Apr 282014

Mike Gordon, Senior Lengthsman, writes:

Our joint venture with the RiverSearch project comes a stage further in June.

Following the March introductory presentation on the Riversearch Project, which gave lengthsmen and other members of the Society an understanding of what this initiative is about, we now have a date for a canal side practical training session. This is specifically designed to give us a greater understanding of the health of the canal flora and fauna, and will provide us with the skills necessary to accurately survey and report.

Points will include:

1. Basic surveying skills to highlight WFD (Water Framework Directive)  failings.

2. Non-native invasive species identification.

3. Hydro-morphology basics (how and why the canal behaves as it does).

4. Species monitoring.

This two hour session will equip us to add the canal survey results into the greater monitoring project already covering the Rivers Arun, Blackwater, Wey, Mole, and other Surrey and Hants waterways.

After our training we would be looking for volunteers to survey an adopted lengths of canal four times a year, once for each season.

If you would like to attend, without obligation, you would be most welcome. All Society members are invited to take part.


Two hour practical training session. (Sturdy footwear and light waterproofs recommended.)

Thursday 12th June 6.30pm at the Canal Centre, Mytchett.

Limited numbers. Please book by email; lengthsman@nullbasingstoke-canal.org.uk

Further information on the Surrey Wildlife Trust website.

Mike Gordon