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No. 80JUNE 1978

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Throughout the twelve years during which the Socieiy has fought and worked to save the Basingstoke Canal, no previous victory or achievement can match the satisfaction of seeing the "John Pinkerton' ready to sail on her maiden cruise. After the months of planning, debates, outspoken criticism, fears, set-backs,and the tensions of the last few weeks of preparation, the scene at Colt Hill, Odiham, on 20th. May was a complete contrast.

In the stillness of a glorious spring morning, villagers and visitors lined the bank to admire the 'John Pinkerton' and wish her bon voyage. Nobody present would fail to catch the atmosphere of charm; serenity and sense of a special occasion created by; the splendid 67-foot narrow boat, her paint and brasswork gleaming in the brilliant sunshine. And as she slid gracefully from her moorings below Colt Hill Bridge and chugged quietly up the canal, the 'John Pinkerton' brought a new sense of life and purpose back to this long disused length of the navigation!

To all those people who helped build her by their contributions in cash or kind or through their own efforts, the 'John Pinkerton' is a magnificent reward. She will also be a lasting and appropriate tribute to the volunteers who have and continue to spend much of their spare time restoring the waterway.

As a commercial venture, the trip boat is, without doubt, going to be a sound investment and an outstanding success. Forty bookings have already been made for the first two months of operation which will bring in £1,000 and the income from sales on board will double that figure.

Less easy to quantify, but of equal importance, is the publicity value. To thousands of people, whether as passengers, bystanders or those who simply read about the boat, the 'John Pinkerton' is a practical demonstration of the Society's aim. In the words of our chairman, speaking at the naming ceremony, Robin Higgs said, "The successful completion of the 'John Pinkerton' once more demonstrates the widespread support that exists for restoring the canal. She also symbolises the purpose for which the canal is being restored - as a valuable and much needed recreational amenity".
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(Pictures by Sue Maloney, Harry Salmon and Clive Durley).
Lord Montagu of Beaulieu standing in the bows of the 'John Pinkerton' approaching North Warnborough lift bridge on the iinaugural cruise on 20th May.
1. Dressed for the part, boatmen Martin Bowers, left and John Hulbert relaxing before the inaugural cruise on 20th May.
2. Society members, Penny and Roy Tree embarking for the inaugural cruise.
3. A toast to the 'John Pinkerton', left to right, Earl of Onslow, Janet Googe, Raymonde Fethney, Lord Montagu and the Society's Chairman, Robin Higgs.
4. Lord Montagu of Beaulieu performs the traditional champagne naming ceremony.
5. The 'John Pinkerton' approaching King John's Castle at North Warnborough.
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Even before the inaugural cruise, the 'John Pinkerton' was given an unofficial send-off by local people of Odiham and North Warnborough. As she sailed up the canal on her final proving trip on Friday evening, towpath walkers and riparian householders cheered and clapped, some went aboard and one local resident handed the crew a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

Next morning the guests, who had each contributed £5 towards restoration funds, arrived for the naming ceremony and inaugural cruise. In the presence of the Society's President, the Earl of Onslow, our Chairman, Robin Higgs, welcomed the boat's first passengers and invited Lord Montagu of Beaulieu to perform the naming ceremony. And in the time honoured manner Lord Montagu sent a shower of champagne across the 'John Pinkerton's bows.

Dozens of cameras recorded the historic occasion as the 'John Pinkerton' set off on the first canal narrow boat voyage from Colt Hill since the late Alec Harmsworth navigated the Basingstoke on the upper pound of the canal in the last attempt to reach Basingstoke 65 years ago.

To celebrate, our life member Mr. George Jackson, kindly donated two cases of champagne served by lady members of the Society resplendent in traditional dress. While on deck, John Hulbert and Martin Bowers looked every bit the bargees of yesteryear as they steered the 'John Pinkerton' on her leisurely journey through the lush green fields towards North Warnborough.

In the afternoon, the Society entertained journalists, councillors, county council officers and other guests, including Mr. Paul Vine, author of "London's Lost Route to Basingstoke" and a Vice-President of the Society. The trip so impressed one journalist that he made an immediate charter booking.

Meanwhile Betty Youngs and her helpers were doing a roaring trade in commemorative goblets and mugs especially made for the Society by the Hop Kiln Pottery at Farnham. Our sincere thanks go to all those who helped build the boat and con­tributed to a very successful inauguration.

