Jul 202014

With the recent good weather, boaters have been out on the Canal in large numbers. Here are some photos of boats seen on the Basingstoke recently (more added 22 July). Click the images to enlarge them. Many more visiting boat photos can be seen on the Canal Visitor Centre Facebook page.

Many came along to enjoy the Farnborough Air Show. For more shots taken at Runways End by the JP1 crew, include some of the Red Arrows display, please see the JP Facebook page.




IMG_2140 (Copy)IMG_2153 (Copy)

IMG_2761 (Copy)IMG_2154 (Copy)

Boats3 (Copy)IMG_2150 (Copy)

Boats Canal Centre 4Boats Canal Centre 1

Boats Canal Centre 2Boats Canal Centre 3

IMG_2766 (Copy)Boats2 (Copy)

IMG_2758 (Copy)IMG_2152 (Copy)

IMG_2760 (Copy)IMG_2770 (Copy)