Mail Project – Configuring Mailboxes in Microsoft Outlook

Many of you use Microsoft Outlook.

If you are setting up Outlook as part of the Email Project 2021 you will need to delete any previous mailboxes set up in Outlook to access your Society account and carry out the instructions below.

Older versions of Outlook may not use the OAuth security protocols and GSuite will block access if you attempt to set up a mailbox to your BCS mail account.

To overcome this and set up Outlook carry out the following:

Go to your BCS account personal settings and select ‘Security’. Then select ‘Less secure app access’ and turn it to ‘ON’. If you cannot find your BCS account settings then click on the Google account icon in the top right of the browser screen. This is a coloured circle usually with the first letter of your user name in it. If you have more than one Google account make sure you have selected your BCS account and then select ‘Manage your Google account’ and this will open your BCS account screen. Then follow the instructions above.

Go to your BCS Gmail account in GSuite and select ‘Settings’. This is the cog icon in the top right of the screen. Select ‘See all settings’.

Select ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab and enable ‘IMAP’.

In IMAP Access select ‘Learn more’ and use the information to manually configure the settings required to set up a new account in Outlook.