Nov 022019

The John Pinkerton booking team is pleased to announce that there is a new facility to check when Charter Cruises are available. Prospective charter clients can now go directly to each month of the season to see if their chosen date is free, or find alternative suitable dates.

Just follow this link to Charter Availability Calendar, and select the month of interest.

Clients are requested to email their choice to the Booking Team so the date can be added to the calendar.

The dates for Public Trips and Theme Cruises are being finalised and should be available soon. With Christmas approaching fast, here is a reminder that Vouchers worth £10 to £100 may be purchased on-line, and given as a gift. These can be used by recipients to book cruises during the season.

We look forward to the 2020 season meeting our passengers on the John Pinkerton II.

 Last updated by on 2 November, 2019