Photo Gallery (Updated)


SSOver the years, endless numbers of photographs have been taken on and around the Basingstoke Canal. With the advent of social media and photo album sites, more and more photos are becoming available online all the time.  We are collecting links to these various sources of photos, which are shown below, and so far have found probably more than 7000 of them. Of course, we would welcome hearing about any other sources of photos you are aware of.

Please note: Photographs may be subject to copyright.


The Canal in pictures
(2000+ images)
This is a public Flickr account containing some excellent photos, many taken by just a few enthusiasts. Though uncategorised, there are lots of well-shot images here which provide an insight into the Canal and its environs in recent times. Highly recommended
The Canal in pictures
(1300+ images)

A collection of photos that can be found in Instagram, some of high quality. Again, these provide a good impression of the Canal. Highly recommended

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Twitter Photos
(hundreds of images)
Photographs that have been posted on Twitter (among other posts about the Canal). Highly recommended
London Canals
Pictorial Guide to the Basingstoke
(250 images)

Available on the London Canals website, an excellent pictorial tour of the Canal along its entire length, including the lost section into Basingstoke (for more on this, see the Last 5 miles page). Highly recommended

Google search
(800+ images)

A search of photographs of the Canal brings up many more interesting images, again of high quality. (Inevitably, this search will retrieve photos from other links on this page).

Professional stock photos
(500 images)

A collection of professional quality photos, which are available to purchase in various sizes. Highly recommended

Professional stock photos
(30 images)

More professional quality stock photo for sale.

The Canal in pictures
(240 images)

Another collection of photos from along the Canal.

Canal Visitor Centre Facebook photos
(800+ images)

The BCA has steadily been accumulating their own Facebook albums of photos of activity on the Canal.

 BCS Logo only
John Pinkerton Canal Cruises Facebook photos
(300+ images)

A collection of photos taken during trips on the Society’s John Pinkerton trip boat on our Facebook page.

The Canal “then, later and later still” pictures
(100+ images)
This is a website set up by Tony Clayton chronicling the restoration of the Canal along its entire length and the subsequent period of full navigation, before parts of it fell into disrepair more recently – and the second restoration period.
Bridges/Locks in pictures
(100 images)

A set of images showing individual bridges, locks  and other Canal landmarks. The location of each image is shown on Google Maps.

The Canal in pictures
(350 images)

More views of the Canal, each identified with a map location.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles If you have a few minutes to spare, have a go solving these online jigsaw puzzles of scenes on the Canal, both present and past