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No. 107February 1983

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An official ceremony to mark the restoration of Ash Embankment and the completion of the Deepcut locks has been postponed. It was being planned for the last weekend in April but has now been put off until September. Highlight of the celebrations was to have been a cruise aboard the 'John Pinkerton' from Odiham to Deepcut. A unique publicity opportunity for the Society to demonstrate dramatically the extent to which restoration has progressed.

The venture has been postponed because the organisers feared that the trip boat might not get through the undredged length between Dogmersfield and Fleet. The breach at Deepcut was another reason. A third factor was insufficient forward planning to get the event organised in time.

Clearly a postponement is preferable to the risk of the cruise going anything but smoothly. At the same time it is to be regretted that the Society has lost a golden opportunity to open the new season in a spectacular way which would have gained us valuable publicity, boosted membership and support, and attracted attention to the restoration of the canal and the success achieved to date.
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Hampshire County Council employs a local canal manager with a staff of four canal 'rangers'. In Surrey there are two lengthsmen (a third has just been employed) under the somewhat tenuous supervision of the Estates Department at Kingston. ,P> This is an example of the incongruity which the Society felt could have been eliminated by running the canal as an entity with a common staff and universal standards unner the management of a Canal Trust.

As more of the canal is restored the need for regular maintenance of restored lengths is becoming increasingly necessary. Already the dredged canal bed between Ash and Deepcut is filling with weed growth. And last summer, sight of the 'John Pinkerton' forcing her way through the canal weed at Lodge Farm was reminiscent of scenes from the African Queen.

To this end we are glad to note that Hampshire is seeking Surrey County Council's agreement to buy a weed cutter. A good opportunity to share the cost of an essential piece of capital equipment.
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St. John's Lock 11. Good progress being made by the Society's voluntary working parties.
(top left) restoring a chamber wall.
(top right) volunteer bricklayers at work.
(bottom left) demolishing three courses of brickwork for re-building a flank wall.
(bottom right) constructing a concrete ground beam for a flank wall.
View of the dry dock being restored with the canal cottage at Deepcut top-lock in the background.
(centre) the breach above Deepcut lock 26. (bottom left) Douglas Brown SCC's structural engineer
(left) and Frank Jones MSC co ordinator surveying the damage.
(bottom right) floodwater pouring through the breach.
(pictures by Dieter Jebens. Processing by Clive Durley).

Crews wanted for the 'John Pinkerton'. Members interested in steering, crewing or running the galley/sales counter are welcome to come to a crew training 'open day' at Colt Hill on Saturday 23rd April at 11am. or 2.00pm. Further information from crewing manager Malcolm Pickett 871493 or crew training manager Roger Cansdale.
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The mild weather of the New Year makes an encouraging start to 1983, and prospects for our working parties currently look good. The dredger is now going in the right direction again, and progress on the locks looks promising. By the time these notes are distributed, who knows, we may be into deep snow, but for the present we hope to take advantage of the helpful weather conditions, and press on with the job. ,p> The full range of working parties is given below. It's a good idea to contact your working party leader, a few days before attending, in case of any change of plan at the last minute. This particularly applies to the Easter weekend, the first weekend in April, when working party arrangements may vary from the usual pattern. ,p> Every weekend St. Johns (Goldsworth) Locks
Both locks 11 and 10 make steady progress, and demolition work on Lock 9 is now well under way. On Lock 11, the second chamber wall is now going up, and the last significant demolition work on this lock, that of the flank and return walls, is almost complete. At lock 10, the nearside chamber wall is complete and work is started on the ladder recess. The bottom hollow posts are cast, and the flank and return walls are complete. The demolition work at Lock 9 is mainly centred on the nearside chamber wall and the bottom cill.

The Society's coordinator of all this work is MIKE FELLOWS, on Wokingham 787428, and for furthe-r details you should contact him, or one of the working party leaders listed below.

