Nov 242014


Here is the latest situation from James Taylor, Strategic Canal Manager:

The landslip at Dogmersfield was reported on this website a while back, however it has not been possible to give a further update on progress until recently.

For many months during 2014, HCC officers have been consulting with the landowner of the surrounding  land and his representatives on a plan for how the slip will be repaired and the costs divided. The process has been somewhat complex and lengthy because a large portion of the slip is on private land adjoining the canal. However an agreement has now been struck.

IMG_2545Some preliminary work has already taken place. The landowner has cleared the off-side bank of the remaining trees and has graded the bank to a shallower slope (left). Meanwhile, the Society workparty has been cutting up and has removed the last of the logs on the towpath side which resulted from the felling of trees in order to stabilise the slipped bank.

We are pleased to hear that work on the first of a two-phase repair has now commenced, with the adjoining landowner’s contractor now on site – they will be cutting back the broken towpath and reconstructing the slipped towpath-side slope with free draining material.

The second phase, to be undertaken by contractors working for HCC, will provide piled support for the bank on both sides, along with dredging the channel back to its original profile.

Building the Great Wall of Dogmersfield, 1982The towpath side works will be an extension of the Great Wall of Dogmersfield that was built after the previous major landslip there in 1983 (right). It will however be differently constructed since it is believed that a similar structure to meet modern engineering standards would bear down too heavily on the underlying ground.

As far as we know, the second phase is due to start early in the New Year and is still scheduled for completion by Easter 2015.

The towpath will necessarily have to remain closed until all the works are completed. Please DO NOT attempt to visit the site via the towpath or by trespassing over private land, as it is now an active worksite.

However the navigation remains open until further notice. A closure until Easter is expected to start in January. Updates will be provided through the BCA’s navigation updates.