Canal Boat Trips & Covid-19

The recent Roadmap from the government now enables planning with better confidence.

John Pinkerton at Odiham:

From 17th May, we will be running crew training trips.

From 30th May, we will operate public trips for small party sizes to comply with legal restrictions. These will be using the Rule of Six or two family groups, seated at a single table. There will be approximately five tables, socially spaced, depending on how many are booked for each table, with tickets priced at £10 per person. One week before departure, if there is room, we will offer tables for 1 or 2 persons.

Charters for exclusive use of the boat under the Rule of Six or two families will be available at a charter fee of £150.

From 21st June, we will operate with no restrictions, as indicated on the Booking pages.

Our Booking system will show the dates for which we can provide socially spaced tables. Each booking will be for one table only.

Multiple tables from a group of friends is not allowed. Each table will have a maximum number of passengers to comply with current legislation, updated as information is published.

When booking, please note that each table must be as above. All passengers must remain seated, and maintain social spacing to other tables. Bar service will be to the table, and payment made by card.

We wish to assure all passengers that for their safety, boats will be cleansed between each trip, hand sanitiser will be available, and the crew will take all recommended precautions to prevent spread of Covid.

Passengers will be required to complete a Covid declaration before boarding. If unwell, they are requested not travel.

Themed Cruises from 21st June
We are still confirming with our providers, so booking for these cruises will be completed shortly.

25th June: Jazz and Cruise evening.

16th July evening: Music & Ale Themed Trip

20th July: Ramble & Ploughman’s Lunch.
Choice of walk from Odiham to Barley Mow for lunch, return by boat;
Or Boat to Barley Mow for lunch, and walk back.

Kitty at Woking
From 17th May: due to the size of the boat, passengers are unable to maintain social distance, so each trip will be restricted to one household only. From 21st June, restrictions will be lifted.

Please contact the Booking Team to discuss your charter requirements or click here to find out more about boat trips.