The 56-pasaenger boat is available for charter at a cost of £25. Full details are available from the Booking Manager, Clive Durley, 15 Kenilworth Road, Fleet, Hants. Tel: Fleet 5694. The round trip from Colt Hill to North Warnborough and back takes approximately two hours with a visit to King John's Castle or a walk to Greywell Tunnel. The boat has all-weather protection and a well-stocked bar.

Anyone willing to crew (preferably with boat handling experience) especially for mid-week charters, please contact Clive Durley.

Weekend public trips are being made but because of the demand it is advisable to book a few days in advance. Phone Clive Durley. Tel: Fleet 5694.
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To facilitate regular navigation, Hampshire County Council has converted the hydraulic lifting bridge at North Warnborough from manual operation to electrically powered. Previously it took a strenuous 30 minutes to pump the bridge up on its hydraulic rams by rocking a lever to and fro about 600 times. The bridge now lifts automatically in 1-1/2 minutes.

The work was not completed until a few days before the inaugural trip of the 'John Pinkerton' and even now power is still only being supplied by a mobile generator. Concern has been expressed following a local newspaper report that Hampshire County Council does not recognise the general right of navigation on the canal, and, therefore, no general right to have the bridge raised, which is contrary to the Society's view and legal opinion.

It was reported that 'keys' for operating the lifting mechanism will be held only by members of the County Council staff, by authorised Society personnel on the trip boat and by the emergency services.
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Membership Cards - You should find your 1978/79 membership card enclosed with this newsletter (except those members and Affiliated groups, who will be contacted individually). Thank you for renewing your subscription for the current year and a special thanks to those members who included a donation with their subscription.

Spring Membership Campaign - We extend a warm welcome to the new members who joined the Society as a result of the leaflet distribution. Our thanks to all the members who helped distribute some 10,000 leaflets.

Stuart Browning Tony Jackson
Norman Gemson Joyce Sykes
George gilder Ray Warden

Life Members - The ranks of Life Members has been growing steadily, as the following list shows:--
W.F. Bristow, Church Crookham L. MacDonald, Byfleet
L. Bywater, Farnham Mrs. MacDonald, Byfleet
B.J. Culver, Fleet G. McCluskey, Camberley
P. Fethney, Fleet
Mrs. D. Milsun, Farnham
A.E. Flight, Chobham Mrs. Miskin, Farnham
Mis: M. Gourlay, Camberley Lady Reynolds, Church Crookham
E.G. Hammond, Oxted H.A. Stroud, Aldershot
M. Handford, Leicester B. Towner, Fleet
Mrs. A. Jackson, S.W.I. W.G. Watkins, Woking
D. Jackson, S.W.1. Mrs. K. Wynne, Church Crookham
G. Jackson, Farnham.

Change of Address
All changes of address must be advised to the Membership Secretary, Alan Babister, 31 Elmsleigh Road, Cove, Farnborough. Don't just tell a Committee-Member when he is up to his knees in mud at the bottom of a lock chamber or mention it to the sales manaaer when you see him at a fete and then wonder why you don't get your Newsletter.

June Newsletter
This edition of the Newsletter will be some weeks late as it was decided to hold it up so that we could report on the launching of 'John Pinkerton' - we hope you think it was worth waiting for.
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Anybody who could afford to read the long awaited report by Peter Fraenkel & Partners 'The Cost of Operating and Maintaining the Waterways of the British Waterways Board' (cost for all three volumes £20.50) might be forgiven for assuming that it is part of the Government's publicity drive to persuade us to change over to the metric system. We are told that a traditional narrow boat has a beam of 2.13 metres and is 22 metres long, whilst all figures for volumes of water are quoted in millions of litres. All this apart, the report is to be most welcomed by anybody who has any interest in maintaining.our waterways intact, and clearly, such minded people must do everything in their power to ensure that this is not another report that will merely collect dust. Volume 1 of the report looks at the waterways as they presently are against what they ought to be, and then looks forward to what they might be if in a properly maintained condition and assuming reasonable traffic growth. One other curiosity in the report, apart from the metric measures, is the fact that the 'current figures' quoted throughout refer to 1974 - which highlights the delay in publishing this report.

There are chapters on the history oif the waterways, B W B's legal obligations, a complete catalogue of the waterways under the control of B W B and subsidence problems caused by mining. Two chapters of particular interest are those on 'Special Features' - a real treasure trove for the sentimentalists - and one on 'Amenity;Features' which specifically excludes cruising but covers angling, nature reserves, industrial archaeology etc., and makes the remarkable statement that the passage of boats may actually be of benefit to anglers.

