May 252016

This is a letter that is being sent out by the JP Booking Team to those individuals who have booked on the John Pinkerton Farnborough Air Show Special trips in July. It is also of relevance to anybody else who intends to book one of these trips. As the letter indicates, some changes to the arrangements for the trips have been made necessary, including an earlier start and later return. These changes are outside the control of John Pinkerton Canal Cruises and also the Basingstoke Canal Authority – Ed.

I am writing to you because you have booked seats on one of our special “Air Show” trips on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July.

You may be aware from items appearing in the news in recent weeks, that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) are imposing additional safety precautions for future air shows, following the disaster at the Shoreham Air Show last year.     As a result, the Farnborough Air Show are being required to close off an area under the flight path from the end of the runway while the air displays are in progress;   this includes the Basingstoke Canal (and its towpath) between Norris Bridge and Eelmoor Bridge, as well as the roads round about.

We have had discussions with the Farnborough Air Show people to clarify exactly what is involved and we have been advised that the restrictions will be between 12 noon and 5:30 pm on the seven days of the Show from 11th – 17th July (inclusive).    The wharf where we normally moor the boat, including the area on the bank, for watching the Show is just outside the restricted area.

It is therefore clear that we shall need to get the John Pinkerton to the east of Eelmoor Bridge before the restriction starts and it will therefore be necessary for the two public trips on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th to leave Fleet considerably earlier than originally intended.

Accordingly, the public trips on those two days will leave the Fox and Hounds at Fleet at 9:30 am, instead of the 12 noon previously intended.  Also, because the boat will not be able to cross the restricted area in the evening until after 5.30, it will not arrive back at the Fox & Hounds until about 6:45 – 7:00pm.

When arriving for these trips, please do not leave your car in the Fox & Hounds car park, as this is required for their customers.   Park in one of the roads round about.