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Our thanks to David Robinson for digging out some pictures of the past and compiling our special covers to mark this 100th issue. Our thanks also to June Sparey for her jog down memory lane recalling some of the early events in the Society's 15 year history. We had intended to make this a largely nostalgic issue but, as copy date approached, the pages quickly filled up with current affairs, news and future events.

While not forgetting past events, we still have some way to go before the Society's objective is fully achieved. So it is perhaps as well that we should commemorate rather than celebrate the event.


A rare photograph, taken in 1904 or 1905 showing two narrow boats owned by the Hampshire Brick and Tile Co., believed to be 'Maudie' and 'Ada', entering Little Tunnel Bridge, Up Nately. The boats are thought to have been built by the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Co., around 1880.

(1) One of the first Society working parties clearing the banks of Ash Vale barge yard by Greatbottom flash. The N.B.'s Basingstoke, Mapledurwell and Greywell have since been demolished.
(2) Towpath refreshments at Crookham for county councillors on an inspection cruise on the canal in 1969.
(3) Tony Harmsworth and his father building the Society's first pair of lock gates in 1969 at Ash Vale where the Harmsworths formerly built barges.
(4) A derelict Basingstoke Canal lock in the late 1960's.
(5) Founder member Les Harris exercises the right of navigation with a 'cargo' of potatoes - 1967.
(6) Society cruise passing Spantons timber yard, now demolished, at Woking.
(7) 1967 protest cruise to publicise HCC plan for 4'6" headroom to new Pondtail Bridge.
(1) Councillors cruise on the Wey Navigation in 1972 - Capt., Longsden, SCC; Mr. David Pumfrett, HCC; Mr. R. Reekie, SCC and wife and Major Bruce Johns, Army representative.
(2) Volunteers clearing Colt Hill bridge-hole at the start of restoration work in 1974.
(3) Volunteers building a second pair of lock gates at Ash Vale in 1972.
(4) The first working party on the Deepcut flight at lock 25.
(5) At a ceremony to mark the completion of the second pair of lock gates in 1973: Mr. John Humphries, Mr. R. Reekie,SCC; Mr. David Pumfrett, HCC, and our President, Lord Onslow.
(6) Inspecting one of the first pieces of mechanical equipment the Society purchased at Ash Vale: David Gerry, past chairman; Robin Higgs, chairman; Michael Kingham; Sir John Verney and Cranley Onslow, Vice-presidents of the Society.
(1) Tree planting on the banks of the canal at Woking: Raymond Stedman, SCC Countryside Officer; Alastair Gray, HCPS and Robin Higgs.
(2) Frank Jones, MSC co-ordinator and workers restoring a Deepcut lock.
(3) A hymac moves in above Deepcut lock 24 in 1976.
(4) MSC workers re-building a lock wall on the Deepcut flight.
(5) HCC rangers installing Society lock gates at Ash Lock.
(6) Completion of Artillery weir, Aldershct, 1975.
(7) The Society's dredger and railway silt disposal line at North Warnborough.
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200 CLUB
Money is now almost as important as the effort of our volunteers. Not everyone has the time or inclination to do much of the physical restoration work but there are other wayd of helping us. You will find enclosed with this Newsletter details of our 200 Club. Although anyone can join - and we hope most of you will do so - this is aimed particularly at those of you who, for any reason, cannot devote much time or effort to the Society. By sending a cheque for £12 or by completing the bankers order form for £1 a month, you may win a prize of £100. At the same time, you will know that half of all proceeds will be ploughed back into the restoration work. 200 members will give the SHCS an annual income of £1,200. It would be very simple to make it not a 200 Club but a 500 Club so please join and persuade your friends to become members too. (Additional forms can be obtained from Derek Truman, Fleet 3435, but a cheque for £12 or an authorisation to a bank to pay £1 a month and a name and address will suffice).
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From time to time members have said why don't we collect and sell waste-paper as a fund raising project. The problem is mainly one of organisation. We can get at least £8 a ton for wastepaper at current market prices but computer paper would be worth £35 a ton. (Do any of you have access to supplies of waste computer paper?)