The real purpose of the report is reached in Chapter 10 which looks at maintenance standards of the waterways. This chapter includes a variety of statistics on the width and depth of various waterway channels and makes the recommendation that the cruising network ought to be largely to a depth of 1200 millimetres (that is about 4ft. for any of those of you who, like the Editors, just cannot master this new continental yardstick) - now that would be a step in the rigrt direction. Having then set the standards which we ought to see on the waterways, the report goes on in Chapter 12 to cover the question of 'What Needs Doing' and in short this covers some £60m worth of work, including almost 230 unprotected miles of bank which require urgent piling, 300 miles requiring renewed piling and a further 360 miles requiring repair. It is estimated that there is more than 3-1/2 million tonnes of silt which requires dredging, and as if all that is not enough, the chapter then goes on to look at the 'Special Problems' on the maintenance side.

Volume 1 concludes with a look at the age-old problem of the remainder waterways, and here one must remember that Fraenkel was asked to advise on the most economical system in each case. As such, the report can in no way be considered a restoration campaign document, so we must not be surprised to learn that it is recommended that many of these waterways should be reduced to a water channel which would preclude future navigation. One very obvious weakness in the Fraenkel report, and one which we in S H C S would particularly recognise, is that whilst the efforts of volunteer bodies are listed in regard to past restorations, the only waterway where such efforts are taken into account for future treatment is the K & A. In this case we could quarrel with the costings which have been produced and show that complete elimination of some of the remainder waterways would be the most economical treatment.

It is Volume 1 of the report at a cost of £7 which covers the meat of this very commendable detailed research, whilst Volume 2 gives a detailed description of individual waterways (£3-50) and Volume 3 a complete set of maps of the waterways (£10). Copies of these Volumes are available from the B W B at Willow Grange, Church Road, Watford. Post and packing is £1.10 for any one volume and £1.50 for two or more volumes.
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The travelling Basingstoke Canal exhibition, created by Surrey County Council in association with the Society, started its second tour at Guildford during the Easter Holiday.

From Guildford it went to Ash Wharf where Alan Lucas took charge. In the space of a weekend, the exhibition attracted 800 visitors, and Alan took over £70 in sales and recruited 34 new members.

The exhibition, which includes a photographic display, artifacts and a slide show, then moved to Farnham for two weeks before spending a week at Queensmead, Farnborough. Our grateful thanks go to all those who have helped staff the exhibition, which is being done entirely by volunteers.

More helpers are needed, especially for mid-week openings. The present tour includes all the major towns along the length of the canal, so it will most likely be visiting your area. If you can help with this worth­while project give our Exhibition Organiser - Phil Pratt - a call on Woking 66198 and he'll give you further details.
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POSITION VACANT - URGENT Portakabin Exhibition Manager
The Portakabin Exhibition Unit is serviced and maintained by Surrey County Council and transported to the various sites by County Tractors of Fleet. However, the manning and day to day operation is the responsibility of the Society. An urgent vacancy exists for, ideally, a retired person to man and organise a manning rota in each location and to make sure it is kept stocked with Society sales items. This is an interesting and vitally important public relations exercise and also an important source of new members. Contact is made with the general public of all ages and the Manager is encouraged to make contact with local schools to arrange for them to visit the Exhibition as part of their local environment studies.

Full details from the Vice-Chairman, David Millett, Fleet 7364 or from the Hon Secretary, Mrs, Lise Hamilton, Farnborough 49651.

Thanks are due to Phil Pratt, our Exhibitions Manager, who has looked after the Unit up to now. Anyone interested can contact him for practical information (Woking 66198).
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Due to cancellations, there are two places on a narrow boat for one week starting from Nantwich on 1st July and aiming to do the Shropshire Union, Staffs & Worcs, Trent and Mersey and Middlewich branch circuit. Cost £23 each plus food. Please contact Frances Read if interested as soon as possible at 42 District Road, Sudbury, Wembley, Middx. Telephone 01-262-6711, Ex: 6361 (Work).
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The warmer weather of spring has coaxed more of that shy, retiring species, the Society volunteer navvy, out on to the canal, and particularly onto the Deepcut Flight. Even greater numbers, though, are going to be needed if we are to reach our work targets for 1978, so it's to be hoped that summer will entice even more of these interesting creatures out to work.

