Email Project – Managing Multiple Email accounts

The following will help users manage multiple accounts.

The set up for these options has to be done inside GSuite and requires the user to login to the appropriate Gmail account and go to email settings.

These are situated in the top right of the email window.

One person managing multiple email addresses.

The majority of Society users will have one personal account in GSuite.

However, some users manage one or more Society organisational accounts and this can place an additional burden on the user.

GSuite allows one forwarding address to be added to an account and this is a simple way of bringing all your emails together in one place.

We can use forwarding to forward emails from one account to an account that the user typically monitors regularly. This maybe their personal Society account.

For example, if a user has two or more other accounts that they manage they could add their personal Society account email address as the forwarding address in each additional account.

This means all emails from those accounts can be forwarded to one account making the additional accounts easier to manage.

To add a forwarding address open the GSuite account that you want to add a forwarding address too and go to settings which is the gear icon in the top right of the screen.

Click on the icon and select ‘See all settings’ and select the ‘Forwarding and POP/IMAP’ tab.

Go to ‘Forwarding’ at the top and select ‘Add a forwarding address’. Add the address you want to forward to and follow the instructions.

If there are un-opened emails already in the account it will not forward these only new emails following the set up will be sent.

The forwarding address must be an authorised Basingstoke Society address and cannot be a private account.

Click the link here for more help.

You can also use filtering to forward emails. This can be more complex. However you can forward to multiple addresses using filtering.

By using a filter you can manage the flow of incoming messages by automatically taking actions on messages (archiving, deleting, forwarding messages) based on rules.

Click the link here for more help.

Email accounts with more than one user

Some Society organisational accounts have more than one user.

GSuite email account owners can delegate email accounts so that other users can use them as well.

In the first phase of the Email project one user has been allocated the account.

They are expected to claim the account and then make a decision about how they wish to manage the account with the others involved. Their options are:

  1. Manage – manage the account and forward emails to the others involved as required; or
  2. Delegate – add the others involved as delegates.

In the first phase of the EMail project, users will continue to be able to access their Society email account via their computer mail manager.

This creates another option for more than one person to monitor a single account in GSuite or to monitor multiple accounts in one place or view.

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Creating a single view of all accounts

Email managers like GMail and Outlook allow you to create a single view of your emails from multiple accounts in one view.

Mobile devices like the iPhone allow you to do this by default.

There is plenty on the internet about how to merge multiple email accounts together.

This can be complex and forwarding is much simpler and effective for most users.

Click here for more information on merging account views.