If we collect old newspapers, we will need a series of local collectors who would arrange for the papers to be taken to a central storage point in each area. The paper would then be taken to the workshops at Lock 28 where there is a suitable shed for storage and having accumulated 14 tons, we would organise volunteers to take it to the wastepaper merchants at Pirbright. Some of this work can be done on Saturday mornings and some of the runs could possibly be arranged to fit in with the requirements of the restoration working parties.

Another possibility would be to set up a collection point at St. John's where we hope to have suitable space for storage shortly. Since transport is frequently taking equipment from St. John's to lock 28, it might be possible for this to take newspaper when space is available.

A well run wastepaper collection service could raise at least £600 a year for the Society and probably more provided that the market was there. Its success, however, would depend on good organisation. If you would like to help with this or better still would like to oversee the whole organisation, please contact Philip Riley (Normandy 2776) who can supply further information or Derek Truman (Fleet 3435). If any members have other ideas for raising money - other possibilities are collecting used stamps, tin foil or the ringpulls on cans - please let Derek or Philip know. If we could have just 20 separate activities a year in the towns and villages along the 32 miles of our canal, each of which raised £50 the Society would have additional income of £1,000. What are we offered?
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Do you fancy being involved in the business of your Executive Committee without the responsibility of being a member?

Then why not offer your services as Minutes Secretary as replacement for Natalie Jones who is having to relinquish the post.

Attendance at one meeting per month is all that is required followed by the typing and distributing of the minutes. Please contact David Millett on Fleet 7364 if you feel that you can help.
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THOSE WERE THE DAYS...... June Sparey
Standing at the chairman's reception at County Hall, Kingston, recently, I overheard one of Surrey's top oficials talking with great enthusiasm about the work being done on the Basingstoke Canal.

My mind drifted back over the years to a day when three rather nervous people, clutching a great wad of paper, stepped through those same portals. Dsve Gerry, then Society Chairman, Tony Harmsworth and myself had travelled to Kingston to present yet another batch of signatures on the 'Save the Basingstoke Canal' petition to Sir Howard Roberts, then chairman of the county planning committee.

What a lot of water - yes water - has thankfully flowed under the canal's bridges since those days!

I remember, as a reporter on the local paper, following up Jim Woolgar's first published letter, asking anyone interested in forming a society to press for the canal's restoration to contact him. "Some nut wants to reopen the canal", I chortled on my return to the office.

Soon I was in there with the nuts. When I read the Newsletter today, and see the work that is now going on, I marvel at what has grown out of those far-off days when all we could do was write letters, hold meetings, and generally amuse ourselves. Do you remember that first Good Friday, the traditional protest day, when a small flotilla picked its way through the weeds to the gates of Lock 1 and hung a notice up? "Amenity or eyesore, Beauty or Decay, Action's needed now. Please save this waterway". It made the telly.

Then we embarked on a series of councillors' cruises, persuading officials and members of riparian councils to join us on a cruise - and I use the term loosely - along stretches of the canal, where there was water to be found. This plainly involved the wilds of Dogmersfield and Crookham - chilly days, but how often the sun shone on us. Dick Snell's pontoon, Nootnop, carved its way through the duckweed, hauled by volunteers, and there was that marvellous occasion when deep in the middle of nowhere Paul Buck appeared with trays of refreshments.

To show them what it could be like we took there on the Wey Navigation - and I remember the splendid sight of Sir Howard Roberts (Surrey) and Mr. David Pumfrett (Hants CC countryside committee chairman), chatting together as they sailed off on Desmond Briscoe's beautiful cruiser, 'Samanda'.

I always maintain that one of the Society's most positive achievements in those days was the bringing together of members of the two county councils. But no one should underestimate the help and support we got from those two gentlemen, Sir Howard and Mr. Pumfrett. Gentlemen they were - always ready to listen. Where would we be today without men of their foresight, I wonder?

