Jan 302014

John Pinkerton Crew Social Race Night

Penny throwing

Out of the Starting Stalls

Members of the JP crew and their families and guests enjoyed a fun evenings’s entertainment at the Cross Barn, Odiham last Friday 24th January. Horse races were run over a short flat-race course, horses being moved forward on the throw of two dice. The first dice indicated the horse colour to move, the second how far.

All were encouraged to bet on the outcome using a tote system, and excitement grew as each table took it in turn to throw the dice, and move the horses. After the first two races, all were able to enjoy a delicious home-cooked meal.

Tim moving horse

Trainer Tim exercising his horses





The second series of races included two steeple-chase courses, where horses were unable to move forward if by doing so they would land on a jump. The last race produced the highest betting stakes, as many had a last attempt to break the tote bank.




David holding horse

David giving his horse a pep talk


During one race David’s horse refused to leave the starting stall, so he took it back to the stable for a few words of encouragement.



Liz with prize

Liz in the Winner’s Enclosure



A prize was presented to the person with the most money after six races. Staking all her remaining money on Blue, Liz’s horse galloped home a 10:1 outsider, winning by two lengths!


The booby prize was awarded to Alan, who from all those who ended up with no money at the end, staked the most money in the last race. He said he was thrilled to receive the toy elephant, which he will give to his grandchildren.

Alan & Noreen with the Booby Prize

Alan & Noreen with the Booby Prize





Everybody enjoyed the evening, with several calls to repeat the event at a later date. And no, nobody went home with any winnings, as it was just ‘funny money’!


Our grateful thanks to all who helped make this so successful; Tricia for decorating the tables and making many of the arrangements; Phil for acting as tote bookmaker; Rosie for the excellent supper; David for helping with the extra drink arrangements; Martin for the loan of the equipment (a donation will be made to the TwoFold Trust); and finally to all those who stayed on to wash-up and make sure everything was clean and tidy.


Sophie throwing

Sophie persuading her horse to come home

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