Dec 022013

2013 has been a year to celebrate on the Basingstoke canal. The canal society took delivery of a beautiful new boat, John Pinkerton II, which was launched in June with the help of Sally Taylor from the BBC.


Birthday Celebration on the JP

JP2 wedding

Dressed for celebration


We have also helped lots of local people celebrate their own events this year; Three Wedding receptions and lots of Birthday parties for 9 to-90 year olds.  All celebrated with their friends and families. There are so many other occasions people celebrated on the John Pinkerton II retirements, wedding anniversaries, Christenings, hen parties and several surprise parties.





 It has certainly been a wonderful hot summer for many groups to have  a fun outing with music and food as they took a leisurely cruise along  the Canal.





The most memorable trips were when a hoard of pirates boarded the boat pirate 2013and hunted for treasure at Odiham castle and the spooky Halloween guests flew bats and Halloween mummymade mummies.


halloween witches


So if you are celebrating in 2014 and want an unusual location, check out the John Pinkerton.