There are other working parties, and a full list is given below. It's usually advisable to check, a day or two before a work date, in case of late changes, either by contacting your working party leader or by using the Society's Ansaphone on Farnborough 45032.

Every weekend
Deepcut Flight
Though there will be demolition work to be done here for some time yet, the emphasis is being shifted, where possible, to construction work. This in most cases at present means bywash channel construction, which for the most part doesn't require enormous skills, but still brings the satisfaction of a visible end product.

Most of the Society's work is now concentrated on Locks 19 (jointly with Southampton Canal Society) and 16. It is hoped to complete these locks, to the standard of the Job Creation Project, in a year but this will only be achieved if large numbers of volunteers take part.

The co-ordinator of the volunteer work on the flight is MIKE FELLOWS on Wokingham 787428, and either he or one of the working party leaders should be contacted if you need further details. The access point is Cowshot Bridge (by Lock 17) and a notice board on the site hut, above Lock 20, will tell you where the work is that day. The full list of working parties, with dates, locations, and leaders, is as follows:-

First weekend of the month - 1/2 July, 5/6 August
- Lock 16 -PETER JONES on Aldershot 313076 Second weekend of the month - 17/18 June, 8/9 July, 12/13 August
- Lock 19 - PETER OATES (Southampton Canal Society) On Botley 3844 Note: this party meets on the third weekend in June, to avoid conflicting with IWALK.

Third weekend of the month -- 17/18 June, 15/16 July, 19/20 August
- Lock 16 - JULES WOOD on (work) Aldershot 24461 Ext. 5481

Fourth weekend of the month - 24/25 June, 22/23 July
- Lock 19 - JIM CHISHOLM on Wokingham 785146

Fifth weekend of the month - 29/30 July
- Lock 16 or 19 - MIKE FELLOWS on Wokingham 787428

Most weekends the Smalley excavator is working, either digging bypass channels, excavating cills or digging behind upper wing walls. This is a specialist working party requiring particular skills. Contact either DAVID JUNKISON on 01-941-0685 or MARTIN BOWERS on Farnborough 513095.

Every weekend work needs to be done on the Deepcut Narrow Gauge Railway, including track assembly and laying, maintenance of rolling stock, loco and track and moving materials and plant. Further details from JOHN PEART on Farnborough 46554 or STAN MELLER on Camberley 32096.

Every weekend
Dredging in Hampshire
The dredger continues in operation in the area of the two recently restored bridges, Sandy Hill and Sprats Hatch, working steadily eastward. Further helpers to join the regular team are always welcome. The recommended parking place is by Swan's Farm, a short walk from the worksite. Further details from ROGER THOMAS on Bordon 3717.

Second weekend of the month
Lock 6 (Sheerwater) 10/11 June, 8/9 July, 12/13 August.
The bywash construction at this lock has made great progress. Starting over Easter, the trench to take the concrete pipes was dug by that virtuoso operator of the Smalley excavator, David Junkison, and a grand pipe-laying weekend in April saw a large part of the job done. It remains to complete this job, and then to start on the bottom end of the lock. Further details from PABLO HAWORTH on Byfleet 42081.

Third Sunday of the month
Lock 1 (Woodham)
Work has started here on the bywash outlet, rebuilding of the upper wing walls is now under way, and the paddle frames have been removed. Further details of the working party from DICK HARPER-WHITS on Weybridge 48074, or PETER JACKMAN on Woking 72132. Note: This party meets on the fourth Sunday in July. The work on this lock will also be helped in the long run by a generous donation of some greenheart baulks, recently received. It is hoped to arrange for a contractor to make them into a pair of new top gates for the lock. Though the wood has been given, the contractor's costs must be met, and any donations would be gladly received.

Last Sunday of the month
Various jobs in Hampshire
25 June, 30 July.
This Party will continue to meet during the summer to carry small jobs as they arise, with the accent on work in vhich all the family can take part. Details of the work, and its location, for any month can be obtained from DAVID MILLETT on Fleet 7364.

