Jul 292016

DSCN1771As has been posted elsewhere, a large number of boats belonging to members of the Historic Narrow Boat Club are due to arrive on the Canal in readiness for the Woking Canal Festival Celebrations. About 50 altogether, including some local boats, will be making their way up the Canal over the next few days, and many are already in evidence (see right and below – click to enlarge).

In order to make most efficient use of lock water (because the Basingstoke Canal has a limited water supply and so it must be conserved), a complicated schedule of locking has been organised and boats paired appropriately so that two will fit into a lock at a time. They therefore have to arrive at the locks in the right order, both on the way up and down again! The schedule of boat movements through the lock flights has now been published.

All boats will be travelling to Woking, however a significant number will be carrying on up through the Brookwood and Deepcut flights and intend to enjoy the entire Canal, either before or after the Festival. So, from now on and into August will be a good time to see historic boats on the Basingstoke.