Then there was that Sunday morning when we raised the North Warnborough lift bridge for the first time in years. Hundreds of spiders disturbed from their slumbers scurried forth, and the milkman skidded to a halt as the road in front of him suddenly reared heavenwards.

We scratched around to find non-canal company owned pockets of land where we could legitimately organise working parties - which were always supported by canine-members of the canal society as well as human ones. Les Harris's marvellous mongrel Chertsey springs to mind, and my own mongrel, Tilly, walked the length of the canal.

We staged exhibitions, travelled along the canal without public meetings. "It's like Monty Python's flying circus", said Les Harris with a grin, as he assembled the display boards for the umpteenth time in some remote and perishing church hall.

And that day when Mr. Cooke appeared at a public meeting in Aldershot Libary. The committee looked at each other nervously but we needn't have worried. A vocal audience told him exactly what they thought of the canal company's plans for the canal, which would mainly have involved turning it into a series of duckponds.

We kept a wary watch for planning applications that could prejudice the canal's future. In those days, of course, the canal really was nothing more than a muddy ditch - how to persuade a developer to alter his plans so that he would not ruin it for ever? Evenings spent in Dave Gerry's loft as the duplicator reeled off the Newsletter - which then lived on my bedsit floor for a week until I'd collated, stapled, stuffed (into envelopes) and sorted out the 800 or so copies ready for our postmen. A word of special thanks to our postmen, who must have saved us thousands of pounds over years, and proved their worth during the postal strike.

Just a little jog down memory lane - but when all you expert enthusiasts next set to work on the canal, spare a thought for we ghosts of the past who kept batting our heads against a seemingly brick wall, and eventually let the daylight in. It was hard, frustrating work - but I think we enjoyed it.
Editor's note: June Sparey, a Journalist, edited and produced the Newsletter from 1968-73 and combined the job with that of Secretary to the Society from 1969-71.
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We would like to know of any shows that you hear of, especially if you can inform us of the organizers' names and telephone numbers. We welcome any events, even school or church fetes, to take the Sales Stand.

This year the Society needs more financial help than ever, and the sales stand must make it's contribution.

If any members could also give some assistance manning the stand this would be most appreciated.

In the October Newsletter we enclosed our sales list, however we do have many items that were not included:
Hand painted Canalware
The last British Folk Art is the painting of 'Roses and Castles', a decorative style that has remained unchanged for nearly two centuries. Paul Benn is internationally regarded as one of the best painters working today. His works have become collectors items throughout Europe and the U.S.A.

He has painted a limited number of items for sale to society members which may be obtained from Society Sales:
Canisters £2.60 Plates £1.30 Bucklay Cans £15.00 Bellow Racks £7.00 Candle Holders £2.60.
Cabin Stools A sturdy and attractive item of narrow boat furniture, painted in brilliant enamels. Personalized with boat, house or your name at no extra cost. 3x 16" x 9" x 12" and available with green, blue or maroon background. Delivery 7 days. Price, including delivery, £15.00.
Other painted items: Napkin rings 60p. Brooches 60p. Pendants 75p. Coasters 60p.

All these iteas may be obtained from: M.E. Bowers, 162 Westheath Road, Cove, Farnborough, Hants. Telphone: Farnborough 513095.
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Dear Sir,
As I am moving out of range of the canal shortly, may I beg a few column-inches to some thoughts with your readers and my colleagues of this past 14 years.

Perseverance. Most of my active contribution to restoration of the Baaingstoke has centred around the steam dredger, and I wonder if recently joined members appreciate the enormous contribution this vessel makes to the Society's objectives, one of which is the resumption of navigation. The Surrey length rightly demands the majority of the Society's attention because of the twenty-eight locks. In the end, this fine effort will result in a navigable stretch from Fleet to New Haw. When that day dawns the Hampshire summit pound must also be navigable.

