Mar 122015

The Dogmersfield Landslip from the air, showing clearly where the channel has narrowed, and the repairs recently undertaken.

There is some more news to report on the Dogmersfield landslip, following the last update.

The landowner of the adjacent land has employed contractors to grade the offbank, and they have now also cleared the incline above the towpath and graded that to a uniform slope with a free-draining aggregate (see right and below left).

However the remaining jobs (widening the channel and installing piles), to be undertaken by Hampshire CC, could not be started because of an unexpected hold-up with obtaining planning permission. Work therefore has had to be deferred until late Autumn 2015 in order not to interfere with the cruising season and in particular the Magna Carta celebration boat rally in Odiham in late May.

Nevertheless,  it is hoped that the towpath can be re-opened for the Summer period, probably from around Easter. It would of course have to close again when construction work resumes.


The towpath side bank repair, and partially reinstated towpath. This will be open to the public again around Easter.

The original Great Wall of Dogmersfield, the repair undertaken in 1983, as it looks today.

The original Great Wall of Dogmersfield, the repair undertaken in 1983 adjacent to the recent landslip, as it looks today.

The channel remains open, but with restrictions for larger boats, as described in the latest navigation update from the BCA.