Lock 11. - every other weekend - 5/6 Feb, 19/20 Feb, 5/6 Mar, 19/20 Mar, 2/3 Apr - KEN HALLS on Woking 23981 or PETER REDWAY on Woking 21710.
Lock 10 -First weekend of the month - 5/6 Feb, 5/6 Mar, 2/3 Apr -TONY GOULD on 01-941-3014.
Second weekend of the month - 12/13 Feb, 12/13 Mar, 9/10 Apr -PETER OATES (Southampton Canal Society) on Southampton 463188.
Second and fourth Sundays of the month - 13 Feb, 27 Feb, 13 Mar, 27 Mar, 10 Apr - ALAN GRIMSTER on Brookwood 6127.
Third weekend of the month - 19/20 Feb, 19/20 Mar, 16/17 Apr - JULES WOOD on Farnborough 515737.
Fourth weekend of the month ~ 26/27 Feb, 25/26 Mar, 23/24 Apr -PETER JONES on Aldershot 313076.

Every weekend Dredging in Hampshire
The dredger is now working eastwards again, and has returned to the Dogmersfield cutting, heading towards Blacksmiths Bridge. There is need for more helpers, particularly for people who can train as dragline drivers, and are prepared to, give a regular (say, once a month) commitment to participate. Further details may be had from ANDY STUMPF on Watford 37278 or BRIAN BANE on Hook 3627.

First Sunday of the month Bankside Clearance
6 Feb,6 Mar,10 Apr
This party continue to do bankside clearance work in the Ash Vale area, work which requires no special skills and is suitable for family groups. They have been working in the Frimley Green area, but now expect to be working around the area of Ash Vale Station. For further details, contact BERT and BETTY SCAMMELL on Aldershot 23215.

First Weekend of the month Lock Gate Building 5/6 Feb, 5/6 Mar, 2/3 Apr.
This party have now started work on building the gates, and allied lock furniture, for the top locks of the St. Johns flight. They are at present constructing jack-haads. For further details contact FRANK JONES on Deepcut 5711 (lock-gate workshop) or Camberley 28367 (home).
Second weekend of the month Lock 5 - Woodham 12/13 Feb,12/13 Mar, 9/10 Apr
Both top and bottom hollow posts have been cast, and this party are now rebuilding the top and bottom recess walls. Further details from PABLO HAWORTH on Byfleet 42081.
Third weekend of the momth Lock 1 - Woodham 19/20 Feb, 19/20 Mar, 16/17 Apr
Work has now started on rebuilding the main chamber walls, which is the last big job on this lock. For more details of this party, which operates under the auspices of the Guildford branch of the IWA contact DICK HARPER-WHITE on Weybridge 42074 or ROY DAVENPORT on 01-979-7075.
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Social Secretaries: Hampshire; Vacant
Surrey: Mike Grist, Woking 71581
Attendances at the November and December Woking meetings were such that space was at a premium and we would apologise to those members who did not see or hear too well. In fact the room was overflowing on both occasions. Malcolm Brains's slide show was superb in November and in December Hugh McKnight showed slides made from his growing collection of canal postcards from 1900 to 1930. The Christmas social evening in Fleet was also wall attended and a surprise item was some of the short film clips from the Society's archive, collection.

PLEASE will someone volunteer to take over as Social Secretary for the Fleet meetings as David Millett would like a break from undertaking this task on a temporary basis (for the last 5 years!).

FLEET SOCIAL EVENINGS: At the 'Prince of Wales ' (Baronial Room) Reading Road South, Fleet - Bar, sales stand, coffee available if required.
WEDNESDAY Feb. 23rd at 7.45pm. Mike Fellows will be the Quizmaster at an informal slide quiz evening featuring slides from all over the U.K. waterwc3.ys network. You are very welcome i,o take part if you wish cr just corae along to see the slides and learri about the different and unusual aspects of British Waterways.
WEDNESDAY March 23rd. 7.45pm. Marc Ferdman will give a slide show entitled 'Towpath Travels'. Marc is probably Britain's most well known towpath walker and recounts his experiences to waterways societies and groups over a very wide area. This should be an interesting evening.

WOKING SOCIAL EVENINGS: All at the Woking Centre Halls, Bar, Sales Stand, coffe available.
MONDAY March l4th at 7.45pm. Tim Price of the Surrey Trust for Nature Conservation will give a talk illustrated with slides entitled 'Surrey Wild Life Conservation'.
MONDAY April 11th at 7.45pm. Jack Chinn will show slides of the Basingstoke Canal entitled, 'A Photographers View of the Canal and the Interesting Places en Route'. This will also include the canal west of Greywell Tunnel to the old wharf at Basingstoke - now Basingstoke Bus Station.
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Sunday; 20th March, 1933. Meet at Broad Oak Green (MR 169/519754) at 10.45am.