On average the depth of water in Hampshire is eighteen inches undredged, but four and a half feet are required for navigation. There are a few stretches where dry dredging is practicable, and the County authorities have made short work of these. In the main, they traverse heathland with sparse bankside vegetation. Elsewhere, wet dredging is desirable, and in the early days the purpose-built vessel (later named Perseverance was transported overland from Reading to Odiham for just that purpose. How that was done is a story that stands by itself - suffice for now that it has removed 20,000 tons of mud per mile from the Whitewater aqueduct to Dogmersfield Park, without disturbance to flora and fauna and without waking the neighbours at 9 o'clock on a Sunday morning! The vessel was built in the early 1930's to widen the summit pound of the Grand Union Canal at Tring, so she is now 50 years old.

It is a tribute to her makers that she still performs efficiently as designed, only more so. It is to be expected that some parts will wear out, however, and recently the Dredger's crew were faced with a difficult choice when cracks were discovered in the crane kingpost, the three hundredweight pin on which the whole thing swivels, and through which steam is fed to the engine. To stop, or go on and risk it?

It says much for the determination of the Society's governing committee that they promptly authorised the purchase of a replacement part. To be sure that the remaining five years dredging can be performed without risk of another failure, a high quality steel alloy forging has been ordered, machined and fitted.

The Perseverance is back in business, hell-bent for Fleet and the end of her task. Apart from retubing the boiler, this is the only major repair the vessel has required in seven years of hard work.

Brian Bane and his devotees have spent many long years slogging away on this project and would appreciate a few weekends off. Why not join in, and experience for your­selves the power of silent steam, or the thrill of aiming a mudboat at a bridgehole, and the comradeship of teamwork? The finished article makes the effort very worth­while, and the exercise beats golf any day.

Horses No prizes for guessing why, but I was clearing out my desk the other day and came across an Engineer's Pocket Book by Moulsworth circa 1870. Flicking through its pages I was intrigued by the following table:-
Pulling Power of a Canal Horse
Pull in lbs.166125104836242
Multiplying the two columns, gives Horsepower, and I was most interested to note the speed at which the horse delivers its maximum power. What a lot of waste attends the use of the propeller! It was from tables like this that the fundamental unit was derived.

Society's hydraulic dredger works, and has taken out a few bargefuls of mud at Broadoak, while the Perseverance has been out of action. It will be extremely useful for awkward places like bridge-holes and sidecuts, but it is a bit too hairy for main drudging. Ex-member Lt(E) Roger Caersley R.N. built the vessel, mounting an old Witlock 403 Bacacter on a barge with an engine donated by Hampshire County Council. Hydraulics and mud are not usually compatible, but it has uses. For instance, I removed a bridge cornerstone from the canal bottom in two minutes flat - how else could such awkward lumps be raised? In the long term I suspect the Trust board of management will invest in a professionally designed version of the bacacter for use along the whole length of the canal. Meanwhile the society's prototype can be seen parked at Colt Hill, near the trip boat.

We shall follow restoration progress with keen interest in Dorset, through the very able Newsletter. To show our confidence in the Society's determination, we have booked a cruise holiday for 1986 - to navigate from the Wey to Greywell and back. See that we are not disappointed!
Au revoir,
Ron Jesse. A postscript from 'the Family Member'.
With a family, a full-time job, and laterly an elderly Mother to care for, my spare time in the past 14 years has been limited. Perhaps my greatest contribution to the Canal Society, has been the packets of washing powder required to de-grease and de-sludge the 'Member'.

However, I must emphasise and echo Jane Chisholm's letter in the October issue. Through the years I've been postman, tea-maker, jumbler, collator etc., but recently as a member of the team that removed the 3 cwt. Kingpin from the dredger. Once you are all greasy and muddy, the job is all that matters, and as long as you are dressed for the part, what else does matter? Don't let the men have all the fun? (Jane Chisholm's echo). Besides, they need the help.... I have often gone along on jobs, where just another pair of hands has been needed. No real effort, just help, and I'm a fifty-plus grandmother. So, to the young wives and girlfriends, you won't beat them, so join them. And to all the slightly older ladies, thank you for your friendship over the years.
Edna Jesse.
58 Galley Hill Road, Church Crookham.

