Aug 122013

SWe would like to welcome you to the website of The Basingstoke Canal Society. There is also a sister site also available, that of John Pinkerton Canal Cruises, which is the company (and subsidiary of the Society) that runs our trip boat operation. To switch between the sites, click on the round image at the top right of the screen.

About the websites

The websites are intended to inform readers about the Basingstoke Canal, the Society and the John Pinkerton trip boat cruises. The home page of each site brings to you the latest news, with the most recent posts appearing first. You can read about the history of the Canal and of the Society, how to become involved with the Society or the trip boat, the various trips available on the John Pinkerton, and see our publications. The websites have been built using WordPress, a tool to enable easy construction and management of the contents. In order to spread the load, they have been designed so that several people can submit articles and generally look after the site. We have access to a wealth of photographs of the Canal taken historically, during the restoration and recently. We will try to take the best advantage of these on these websites. Most pictures exist in a larger size than initially shown – to get a better view, just click on the photos. Audio and video streams are a prominent feature of the websites. Links to videos can be readily found by looking for the video icon 20x20 symbol, and for audio, look for audio icon2 24x24.


We would welcome any comments you have about these websites. In particular, we would like to hear about any suggestions for articles, and any particular information you would like to see available. Contributions, including photographs would be especially welcome. For the time being, while the websites are settling down, please direct your feedback as follows:

Comments on the content of the websites, including errors and omissions, and suggestions for articles etc. Martin Leech
Questions on technical issues, the websites “not working” etc Craig Shanks


Thanks go to Roger Cansdale and Dieter Jebens for contributions to the history and restoration sections of Society website. Photographs on these websites were taken by members of the Society, including Dieter Jebens, Roger Cansdale, Andy Beale, Duncan Paine, David Jackson, Dave Wedd, Nigel Searle and Martin Leech.

We would also like to acknowledge Lawrence and Beavan who provided the design for this website and for the Society’s rebranding.