Jul 142014
John Pinkerton

John Pinkerton

Arrangements have now been finalised for the planned public trips to the Farnborough Air Show on July 19th and 20th, and to our longer “Canal Enthusiasts” trips, to be held for the first time this year in late July.  To find out more, go to the Public Trips page Theme Cruises section,  where changes are indicated by an update-buttonicon).

Because of navigation restrictions imposed by the landslip at Dogmersfield, it has not been possible to bring down the Society’s new trip boat, the John Pinkerton II, to undertake our Farnborough Air Show trips and other commitments. We have been fortunate in that the purchaser of the old John Pinkerton (right) has agreed to allow us to use that boat for these Theme Cruises.  Therefore the Enthusiasts trips will provide BCS members in particular the opportunity to have one last nostalgic ride on the JP1 before it finally leaves the Basingstoke for a new life on the Kennet and Avon canal.

Please be aware of a late change to the Enthusiasts’ Cruise to Woking: trips will terminate at and depart from the Bridge Barn pub, not from outside the World Wildlife Fund building.

The trips are filling up. Get in contact with the Booking Manager,  David Horwood, on 01256 765889 (10am – 8pm), or via email at jpbookings@basingstoke-canal.org.uk to reserve your place.