Mr. Jebens,
I would accept that the prime object of the Society is to restore the Canal, BUT, anybody writing in the vein that Mrs. Chisholm does can only cause annoyance to many Society members. There are a lot of people who support our cause by joining the Society, who for one reason or another cannot do physical work, whether it be family commitments, i.e. small children or some infirmity and they fed they can do 'their bit' by helping those who in one way or another assist the fund raising part of the restoration. Does she realise that without those people doing 'their bit' she would not be pressing on with lock restoration as funds would not be forthcoming for the purchase of equipment and materials.

With catalogues, sewing evenings, cake making, catering, dances and jumble sales etc., the ladies in Fleet have made money over the last few years, running into four figures.

We alll know that in these difficult times fund raising is a very necessary facet of the Society's work, and I feel that criticism by one worker for another is quite uncalled for. At this point I would like to issue an invitation for more ladies to join in doing work for the handicraft sale we hold nearly every year. The Committee and the Society as a whole consider that this is a very useful part of fund raising work.

If people in other areas along the canal (i.e. Odiham, Aldershot, Farnborough, Ash Vale/Mytchett, Frimley Green/Camberley, Guildford, Brookwood and Byfleet) would like to set up a group for organising jumble sales etc., in their own area please contact me and I will help with advice and put you in touch with other local interested members in your area. If this scheme gets off the ground the Society's restoration fund would be over £1,000 a year better off.

Keep up with the catalogues, Janet! Remember look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves.
Rosemary Millett, 14 Dinorben Close, Fleet, Hants. Telephone Fleet 7364.

In 2 hours, members raised a net profit of £170 at The Autumn Fayre held at Fleet Civic Hall on Saturday October 31st. many thanks to all helpers and contributors and for the support of society members who came to buy.

NOTICE is hereby given that the Fifth Annual General Meeting of the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited will be held on Saturday 27th March 1982 at St. John's Memorial Hakk, St. John's Lye, St. Johns, Woking.

It is hoped that there will be, as usual, following the AGM a Buffet Supper and film show on the stage by Phil Pratt. This will be optional but will give members the opportunity to stay and have a chat with fellow members and the Committee. Further details in nxt Newsletter.
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Once again, it is committee nomination time and the closing date will be Saturday 9th January 1982. All the present commitee automatically resign at the AGM so nominations are required for all twelve positions. As already announced our present Honorary Secretary, Lise Hamilton is not standing again so we need a new Secretary. If you would like to be more involved in the Society's affairs. please put your name forward. New faces bring new ideas. If you want to know more of what committee work involves please contact the Vice-Chairman (address on back page).

Nomination forms are available from the Hon Secretary (address on back page). Nominations must include the signatures of the proposer and seconder, together with the confirmation of the nominee's willingness to stand.
Remember the closing date for nominations is 9th January 1982.
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As the short dark days close in on us, there are reasonable grounds for some optimism in most areas of volunteer activity. The dredger is repaired and working again, many lock gates are being produced, both walls at Lock 5 are complete, and first work has been done at Lock 9. All that remains is to keep the summer and autumn momentum going through the winter.

Other items of progress, outside the volunteer world, are the completion of Cowshot Bridge, apart from capping bricks and some other finishing touches, and the start of repair work at Ash Vale run-off weir.

Volunteer working parties are listed below. It's usually as well to contact your working party leader a few days before the event, just in case of any last minute changes.

Every weekend St. Johns Flight
The parties working here contune to show plenty of evidence of progress. The only regret is that Society turnouts, which seemed encouragingly high when this work started, are now sometimes down to the bad old Deepcut levels. The visiting groups are doing us proud on Locks 10 and 9, but we are depending rather too much on them. With more Society volunteers these locks will be restored that much quicker.

At Lock 11, the first chamber wall is two-thirds rebuilt and work is going ahead well on the upper wing walls. The state of the second chamber wall will be assessed soon, to decide its future.