Broad Oak Green is reached by turning off the A287 Odiham to Farnham Road. Cars can be parked on the green at the end of the lane, just south of Broad Oak Bridge. We shall walk over parts of Dogmersfield Park to Sprats Hatch Farm and then on to The Barley Mow Pub for lunch. We shall return via the towpath.

All welcome, including dogs. Distance about 5-1/2 miles. Leader, Paul Garrett. Byfleet 41993.
Editors note: 30 walkers joined the first of Paul's rambles and enjoyed the mild January weather and a good day out along the River Wey.
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COME AND JOIN US! Rosemary Millett
Are you aware that there is a group of ladies who meet regularly in Fleet to organise fund raising events for the Society? We arrange Jumble Sales, dances and this year we are having another Autumn Fayre before Christmas. We have handicraft evenings and would welcome new faces and new ideas, so if you have the time you would be very welcome to come and join us. Please ring Rosemary Millett, Fleet 7364 or Janet Hedger, Fleet 7465 for further details.

Waterways Exploration offers French canal holidays aboard the converted traditional Dutch barge MS Ouderzorg. Professionally crewed, the boat can be chartered to take your own party of up to 10 persons, or you can make up an existing booking.

Cruises on the Canal du Midi, the Nivernais and Burgundy Canals to name just three. For details contact Christopher Ryle (Waterways Exploration) on 0527-62974.
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TEN YEARS AGO........ from Newsletter No. 48 Jan/Feb 1973
* It was announced that Hampshire County Council had formally applied for a compulsory purchase order on December 6th 1972 to acquire their length of the Basingstoke Canal.
* Society's membership was reported to be nearing the 2000th member.
* Work was expected to start on building a second pair of lock gates. The gates are now installed in Aah Lock No. 29 - Ed.
*The New Basingstoke Canal Co. Ltd., made a temporary repair to a minor breach in the canal's bank on the site of a culvert near Colt Hill, Odiham.
* The purchase of a new electric typewriter for £177 by the Society created a page of letters from members, supporting the purchase after some critical comment.
* The Society first produced a tie (£1.15) with the 'barge' design, stylised from the one shilling token, by Robert Harris.
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Thank you to those members who wrote to the Department of the Environment regarding the Inquiry into the appeal by Charles Church Ltd., against Hart District Council's refusal to allow Hatchwood Farm adjoining the canal at Odiham to be developed for housing. In the event, Charles Church asked for an adjournment three days before the Inquiry was due to bo heard. The Inspector refused so Charles Church withdrew the appeal. Of course, it may well rear its ugly heed again in the future so vigilence will be needed.
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Both the Nature Conservancy Council and the Friends of the Earth have lodged objections to the latest version of the new Hart District Plan which draws attention in the recreation section to the long outlined proposals for a mooring basin and slipway near Pondtail Bridge in Fleet.

As long ago as February 1981 the Society was informed by Hampshire County Council that outline proposals for this site were being formulated to enable discussions to take place with the Property Services Agency who own the land. To date these discussions have still not taken place and time marches on.

Access to the Hampshire section is urgently required as each year weed growth is increasing due to the lack of use of the restored sections by motorised craft. Many people are now asking, rightly, that with all the effort over the last few years to restore the canal, both by volunteers and the county council, sections that can be used should be opened up at an early stage.

Whilst the Society represents all interests it does feel that the interests of the boating fraternity have not received enough attention. After all, the Society's commitment to the restoration of the canal, both in financial and volunteer terms, was made in the understanding that the canal was restored for 'NAVIGATION'.
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Subscription renewals are due on 1st March and the Membership Secretary, Ted Williams, asks all members who pay by cheque, money order or cash to do so promptly. Apart from the fact that the Society urgently needs your subscription, prompt payment helps Ted by keeping the work involved down to a minimum - 'I can't bear the thought of renewals dragging on for nine months of the year', he says.

A renewal form is attached. Please help us by renewing your subscription now. Thank you.
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While writing his 'Working Party Notes' in a Lake District hotel during a business trip, Peter Cooper was approached by the proprietor with some concern. Apparently the poor man thought Peter was from the Sunday Times 'Insight' team investigating the standard of local hotels. Peter reassured him he was not.

