Nov 082013
Donation of a brush cutter by Stihl UK

Donation of a brush cutter by Stihl UK

Generous donations are always welcome and the Society is very pleased to receive a brushcutter from Stihl UK for use by the societies work parties. Pictured are Hans Fairley (right), Technical Services Manager of Stihl, whose UK headquarters are in Camberley, and BCS committee member, Jeff Hill.

This gift followed a trip on the John Pinkerton II enjoyed by staff from Stihl. We must also thank Ian Moore who was skipper on that trip and Mike Gordon who was in the crew for creating the opportunity and establishing the contact with the company. Hans has also promised to consider the Basingstoke Canal for team building work parties using volunteers from staff at Stihl.

The Society much appreciates the generosity of Stihl in making this donation.

Jeff Hill