Apr 252020

Enquiries to the advertised  jpbookings@basingstoke-canal.org.uk email are fully monitored, and answered by one of our volunteers from the Booking Team.
In the past, various return emails have been used, which may have caused some replies to be marked as ‘junk’ or ‘spam’, and thus failed to appear in customer’s inbox.

We are pleased to announce that following a recent web partial upgrade, all replies will now show in inboxes as originating from the same email address.

Please would all customers add the following to their contacts list:

Boat Bookings – Basingstoke Canal‘ with the address ‘jpbookings@basingstoke-canal.org.uk’.

Thank you.

We hope to be back in business as soon as restrictions allow. Please come back to check for more information.

The Booking Team




 Last updated by on 25 April, 2020