Last year, you, your friends, neighbours, relatives and the odd dog, raised well over £5,500 for restoration funds. That's the best ever total for the SHCS. In 1983 we are repeating the Fleet - Woking walk - a full description is given in the enclosed booklet.

As before, you can start at either end or from any of the marshal points, how far you walk is entirely up to you. Please book 15th May in your diaries and start to line up sponsors now. (Can anyone beat the records set by Dick and Alison Snell who raised £29l between them or the £200 achieved by N.J. Atkins?

As in 1982 we're inviting other organisations and schools to join us on a 50:50 basis - they raised £500 for us anD the same for themselves - so we're expecting a good turnout. If you know of any groups, company social clubs and so on which might be interested in participating contact Vic Trott. Woking 68607 or Derek Truman, Fleet 3435. They would also like to hear from you if you can volunteer to act as a marshal.
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Last year the club raised almost £700 for the Society. There were 24 prize winners of whom those in the December draw were:
Mr. F.J. Goldsmith - £53, Mr. P.J. King - £27, Mr. N.Jones - £13 Mr. W.G, Goddard - £13.

Many thanks to all those who have renewed their subscriptions or joined for the first time in 1983. If you are not already a member you can still join but since late entrants will only be eligible for five draws, the subscriptions will be £10 or 10 monthly payments of £1 by standing order. If you still have the application form (at the back of the December Newsletter) please send it suitably amended to Derek Truman, 91 Tavistock Road, Fleet, Hants or ring him on Fleet 3435 for an extra form. (The amendments are simple - substitute '£10' for '£12', 'April' for 'February' and '10' for '12'). Don't forget that you can have more than one subscription and your friends can join too.
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Following two highly successful 'Open Days' on the boat the Society's holiday narrowboat is now well and truly in business and is due to start operations on 19th March 1983. The popularity of the scheme is such that between then and the end of October only 4 weeks remain vacant: June 4 (£115), July 2 (£115), July 9 (£125) and September 17 (£100). With the exception of VAT these prices are inclusive and represent a saving of over 50% of a normal hire boat. We are also eager to build up a reserve register either for particular weeks or for short notice bookings in the event of a hirer beinp forced to cancel. To place your name on this register or to book one of the vacant weeks please telephone me on Aldershot 25460.

Long weekends will also be available from week commencing 20 October 1983 (at £35 each) unless anyone, desires a complete week (£70) bookings for these will not be taken until later in the year.
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GRAND DRAW 1982 Jean Scott
Thanks to the efforts of all those members who manage to persuade friends and neighbours to buy raffle tickets, last year's draw produced a net profit of £622. According to Jeremy Browne who once again received the £10 prize for selling the greatest nuraber of tickets (over 90 books), it's "easy to sell tickets when you know how". To put his money where his mouth is he has offered to show anyone who wants to know how. The first 3 prize winners were:
1. Mrs. Drew of Bryanstone Close, Fleet - £100
2. Mr. .Laves of Willesden NW10, Narrow Boat Holiday
3. Mr. Grafton of Foxhurst Road, Ash Vale ~ Barbecue set.

I am already making plans for this year's draw and would be pleased to hear from anybody with a prize to donate. I can be reached on Guildford 66683.

12 Jumble Sale, Fleet Civic Hall 10.30am.
14 French Waterway Films, Woking Centre Halls, 7.45pm. 23 Waterways Slide Quiz, Prince of Wales, Fleet, 7.45pm.

5 Barn Dance, St. John's Memorial Hall, 8.00pm.
14 'Surrey Wild Life Conservation', Woking Centre Halls 7.45pm.
20 Ramble. Meet Broad Oak Green, Odiham. 10.45am.
23 'Towpath Travels', Prince of Wales, Fleet, 7.45pm.

11 'Photographic View of the Canal' Woking Centre Halls, 7.45pm.
16 Annual General Meeting, St. John's Memorial Hall 7.00pm. 24 Westel Canoe Trials, Reading Road Bridge, Fleet.
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Due to pressure of work the Society's Honorary Treasurer, Bryan Jones has resigned. Bryan has held the job for four years and gained a reputation for keeping a very tight reign on the Society's finances through his efficient administration of the cash flow budget. As a result the Society has maintained an extremely healthy balance sheet. Away from his books - he was previously Membership Secretary - Bryan found time to work regularly with the dredger team.

