Jul 112016

PrintThere has been a little confusion over where the Woking Canal Festival will take place this year.

Well, more than a little: I quote from an  email recently received by our harbour master: “I’m 49 and lived in Woking all my life and I’ve never heard this name.” Ah…

Several other emails have been received on the same lines,  for example:  “I think that somebody will need to explain the location of Brookhouse Common.  I don’t know it – and I’ve been around the Woking area for 84 years!”  Oh dear…

IMG_4540That’s the trouble with thinking you have a handle on local info when actually you don’t. This resulted in “Brookhouse Common”  appearing on the Festival flyer as the location of the Festival – because that what we believed it to be called. We should perhaps have consulted the locals for a more helpful indication of where it will take place. But, then again, this notice (left) appears at the main entrance to the site, so it is unclear why the site is not known locally by this name…

Anyway, to dispel any confusion, the Woking Canal Festival will be held here (on Google maps), and as shown on the modified local map below (click to enlarge):

WCF Map new


The nearest postcode to the site is GU21 5BP, however please note there will be no public parking on the Festival site.

Essentially, park your car in one of the car parks indicated or take public transport, then from Woking town centre, head north on foot to the Basingstoke Canal (ie towards the World Wildlife building or the Lightbox) then turn right on the towpath and keep going (you will need to cross the Canal to the other side at Chobham Road if you are approaching from the west). The Festival site will be on your right about 200m beyond Chobham Road bridge (if you are lucky, there may be a canal bus running from near the WWF building to take you there).

So, I hope that clears things up.

I am led to believe that the adjacent Brook(house) roundabout on the A320 to Chertsey is a bit more well-known (it is just to the left of the green arrow on the map above).

In anticipation of possible confusion over this location, some considerable efforts have been made over the last few months to get Brookhouse Common added to Google maps so it can be accessible via Sat Navs etc. It has now been added! Also, a second batch of flyers has recently been printed with the above map on the back.

It would be interesting to know by what name the locals call this site – Ed.