Canal Navigation Update – Crookham Embankment Planned Works – January 2022

We have received the following from the Canal Manager Fiona Shipp:

“Due to ongoing leak issues at Crookham Deeps Embankment (between Chequers bridge Crookham Wharf and Poulters Bridge in Hampshire)

We will be reducing the water levels over the next few days to -150mm on the Hampshire Pound between Greywell and Ash Lock.

This is to take pressure off the embankment and reduce the leak flow. We have been working hard to carry out all the required preparation work and get permissions and a contractor in place to carry out work to repair this embankment this winter.

On the 10th of January, we will begin to further reduce water levels in preparation for remedial works to begin on 17th Jan 2022. Over a few days, we will be reducing the Hampshire Pound (Greywell to Ash Lock) to a total of minus 300mm. This level is below that of allowed navigation for powered boats. So from the 10th of January, no powered boats (resident or trailed) will be able to navigate on the Hampshire pound.

To prepare for this, all people with boats moored on the Canal in this area (such as Farnborough, Fleet, Crookham, Dogmersfield, Winchfield, Odiham and anywhere in-between) are asked to extend their mooring lines to prevent boats from becoming hung up or tilting over and potentially sinking. This must be carried out by the 10th of January.

Contractors will start work on 17th January and will begin by installing stop plank dams at both Chequers bridge by Crookham wharf and at Poulters bridge. This will be followed by a gradual further reduction of water between the 2 bridges and a fish rescue. When this section has been fully emptied, we will then allow the water levels below Poulters bridge (Poulters bridge through to Ash Lock) to come back up to minus 150mm. When this has been achieved we will let boats know so that navigation can continue below Poulters bridge for shallow drafted powered boats and mooring lines can be adjusted accordingly. We would however recommend you avoid navigating where possible January – March.

Upstream of Chequers bridge (Crookham Wharf) water levels will remain at minus 300mm for the duration of the works which are due to be complete by the end of March. No powered boats may navigate this section during this time.

We then aim to hold these levels accordingly for the duration of the works. However, with the best will in the world, these levels are likely to fluctuate with heavy rainfall or equally with lack of rainfall. So please do contact us at the office for up to date water levels if you intend to navigate between Poulters bridge and Ash Lock when levels have been raised to minus 150mm. As we will largely be cutting off the main canal feed we are aware that levels might be hard to maintain at minus 150 and also consequently levels may also drop off below Ash Lock on the Mytchett Pound. If this is the case we will keep you informed.

Please note that once the dams are in place the last turning point heading upstream will be at Reading Road wharf area where the Canal is slightly wider (although not a formal winding hole) The winding hole below Poulters bridge will not be able to be used as we must avoid the risk of boats hitting the dams in this area.

The Canal below Brookwood and through to the River Wey should be unaffected by these works and St Johns and Woodham locks will remain open. We do however also have some planned works for the Deepcut locks but will notify you separately regarding these and any closures.

We are sorry for the disruption this is going to cause the Canal between Early Jan – End of March 2022. However, this high-risk embankment urgently needs repair.

Any questions please contact the office on the number 01252 370073 or email


8th – 9th JanuaryBoater owners to extend mooring lines on all boats moored on the Canal if not already done so.
10th JanuaryBCA start reducing water levels to minus 300mm on the whole of Hampshire pound. No powered navigation from this point.
17th JanuaryContractors start work to install stop plank dams and empty water & carry out fish rescue
Approx. End January (date to be confirmed nearer time)Water level downstream of Poulters bridge to be allowed to rise back up to minus 150mm. Powered boating is permitted if water levels allow. Please contact the office to check levels. No powered navigation is allowed upstream of Crookham Wharf until works are complete.

Unpowered boats will be able to continue to use the Canal with care but should be aware of the dewatered section between Crookham Wharf and Poulters bridge and also note that the water will be further away from the bank/launching points than normal which may make access/egress more difficult.

The towpath may be closed for periods of time (between Crookham Wharf and Poulters Bridge) as required by the contractor. At these times signage and a diversion will be in place via Crondall Rd and Zephon Common Lane.”