Taking his place is chairman of the John Pinkerton operating company, Peter Fethney. The Society is fortunate in having Peter volunteer for this important position since he held the post prior to Bryan, and so is no stranger to the Society's accounting and book-keeping procedures.

In thanking Bryan Jones for:running the Society's finances since 1979, we welcome the return of Peter Fethney to the job of Honorary Treasurer.
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The brainchild of our chairman Robin Higgs, the SCA is an informal organisation formed to act as a clearing house for problems and to promote discussion between canal societies in the southern half of England and Wales. Its most recent notable success concerned the abandonment of Gloucester County Council's plans to build a bypass along the bed of the canal in Stroud. Meetings are held at irregular intervals at various canal restoration sites and the following is an account of one such visit.......

"The old spa town of Droitwich was the venue of the Southern Canals Association on 16th October, to see the progress being made in the restoration of the Droitwich Barge Canal. Opened in 1771 it was one of the first entirely man-made navigations in this country. Gathered on a rather dull morning were representatives of the Neath and Tennant, Wey and Arun, Wilts and Berks, Huddersfield Narrow, Kennet and Avon, Stroudwater and Thames and Severn Canals and, for the Basingstoke Canal, Robin Higgs and Mike Fellows. Led by Peter Malim, Working Party organiser of the Droitwich Canal Trust, the group were given a guided tour of the Vines Park site which lies between Droitwich town centre and R. Salwarpe.

Major obstacles to be overcome on the summit pound below the Barge Lock, a mile of which is already navigable, include the realignment of a short section through the park caused by the siting of a bowling green on the original line of the canal. This will require extensive sheet piling to prevent landslip from the bowling green and to pro≠tect the river bank which is just three metres away. Several sewer manholes let into the canal bed are, with enormous effort, being resited. The D.C.T.'s first major victory was persuading British Rail to preserve a navigable channel when they repaired the railway viaduct. The resulting ARMCO tube and the free standing towpath now being built unfortunately will limit the width of boats able to reach the town centre.

It was very interesting to see that when the Vine Park site was filled in - with spoil from the construction of the M5 - the structure of the Barge Lock was left intact, and bar a few lost coping stones little of the masonry has required replacing. (Through the lock lies the start of the derelict Droitwich Junction Canal).

Several sections of the new line have been cut but progress has been partly halted here by the discovery of an old brine pit which is to be examined by the local archaeological society before work can continue. The canal is saline, of course, and the Trust are in consulatation with the Severn Water Authority over the discharge of water into the river. There are plans to develop the D.C.T.'s depot - the old Gasworks - into a wharf possibly with chandlery, slipway and dry dock facilities. As part of the project to provide a safe mooring for boats from R. Severn, a section of Vine Park is to be excavated to provide a marina for a large number of boats.

Following lunch at the 'Railway Inn' of delicious rolls and Marston's Beer, thoughtfully arranged by Peter Malim, the group drove over to Salwarpe village to inspect the nearly complete engineering works on the repair of a culvert. The original brick culvert had partly subsided resulting in the last twenty feet of the arch being replaced by a massive reinforced concrete box.

The Droitwich Canal Trust has an excellent partner in the Wychavon District Council who have guaranteed their support and £150,000 for three years for the development of Vines Park. The enormous progress shown in the restoration provides ample evidence that, as on the Basingstoke Canal, with an enthusiastic society of volunteers and an amenity and conservation conscious council, an ambitious project can be achieved.
Alex Huxham
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As reported in the last Newsletter, plans have now been finalised for the stabilisation of the canal bank at Dogmersfield. The work, which is due to start in April, will take 4 months to complete and will be undertaken by Canal Rangers and youngsters on MSC schemes.

The method chosen is to construct an 11 metre high retaining wall using wire mesh baskets filled with rock. The 1,400 cubic metres of rock required will be transported to site from a temporary wharf at Barley Mow bridge using the Society's tugs and barges having been brought up from Wiltshire by lorry. The 800 cubic metres of granular fill for drainage behind the wall will be brought in the same way.

The first job however, will be to remove 2,800 cubic metres of soil from the site again using Society equipment which will then be deposited on the offside at Tundry Pond to be used to buttress the canal bank.

