Email Project – Overview

The Society is changing the way it manages communication by email.

In future this will be by using corporate Society emails.

This phase of the Email project will be confined to those with outward-facing roles and key inward-facing roles only.

The wider implementation of corporate emails will be reviewed once this phase has been achieved.

Why are we making the change?

Corporate approach – As the Society becomes more public-facing we need to project ourselves in a different way. This includes doing away with personal emails where possible and making use of corporate emails, particularly in our public-facing communications.

Centralised business – We are moving away from doing Society business on private computers to a centralised business managed on Google GSuite. This reduces individual risk and gives us access to a world-class collaborative platform. The good news is that because we are a charity GSuite is free. Additional benefits will include:

  • More efficient working – Includes access to applications that include word processing, spreadsheets, video conferencing, calendars and much more.
  • Everything in one place – Managing all of the Society’s files and emails in one place has been a big challenge for us over the years. Using Google’s emailing system means we can keep everything in one place
  • Security – We can manage Society and personal security better.

You deserve this – You need to be taken seriously. As a valued member you deserve an official email address. This will be personalised for you, helping you and the Society have even more impact and credibility.

Tried, tested and secure – Gmail leads the way as the most popular email client, with a whopping 26% of the market share based on open rates. It’s no surprise as Gmail has been around since 2004 and now boasts over 1.2 billion users.

How are we making the change?

Society volunteers Ian Sims and Tony Temple are managing the email project. This includes:

  • Identifying – All those who are or may be actively engaged in Society email communications.
  • Creating – Corporate email accounts in GSuite and mirroring these on the current Society email manager.
  • Roll out – rolling out corporate emails to nearly 80 people and over 100 separate email addresses.

There is a health warning the Society is making the changes using its own resources. This is a complex project with lots of moving parts. We are confident it can be done but like all plans, it may not all go right so please be patient.

When will the changes happen?

The Go-Live date is Thursday 4th March 2021.

Where next?

As we get closer to the Go-Live date you will receive updates and guidance by email.

Project overview and other key information

We have created a community area on the Society web site where key information about the project can be viewed.

This includes Society expectations about the use of corporate emails, information about the email addresses allocated to you, Go-live day and much more.

The community area can be accessed via the Society web site by using the Volunteer login link at the bottom of the site and selecting the EMail project icon.

This area is password protected and the password will be circulated separately by email.

Claim your email address

You can find the email(s) allocated to you in the ‘Claim email…’ address link in the ‘Overview’ section in the community area.

What if you need help?

We are building easily accessible online help as well as an IT Help desk to support you and all the other members involved with the email project.

Making it easy for you to access help by creating access to help via a community space on the Society web site

This means you will be able to contact someone if you need further help or guidance.

This will include online self-service user guides as well as how to set up your corporate email account on your current email manager.

Where can you ask questions about the project?

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns about the changeover then please contact the Help Desk via the link below.

The Help Desk is supported by volunteers and will be in operation between 9 -5 on weekdays starting on Monday 1st March and will run during the first 2 weeks of the project when its operation will be reviewed.