Gmail so the mail manager in Gsuite will be familiar.

(ii) Indirect via another email manager

This is where you access your personal Gmail account using a different mail manager, for example, Microsoft Outlook or via a mobile device for example your mobile phone.

Some of you will already be doing this with Society emails. Examples include Trip Boats.

Unfortunately, you will need to set up a new mailbox on your email manger or device in order to interface with GSuite.

If you have email access set up already you will need to delete the access and set it up again this time via GSuite.

This is because during Go-Live we will turn off access to the original Society email server to enable all emails to be managed via GSuite.

Email setup will vary depending on the operating system, email manager and device so it is not possible to provide detailed instructions on every system.

Typically setting up a mailbox will involve the following steps:

  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Mail”
  • Select “Accounts”
  • Select “Add Account”
  • Select “Google”
  • Sign in with your Google GSuite account details. This will be your user name e.g. and password

    If required enter all the relevant specifics:

  • For e-mail, use your full e-mail address, e.g.
  • For password, use your GSuite password
  • For the name field, use whatever you’d like such as your name or business name
  • For description, consider repeating your full e-mail address, especially if you have more than one account on your phone, e.g.

Remember to select IMAP and not POP when asked.

If you are not sure about your particular system there is plenty of advice on the internet or you can contact the Help Desk.

Important point

If you use method (ii) above and create a mailbox for your Society email on your mail manager that you use on your personal computer then you can still access files and folders on your computer as you would do currently.

The Society has yet to address how current and legacy information is moved from personal computers to GSuite


A number of you already have working GSuite accounts with password access.

If you already have an active account in GSuite you do not have to change your account settings or password.

For those that are new to GSuite, we will circulate a generic password by email once Go-Live has been achieved.

This will allow you to take control of your account.

For new users, once you have logged in please change your password.