Finally, the whole site will be landscaped to blend into the face of the cutting. Meanwhile, 'Perseverance' has now cleared the slip and is well on her way to Blacksmiths bridge. Naturally a condition of the loan of our equipment to Hampshire C.C., is that it is all back in its place at weekends to enable the dredging to continue uninterrupted.
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A year soon passes and once again Canoe Trials time is here again and this very popular event will be held on Sunday April 24th, based at the usual venue of Reading Road Bridge, Fleet. The Society will, as usual, assist with the organisation as will the Basingstoke Canoe Club. Distances this year will be 6, 12, 20, 30 and 40 miles with various time options in each distance category. The event, which is NOT a race, is suitable for the novice or expert alike, both young and old.

It is also a very good spectator event with starting times for the popular 12 and 6 mile events at 11.30am and 1pm. All the canoeists will be finishing from 2pm onwards. The longer distance categories will this year use the Ash Lock to Frimley section. On the site will be refreshments, Society sales and exhibition stands and also trade stands selling a wide range of canoes and canoeing equipment including clothing. Admission free to the site. Come along, see all the activity and have a walk along the towpath towards Aldershot and see all the returning canoes. Around 400 canoeists are expected to take part.

Details and entry forms from Jeff Simmons, 52 Ashgrove Rd., Ashford, Middx. TW15 1PJ (Tel: Ashford 55085) or Mrs. Rosemary Millett, 14 Dinorben Close, Fleet (Tel: Fleet 7364)
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Apologies to Pablo Haworth for the long delay in publishing his letter in reply to Mr. Crossley's letter in the June issue (Newsletter 103). While nobody has yet explained why the Frimley flight of locks is nowadays referred to as the Deepcut flight and Goldsworth is known as St. John's, Pablo explains why the Woodham can never become the Byfleet locks.

Dear Sir,
The letter by G.H. Crossley published in June's Newsletter concerning the Woodham Flight has touched a nerve.

It is Woodham Flight.

Lock 6 is on the border between Shearwater and Woodham in Woking B.C. Locks 5-1 are in Runnymede R.D.C. whereas Locks 5-2 are in Woodham Ward, Lock 1 is in New Haw Ward. In a recent 'hand out' showing where restoration is taking place, it talks about "6 at Woodham near Byfleet". Woodham might be near West Byfleet, but is miles from Byfleet.
Pablo Haworth,
6 Eden Close, New Haw, Weybridge, Surrey.

Dear Sir,
In reply to Miss Maynard's letter in the October issue of Newsletter, I think it would be a wonderful idea to organise a 'Working Week' next year, I myself would gladly use a week's annual leave to work on the Basingstoke. I am already doing restoration work on the Basingstoke but am only able to get there for the whole day on alternate Saturdays and only up till lunch time on the other days as my full time job involves working at weekends.

I hope that the Society can organise a Working Week or two as it would surely be very beneficial in restoring the canal that much quicker.
Yours sincerely,
Mr. S. Cadec, 79 Whetstone Roads Cove, Farnborough.
Editor's Note: As reported in the last issue, a work camp may be set up at St. John's to work on the Goldworth Flight this year.
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The executive Committee is looking for a secretary to take notes at their monthly meetings and type the minutes. The average length of the minutes is about four pages. The job does not include duplicating (but if you have easy access to a photocopier, so much the better) or any other secretarial work.

This is an essential and valuable contribution to the smooth running of the Society, so please volunteer. It's the best way of keeping up with the business end of the Society's work.

For more detaile ring Philip Riley (Hon. Sec.) on Worplesdon 234776 or David Millett (Vice-Chairman) on Fleet 7364.

Our thanks to the efficient way in which Audrey Kenward of Farnborough has done the job for the last year.
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Shortly before Christmas, the canal was breached between Locks 26 and 27. A 30-foot section of the towpath embankment above Lock 26 disappeared as 600 cubic yards of soil was washed away and gallons of water poured through the hole.

Fortunately the area below the embankment is woodland with a stream running parallel with the canal and the floodwater drained safely into the stream. Other points along the embankment were weakened (but did not burst) by the water level in the canal rising to overflow the towpath and erode the embankment.

The breach is being repaired at the time of writing and is expected to be a relatively easy job since the canal bed was undamaged. A breach of this kind generally scours out a section of the canal bed with the rush of water through the breach. This did not occur because, after a burst at the same spot in the 1930's, the canal bed was puddled with clay as a part of the repair work and such was the strength of the bedv it was not disturbed.

