Jun 172016


The schedule for the “landside” entertainment that will be taking place at the Woking Canal Festival on 6th and 7th August has been updated.  This schedule is subject to availability and other last-minute changes, and also inevitably to favourable weather during the weekend – but as can be seen, there will be something to entertain the whole family.

    Woking Town Quay (Bedser Bridge)

 Saturday 6th August

  Sunday 7th August

 From 10am  Parade of Historic Narrow Boats  From 10am  Parade of Historic Narrow Boats

    Brookhouse Common Main Stage/Entertainment Area

  Saturday 6th August

  Sunday 7th August

11.00am Opening Ceremony 11.30am Fairground Organ
11.30 Fairground Organ 12.15pm Bourne Concert Band
12.00pm Music from Blazing Saddlers 1.00 Fairground Organ
12.45 Fairground Organ 1.30 Bourne Concert Band
1.00 Thames Valley Morris Men 2.15 Jelly Kelly Childrens’ Entertainer
1.30 Fairground Organ 2.45 Johnathan the Jester
1.45 Uncle Charley Punch and Judy 3.15 Fairground Organ
2.15 Music from Blazing Saddlers 3.30 Jelly Kelly Childrens’ Entertainer
2.50 Thames Valley Morris men 4.00 Johnathan the Jester
3.15 Uncle Charley Magic Show 4.30 Fairground Organ
3.45 Fairground Organ 4.45 Close
4.00 Nick Putz Juggler and Unicyclist
4.30 Close

  Brookhouse Common HNBC Marquee

  Sunday 7th August

 2.45pm  Mikron Theatre Present “PURE” – Act 1 (see below*)
 4.00  Mikron Theatre Present “PURE” – Act 2 (see below*)


In addition to the entertainment schedule, there will be a wide variety of stalls on site, including “canalia”, other canal societies, boating clubs and several local organisations, plus food, drink and a real ale bar. There will also be a public exhibition of photographs and films, showing the work of the Basingstoke Canal Society over the last 50 years.

Following the end of the public programme on each day, the Basingstoke Canal Society and the Historic Narrow Boat Club will be holding their own private celebratory events. Further details will be provided to members in due course.

More about the Mikron Theatre Production*

PURE – The Business of Chocolate

Kreation Foods are the Big Cheese of Food Manufacturing – and they have big plans. With all due razzmatazz they are about to re-launch the nation’s one time favourite chocolate bar “Plumstead’s Pure”. For Head of Marketing, Theresa, this is a delicious moment, but for idealistic trainee Faye the whole event is in bad taste. Cut to 150 years in the past, and the pioneers of chocolate are fighting other battles. John Jordon has discovered a revolutionary way to make chocolate – but can he persuade his tight fisted landlord, Darius Sanguine, to finance his bold idea? Join Mikron and devour a story of many flavours – both from the past and in the present. If a business is big does it really have to be bad? Does success always have a sweet smell?