Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions for all John Pinkerton II Charter Trips

1. The John Pinkerton II trip boat is operated by John Pinkerton Canal Cruises Ltd (the Company), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Basingstoke Canal Society.

2. The boat is licenced to carry up to a maximum of 50 passengers, which includes babes in arms, plus a crew of four.

3. Senior Citizens and Less Able-Bodied Persons should note:

  • access into the boat is by five steps down from the rear deck, with handrails on each side.
  • There is no mechanical lift for wheelchair users.
  • Group organisers must provide able-bodied helpers for those that need looking after, and to lift wheelchair users if necessary. The crew cannot assist with the handling of wheelchairs or their occupant.

4. The Company reserves the right to refuse bookings without giving a reason for doing so.

5. Hirers must be aged 18 or above.

6. Provisional bookings will be accepted via the website or occasionally by telephone or email. They must be confirmed within 14 days, after which time the time slot can be offered to others.

 7. A confirmed booking is a booking made upon the official Charter Booking Form and accompanied by a non-returnable deposit equal to half the charter fee. For coach companies the deposit is £50.

8. The Hirer, upon making a confirmed booking, becomes responsible for the whole of the hire charge. The balance is then payable at least 14 days before commencement of the cruise.

9. A cancellation must be confirmed in writing, otherwise the Hirer remains responsible for payment of all outstanding fees.

10. Every effort will be made to comply with the Hirer’s wishes on direction of cruise; however, this is not a condition of contract as canal circumstances may dictate a necessary alteration

11. If unable to fulfil its commitment to undertake a cruise, the Company will refund all hire charges paid, but will not be liable for other losses incurred by the Hirer.

12. The Company reserves the exclusive rights for the sale and supply of all drinks taken on board. Corkage facilities are available by prior arrangement with the Booking team.

13. No alcohol may be consumed by passengers under the age of 18. Passengers who appear to be under the age of 25 may be asked to provide proof of age before being served with alcohol.

14. The company reserves the right to close the galley at any time it deems advisable.

15. Smoking and vaping are not permitted whilst on board the boat.

16. For your own safety and the safety of others, passengers must follow instructions given by our crew when embarking/disembarking or whilst on board.

17. The Skipper may refuse to carry any passengers, or direct any passenger to disembark, where the behaviour of that passenger is liable to cause nuisance or offence to the other passengers or put at risk the safety of the passenger, other passengers, crew or vessel.

18. Each hirer is responsible for the behaviour of his/her party and any damage caused by them, and for ensuring that all members of his/her party are aware of these ‘Booking Conditions’.

19. The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or delay to any persons or their possessions whilst embarking or disembarking from the vessel or during the voyage, unless such loss or damage is caused by the negligence of the crew on board the vessel.

20. Passengers are advised to limit valuables and property brought on board to that which they can safely carry, as space on the boat is limited. All personal property is the passenger’s responsibility and must be kept with them at all times.

21. Charterers may:

  • provide their own catering or use a catering service who will deliver to the boat.
  • decorate the boat subject to the advance approval from the Booking Team.
  • organise their own entertainment subject to the advance approval from the Booking Team

22. At the end of a charter trip, hirers are required to remove from the boat everything they brought with them or ordered in, including all decorations and catering supplies.