Aug 142016

Boats moored near Chertsey Road Bridge

Here is a press release from the Historic Narrow Boat Club about their recent visit to the Woking Canal Festival – prospective visitors to the Basingstoke please note! – Ed

The Historic Narrow Boat Club is dedicated to preserving the working heritage of UK canals, and on the 6th & 7th August the Club celebrated its 50th anniversary with a gathering of boats and a programme of events, joining in with the fantastic Woking Canal Festival at Brookhouse Common. This was also a campaigning rally to encourage more boats onto the Basingstoke Canal.

Parade of historic boats viewed from Bedser Bridge

Parade of historic boats viewed from Bedser Bridge and, left, the Society’s recently acquired trip boat nb Kitty.

In total, 32 historic narrow boats made the journey to Woking to celebrate the occasion, with the furthest distance travelled being the 340 mile trip of NB Beatty, who set off in June from Liverpool! Everyone was full of praise for the help they received from the Basingstoke Canal Society and the Basingstoke Canal Authority, who were on hand to help the boats through the lock flights and even donned drysuits at a moment’s notice to clear debris from behind a gate.

We were delighted by the reaction of the public, who showed a great interest in the boats both as they travelled and during the weekend’s festivities – the traditional cabin of NB Beatty received over 500 visitors throughout the weekend. We hope that we helped people come away enthused about their beautiful local canal.

Amy-Alys Tillson, Historic Narrow Boat Club (Press Officer)
Midsummer Common, Cambridge Tel: 07828 763885