Only the lower part of the first (offside) chamber wall at Lock 10 will be taken down, and this demolition is now done. The bottom cill has been excavated, the offside lower wingwall is going up, and the top end of the bywash channel is nearing completion.

The bypass channel at Lock 9 is now well advanced, and other jobs will be started there when resources permit.

The co-ordinator of this work is MIKE FELLOWS on Wokingham 787428, and for further details you should contact him, or one of the leaders listed below. (Note that there are unlikely to be any working parties on 26/27 Dec).

Every other wekend - 12/13 Dec, 9/10 Jan, 23/24 Jan, 6/7 Feb, - KEN HALLS on Woking 23981 and PETER REDWAY on Woking 21710.

Lock 10 and 9.
First weekend of the month - 5/6 Dec, 2/3 Jan, 6/7 Feb - TONY GOULD on 01-941-3014.

Second Weekend of the month - 12/13 Dec, 9/10 Jan, 13/14 Feb - PETER OATES (Southampton Canal Society) on Southampton 463188.

Second and fourth Sundays of the month - 13 Dec, 10 Jan, 24 Jan, 14 Feb - ALAN Grimster on Brookwood 6127.

Third weekend of the month - 19/20 Dec, 16/17 Jan, 20/21 Feb - JULES WOOD on Farnborough 515737.

Fourth weekend of the month - 23/24 Jan - PETER JONES on Aldershop 313076.

Fifth weekend of the month - 30/31 Jan - MIKE FELLOWS on Wokingham 787428.

Every weekend Dredging in Hampshire
The new king-post has been installed and the dredger is now back at work. The dredger team are now approaching Dogmersfield cutting, and would welcome any new recruits to help spread the load. For further details contact BRIAN BANE on Hook 3627 or ANDY STUMPF on Watford 37278.

Every weekend Railway Group at the Ash Embankment
There is no more clay to be transported or tipped, and activities are now confined to tidying up at thend o the operation. Wielders of spanners who are willing to help with maintenance of plant and rolling stock, before it goes into store or is returned to its owners, would be welcome. Further details from STAN MELLER on Camberley 32096, or JOHN PEART on Farnborough 46554.

First weeknd of the month Lock Gate Assembly
5/6 Dec, 2/3 Jan, 6/7 Feb.
Upper gates for the Deepcut Flight are now just about complete, so this party is likely to graduate first to fitting upper gates and then to assembling lower gates. For further details of this work contact FRANK JONES on Deepcut 5711 (canal workshop) or Camberley 28367 (home).

Second weekend of the month Lock 5 (Woodham)
12/13 Dec, 9/10 Jan, 13/14 Feb.
With the second chamber wall complete, work is now directed at demolition around tho top cill and the bottom recess walls. Further details from PABLO HAWORTH on Byfleet 42081.

Third Weekend of the month Lock 1 (Woodham)
19/20 Dec, 16/17 Jan, 20/21 Feb.
This party are continuing to excavate what is to be a very much extended bottom cill. They still have water inflow problems, which they hope to alleviate before rebuilding the main chamber walls. For further details of this party, which operates under the auspices of the Guildford branch of the IWA, you should contact DICK HARPER- WHITE on Weybridge 42074 or ROY DAVENPORT on 01-979-7075.

Last Sunday of the month Bankside work in Hampshire.
29 Nov, 3 Jan, 31 Jan.
This party will continue to undertake bankside jobs, mostly in the Fleet-Odiham areas as they arise. This is unskilled work suitable for family parties and young people. For further details, including work location, contact DAVID MILLETT on 7364.

Various weekends Lower Wilderness Weir
It is hoped that further progress can be made on this project. There may also be some further pointing work to be done at Broad Oak Bridge. For further details contact PETER MAYNE on Camberley 24701.
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14th River Wey from the air. Woking Centre Halls. 7.45pm.
16th Xmas Social Evening. Prince of Wales, Fleet. 7.45pm.

6th Quiz v. Wey and Arun Canal Trust. Prince of Wales, Fleet 7.45pm.
25th The Avon Navigation. Woking Centre Halls. 7.30pm.

