Guidance for Canal Users – Covid-19 Pandemic

The Government have announced that we will enter a second “lockdown” period on Thursday 5 November 2020 for at least 4 weeks to combat the growing numbers of Covid 19 infections.

Whilst not quite the same as the first lockdown in March/April this will still restrict normal activities on the Canal, as people are largely asked to stay at home.

From Thursday 5 November you may not use a privately owned powered boat on the Canal, including for any overnight stays, unless it is your primary residence. You will also not be able to travel to visit or maintain your boat.

You can still canoe or kayak on the Canal as part of your daily outdoor exercise. You can also fish on the Canal as angling is also classed as outdoor recreation, although there should be no night fishing.

You can walk and cycle on the towpath, please respect other people’s space and keep as much distance as possible.

Cyclists should pay extra care to other users and slow their pace as the towpaths are expected to be very busy especially at weekends.

You can view the guidance for Basingstoke Canal users here.