Mar 132015

Get one year’s FREE membership to The Inland Waterways Association from Basingstoke Canal Society.

Over the years IWA has promoted the restoration and improvement of hundreds of miles of our best inland waterways.  This has been done with the help of dedicated members, the renowned Waterway Recovery Group and an army of enthusiastic volunteers. There is so much more that could be done, so if you would like to see the waterways thrive, help protect our heritage and support the move to bring more waterways back to life, please join today!

We invite you to try IWA membership free for a year with this special offer.  Single, Family and Senior Citizen (65+) options are available.  To apply, complete an application form online at,  phone our friendly Membership Team on 01494 783453 or email your details and choice of subscription to  Please quote reference BCS.

Please note, this offer is not available to anyone who has been a member of IWA in the past two years. Offer closes 30th April 2015.