8th Before, During and After Restoration, Woking Centre Halls.
24th Members Slides & Films. Prince of Wales, Fleet. 7.45pm.
26th 19th Century Pumping Engines. Southcote Library, Reading. 7.30pm.
27th Barn Dance, St Johns Memorial Hall, Woking. 8.00pm.
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SOCIETY DONATES £2150 to Taxman!
I am sure you will be delighted to hear that your Society is 'doing its bit' for the country by leaving a sum of £2150 per annum in the Chancellor's coffers. But what about our balance of payments deficit I hear you shout. What can we do about this scandalous state of affairs?

Hang on a minute I hear you whisper, is this going to cost me time and money? Well, let me put your minds at rest and hopefully stir you into action; the only effort required is to fill in your name, address ard signature on a piece of paper not too much to ask. The only expense you may be involved in is the purchase of a postage stamp - surely not too much to ask. The only time that this could take is that required to walk to the post-box - surely not to much to ask.

So, what is this magic piece of paper? It is a Deed of Covenant. A simple form, for 4 years which miraculously increases the value of your subscription by a massive 42% so enabling the society to claim back from the Inland Revenue the tax you have already been forced to hand over on that amount.

As the membership of the Society has not yet doubled I can only assume that you are all hanging on to the Membership form you received with the last Newsletter waiting for the right moment. Well now it has arrived - each form contains a Deed of Covenant. Extra forms can be obtained from Bryan Jones or Ted Williams (details back page) who will also be happy to answer any queries, so go on - make the Society happy - fill in a Deed of Covenant NOW and change that headline into:
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TEN YEARS AGO . . . . (from Newsletter No. 4l Nov/Dec 1971)
* The Earl of Onslow of Clandon House near Guildford, agreed to become the Society's President. Apart from having an interest in inland waterways, his family was involved in the Act of Parliament passed to build the Basingstoke Canal.
* Society's symbol, based on the design on one side of the Basingstoke Canal was designed by Robert Harris. Robert, an architect, was a founder member of the Society. Later he wrote 'Canals and their Architecture' published by Godfrey Cave Associates Ltd. The canal token, originally valued at one shilling in 1789, now cost around £200.
* Curzon Bridge, over Deepcut lock 25, was closed to traffic. So, what's changed?
* A Public meeting and membership recruitment drive was held by the Society at Farnham. The speakers included Brigadier Rowly Mans, Aldershot Garrison Commander; and artist, Sir John Verney, radio and TV presenter John Anthony; General Sir Hugh Stockwell chairman IWAAC, BWB member and chairman of the K & A Canal Trust and Tony Harmsworth.
* 10-year old Stephen Gerry of Fleet reported on the Society's voluntary working at the Dudley Dig. (Yes, that makes him 20 now, and to us it seems like yesterday!).
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I would like to thank you all for helping to make the Annual Grand Draw a success. We made just over £1,000 and awarded 20 prizes - one we bought, the rest were begged or donated. Now let's try and make it £2,000 next year. Any prizes for the draw will be greatly appreciated, before the AGM if possible. My phone no. is Guildford 66683 after 5.30pm. or at weekends.
Editor's note: A full list of prize winners in the 1981 Grand Draw is available on request from the editorial office. The first three prize winners were: 1st. Dr. Urquart (0039937) 3-day narrow boat holiday; 2nd, Drayton Manor School (0030767) stereo radio recorder; 3rd F.W. Lawrence (0020857) hand made and traditionally decorated sewing box stool. All other prize winners have been notified.
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SOCIAL JOTTINGS Surrey - Michael Grist - Woking
Hampshire - David Millett - Fleet 7364.
The new venue at the Prince of Wales in Fleet is proving popular with a very good atmosphere in a private room. Please support the evenings in Woking arid Fleet and bring along your friends. It is also a good idea. to suggest that prospective new members come along and introduce themselves and join the Society.

