Oct 112019

The Illustrated talks for the 2019/20 season have been announced and are listed below. Please come along to hear presentations about a variety of subjects from interesting and entertaining speakers in the company of fellow enthusiasts. For details of the venue and more about the Canal Society social meetings, please click here.


Wednesday, 16th October 2019 – 8pm

Fiona Shipp: ‘Management of The Basingstoke Canal’

Fiona will describe the day-to-day operations of the Basingstoke Canal Authority and how they work with neighbouring local authorities, volunteers and the Canal Society to manage the Canal.


Wednesday 20st November 2019 – 8pm

Rosie Jordan: ‘Surrey Search and Rescue’

Surrey Search and Rescue is a professional but unpaid team who are on call to assist Surrey Police 24 hours a day to search for and rescue vulnerable missing persons. They search on land and in or near water, sometimes from their boats and from the air with drones.


Wednesday 18th December 2019 – 8pm

Film Archive: ‘From the BCS Archives’

Archive film about one of the last commercial voyages from the Wey Navigation into London’s Royal Docks. The film was made in the 1970’s by Tony Harmsworth but has recently had a commentary added and now presents a vivid picture of life and work on the Wey Navigation and the River Thames at this time.


Wednesday 15th January 2020 – 8pm

Lester Hillman: ‘When London had an inland port’

The arrival of the completed Regent’s Canal with a huge terminal at City Basin was a game changer for London. Hear about the politics, engineering marvels, commerce and the crime linked to this project. What of the future of the City Basin?


Wednesday 19th February 2020 – 8pm

Ms Jo Gosney: ‘100 years under the flightpath’

Jo Gosney’s talk is about Farnborough and the impact of aviation on the people, workplace and economy for over a century. Farnborough is renowned for is International Air Show but its inhabitants know a different history. At the beginning of the 20th Century the army moved its Balloon Factory to Government land in South West Farnborough. This marked the beginning of an era of experimental flying and research that took Britain to the forefront of aviation development. With the evolution of flight the town expanded and developed rapidly. The talk charts that progression with photographs of various aspects of daily life in the shadow of the airfield.


Wednesday 18th March 2020 – 8pm

Alan Norris: ‘Woking’s Railways’

Alan describes the coming of the railways to Woking in the 1830’s and how the London Necropolis Company’s cemetery at Brookwood affected the town’s development. The talk will also include the Brookwood cemetery railway and the Bisley Tramway.


Wednesday 15th April 2020 – 8pm

Tim Knox: ‘The Electric Boat Association’

Tim is a committee member of the Electric Boat Association and owner of Mothership Marine. He will tell us about the association, the advantages of electric propulsion for canal boats and the current state of electric boat technology.