Material excavated from the opposite side of the canal is being used to reinstate the earthworks. The entire length of embankment is being strengthened where other weak points occured and the towpath is being raised to give adequate freeboard.

Surrey County Council's structural engineer is supervising the work being done by the council's lengthsmen.
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Surrey County Council has budgeted £94,000 for capital expenditure in the current 1982/3 financial year on dredging and materials for lock restoration work being done by job creation employees. Hampshire's budget of £73,000 is largely accounted for with the cost of stabilising the Dogmersfield landslip.

In the next financial year Hampshire plans to spend £71,500 of which £53,000 is earmarked for developing car parking facilities including Colt Hill and the site at Barley Mow Bridge. The two County Councils jointly plan to purchase a weed cutter. This can arguably be regarded as the most urgent purchase having witnessed the condition of the navigable Hampshire end of the canal last summer.

Running costs for the Surrey section are expected to amount to £10,200 in the current financial year, melting down to £91,200 with a £12,200 income from houseboat moorings and £800 from boat licences. The net cost to Surrey is further reduced by 50% to £45,000 because of the equal contribution being made by the four riparian district councils.

Hampshire's net expenditure amounts to £84,600 taking account of a £2,800 income from boat licences. Similar estimates have been made by both councils for the 1983/4 financial year.

We regret that the last Newsletter was No. 105 for the second time. It should have read No. 106 on the front cover. This issue really is No. 107 before the other half of the membership rings me to say we've missed out No. 106!
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SLIPWAY position - Barge Yard at Ash Vale definitely not on. PSA/MOD are urgently looking at other possible sites.
REMINDER that subscriptions are due 1st March 1983. All those not on Bankers Order should remit cash/cheque to Ted Williams as soon as possible please.
LIFEJACKETS required, particularly childrens, to equip Society's holiday narrowboat. Offers please to Chris Brazier, Aldershot 25460.
TICKETS still available for Barn Dance on Saturday 5th March, at £2.75 each from Peter Coxhead, 17 Abbey Close, Pyrford, Woking, but hurry, numbers are limited.
GRATEFUL thanks to Robert May for not only providing a turn round base for Society's holiday narrowboat but also a permanent winter mooring completely free of charge.
FANCY a job with a difference? Then how about building lock gates with Frank Jones on the first weekend of the month. He particularly enjoys having ladies helping him!
BELATED but never-the-less grateful thanks to Mr. H. Powell of Hove for gift of Thorneycroft diesel engine which will be used in a Society boat after overhaul.
CONGRATULATIONS to members Lewis Phillips and Barbara Monkhouse on their recent engagement - there are benefits in joining SHCS after all!
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The Annual General Meeting will be held at St. John's Memorial Hall, St. John's Lye, Woking on Saturday 16th April, 1983 starting at 7.00pm.


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Editors: Dieter Jebens, Janet & Chris Breziers. production Diana Snow and Cecil Eynon.
Collation & distribution: Janet & George Hedger, Clive Durley and helpers.
Editorial Office: 75 Middle Bourne Lane, Farnham, Surrey GW10. 3NJ. (Farnham 715230)
Chairman: Robin Higgs, 18 Barnsford Crescent, West End, Woking (Chobham 7314)
Vice-chairman: David Millett, 14 Dinorben Close, Fleet (7364)
Hon. Treasurer: Peter Fethney, 5 Longdown, Courtmoor, Fleet (5524)
Hon. Sec: Philip Riley, Meadow Vale, Guildlord Rd., Normandy (Worplesdon 234776)
Membership Sec: Ted Williams, 36 Kestrel Rd., Basingstoke (61579)
Working Party Information: Peter Jones on Aldershot 313076 and Peter Cooper on 01-993-1105
Trip Boat: Clive Durley, 15 Kenilworth Rd., Fleet (5694)
Sales Manager: Aubrey Slaughter, 36 Fir Tree Way, Fleet (23102)
Talks Organiser: Pauline Hadlow, Beaulah, Parkstone Drive, Camberley (28367)
Exhibitions Manager: Phil Pratt, 26 Fleetwood Court, Madeira Rd., West Byfleet (40281)
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Last updated April 2005