Story Trails

If you’re looking for something fun and a little bit different that all the family can enjoy, then how about looking at one of several Story trail walks which are at sites of interest in Hampshire. You can find the details about them on the Hampshire County Council website. 

Search | Hampshire County Council (

There is a fictional story pdf file that can be downloaded, along with a map of the route to walk. Along the walk you will need to look out for the numbered snail signs, at which point you can tell a part of the story. This includes descriptions of what there is to see around that point.

One of them takes you on an adventure with Henry the Forgetful along a part of the Basingstoke canal that is no longer navigable. It begins in the vill age of Greywell, across the road from the Fox and Goose pub. 

Find the story and the map at the link below.

The story of Henry the Forgetful | Hampshire County Council (

The walk is perfect for families who have young children as it is only 1.29 miles along the level canal path from Greywell to King John’s castle ruins. The Greywell tunnel is home to many types of bat and there is an information board at the side of the path. This can be muddy in places, so come prepared!    


Start where the path goes over the entrance to the tunnel. Follow the route along the towpath. Carry on along the towpath. Go along the path until you come to the bench where the canal widens. Go along and stop outside the castle. Stop here and explore the castle. Go out and turn right and go back the way you came.

The Fox and Goose pub also has outdoor seating and a play area for children. A perfect place to take refreshment before or after your walk.