FLEET SOCIAL EVENINGS 4th Wednesday of the month (except December and January) at the Prince of Wales Baronial Room, Rrading Road South, Fleet. Bar, Coffee and Sales Stand.
Wednesday 16th December 1981. 7.45pm. (Note 3rd Wednesday)
A Christmas Social Evening with songs by a Folk Group, competitions, including the location of the Basingstoke Canal, using current and historical photographs, Mince pies and coffey available. Raffle. Come along and bring your friends. bring your friends. Wednesday 6th January 7.45pm. (Note: 1st Wednesday)
The Semi-Final of the Inter-Society quiz competition where we meet the Wey and Arun Canal Trust. Come along for a very enjoyable and informative evening featuring your Quizmaster Tony ClytOn. You'll be surprised the number of unusual facts you will learn about the canals of Britain during the evening. Some rounds feature slides from all over the country.
Wednesday 24th February, 7.45pm.
Our annual members film and slide evening. Please bring along your films and slides taken during the past year. Waterways scenes, holidays etc. Telephone David Millett if you would likt to take part.
WOKING SOClAL EVENINGS 2nd Monday in the month (except January) Bar, Coffee, Sales Stand.
Monday 14th December.
Jack Chinn of the British Aerospace Photographic Club will show slides entitled, 'The River Wey Navigation from Godalming to Weybridge'. A journey in colour.
25th January 7.30pm. (Note - 4th Monday) A joint meeting with the Inland Waterways Association (Guildford and Reading Branch). David Hutchings (of Higher Avon Navigation Trust and southern Stratford fame) wil show slides entitled ('The Avon Navigation'. David's exploits in the 60's and 70's in masterminding restoration programmes have become legendary. Lets have a massive attendance to this star attraction of the winter season. Raffle.
Monday 8th February 7.45pm.
Following a very successful showing of her slides at Fleet in September, Mrs. 'Bunny' Bunyan will show again her excellent slides featuring the Basingstoke Canal before, during and after Restoration from Greywell to Woking. For those of you who are either actually working on the Goldsworth flight of locks at St. Johns or have just seen the work taking place (or have not seen it at all), the slides of Deepcut are eye opening. Frank Jones and Mike Fellows will give the commentary and the full details of lock rebuilding from 'A to Z' will be unfolded. Come along, and see and hear what it is all about from the experts.
Saturday 27th February 8.00pm.
Barn Dance at St. John:s Memorial Hall, St. John's Lye, 8.00pm. - 12.00pm. Tickets from Peter Coxhead, 17 Abbey Close, Pyrford, Woking. Tel: Byfleet 44564 (see booking form).
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MEMBERSHIP of the Society increased by 1 on 28th September with the birth of Fhillipa Jane a daughter for Ted and Maureen William. Talk about taking your job seriously!
BLACKSMITHS Bridge, D0gmersfield has finally been completed. Fleet bricklayer, Peter Hurley hau now finished the wing wall left outstanding since restoration in 1975.
DINNER is still being served on Friday and Saturday winter evenings aboard the Alfred. For bookings phone Guildford 504494.
AMBITION realised - the first meeting of the Joint Management Committee for the Canal took place on 13th. November 1981.
WHITBREAD Beefeater Steak Houses Ltd., are to pay £20,000 to Surrey C.C. for general restoration work as part of agreement to convert Bridge Barn, Horsell into pub and restaurant.
INTERESTED in Canal Card Collectors Circle? Then contact A.K. Robinson, 56 Henly Avenue, Dewsbury, West Yorks.
HOUSEBOAT disappears from canal. The African Queen was removed by Surrey C.C. from its mooring near Arthurs Bridge, Woking and burnt.
WELCOME to a group of volunteers from Kennet and Avon Canal Trust who regularly help on St. Johns Locks, Woking.
PLEASE return all tax certificates (R185 AP) as soon as possible. Signature required on bottom of form is yours and not your employers.
SINCERE thanks to David Wimpenny for all his midnight oil burning duplicating the Newsletter and welcome to Cecil Eynon and Dick Abbot who are taking over the job.


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