Nature Reserves

The Basingstoke Canal offers a home to many species of wildlife, many of which are supported by the habitats within nearby nature reserves, parks and gardens. 

The following places are quite close to the canal and can certainly be visited on a day out.

Chineham WoodsRowhill Nature Reserve
Up NatelyLakeside Nature Reserve
Zebon CopseSnaky Lane
Elvetham Heath Nature ReserveFleet Pond
Horsell CommonFrimley Lodge Park
Brookwood CemeteryBrookwood Country Park
Dogmersfield LakeEelmoor Marsh
Edenbrook Country ParkCalthorpe Park

In particular Zebon Copse and Lakeside Park are situated alongside the Basingstoke Canal. If you are a frequent visitor to the canal then we suggest exploring these other nature reserves nearby before continuing along your journey. 

A large portion of the Basingstoke Canal is also designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This is a formal conservation designation and the canal was given this title usually because the area contains rare species of plants and wildlife. The Basingstoke Canal is noted for its outstanding Dragonfly populations as noted by Natural England. So make sure to keep an eye out to see if you spot any rare species. 

By connecting with nature either along the canal or within local nature reserves there is always something to be gained. Whether it is a glimpse of a rare animal, relaxing with the sound of wind through the trees, or the wonder of what can be discovered right on your doorstep.