Email Project – Claim your Email

You will find your personal or organisational email in the list below.

In the case of organisational emails (For example Chobam Talks) one person has been selected to initially claim the account.

Can they please manage the information to the others involved.

In this case ‘claim’ means login to the account using the initial generic password and then changing the password to a private one.

Please do not claim your email address if you are a new account holder until you are advised you can following Go-Live.

If you already own the email account on GSuite you do not have to claim it again.

You will see that this list contains 101 separate addresses.

A few obscure organisational addresses are not included until their future can be decided.

If you have a problem with an address or ownership then please contact the Help Desk when it goes live on Monday 1st March ahead of Go-Live providing the reference and email address involved.

The Help Desk will arbitrate any email problems.

Ref Owner Email Address