Various weekends
Weir Restoration
This specialist working party continues to work on weir restoration in the Deepcut area. Details from PETER MAYNE on Camberley 24701.
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BLACK COUNTRY '78 - National Waterways Rally
For the first time, British Rail are this year running a special train to the IWA's National Rally. Running on Sunday 27th August, it will depart from Basingstoke at 07-45, calling at Woking, Staines, Feltham and Richmond, to arrive at Birmingham New Street at 11.00. Special buses will connect with the rally site. The return journey will begin at 18.30 when the buses leave the site, and after making the same calls, Basingstoke will be reached by about 22.30.

The fare will be £4.20 per adult and £2.60 per child under 14, and this will include both admission to the rally itself and the connecting bus service. Ticket applications should be made to the Divisional Manager, South Western Division, British Rail, 19 Worple Road, Wimbledon, London SW19 4JU.
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On Saturday, 8th April, six of the Deepcut Flight workers paid a visit to the Thames & Severn Canal. The day started unusually early at 6.30 to allow time for packing for the weekend and any unexpected delays. We were expected at Thrupp, near Stroud, at 10.00 and so we aimed to leave before 8.00. However, we were not finally able to leave until 8.40. Much to our surprise, the journey took less than 90 minutes, mainly due to most of the 80 miles being on Motorway.

On arrival we were met by one of the local workers, who showed us the work site at Lock 4. We were told that under no circumstances should we stop on the far bank or far side of the lock as this was private and the subject of rather sensitive negotiations. This was something we have not experienced for many years. The work was all on the top cill, and was to build an earth dam and direct the canal into the river Frome, and then to build a con-block permanent dam across the top cill and to remove the mitre beams. Two large stones also have to be moved from a deep, narrow gully.

On Saturday night we attended a talk and slide show on the history of the canal, given by David Viner, curator of a local museum. This interesting talk highlighted many of the huge problems facing the Thames & Severn Canal Trust. The accommodation was provided at the Secretary's (David Boakes), and the Treasurer's (Mike Reynolds) houses and they looked after us very well.

Sunday saw us rapidly complete the work, and by mid-afternoon we were ready to leave. As our journey home took us close to Sapperton tunnel we visited both portals. It is a magnificent place, particularly at the restored Coates portal.

In all it was a very enjoyable weekend, and made a pleasant change. It was a pity that there really wasn't enough work, but we were looked after very well and our thanks to the Trust members who helped us. This is a beautiful waterway with enormous problems, which really ought to have far more support. It is hoped to return here in autumn with a large working party and hopefully a large project to do.
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It is proposed to hold away working parties twice a year (spring and autumn) to various other canals. The purpose of such visits is to provide a break and change of scenery for our own workers, to see the work and problems of other canals and to publicise our own canal. The next party will be to the Thames and Severn Canal in September/October (exact date to be fixed). If you are interested in coming on away working parties, please contact Mike Fellows as soon as possible so that an estimate of the numbers can be obtained.
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During the summer there will be bricklaying training sessions on locks 16 and 19 on the Deepcut Flight. If you wish to learn this very useful skill, please contact Mike Fellows.

From 8th July to 4th August, WRG are holding a work camp on the Basingstoke Canal on locks 17 and 18. The work will be building by­pass channels and re-building top and bottom cills. If you are interested in a 'holiday' with a difference, contact Alan Petrie at 37 Teignmouth Road, London SW2 4EB. Tel: 01-452-5385.
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After many weeks 'lost' in the depths of the Hampshire countryside, somewhere between Broad Oak and Winchfield, the mighty dredger 'Perseverance' has again been sighted. Lying deep in a secluded cutting, surrounded by dense woodland and fields, 'Perseverance' has reached the accommodation bridge at Sandy Hill near Swan Farm. One of the most isolated and attractive spots on the canal.

It's now 3-1/2 years since the 70-ton steam powered floating dredger started its laborious journey from Colt Hill westwards. In those days the mud and silt were transported in skips by manpower along a towpath railway line to the adjacent dump sites. At Swan Bridge a diesel locomotive eased the strain. Shortly afterwards a tug, barges and drag-line crane were introduced and the job was fully mechanised. Even so, the vast amount of dredging required makes progress slow, and it is a great credit to Brian Bane and his dedicated dredging crew that they worked non-stop, every weekend since the beginning of 1975.

More volunteers are now needed for this vitally important work; operating and crewing the dredger, steering and crewing the barge tug and operating the drag-line crane. The crews work shifts, so even if you can spare only a 1/2 day a month your help will be welcomed. And you don't need experience because you'll be given full training. For more information, give Brian Bane a ring on Odiham 2361.
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SOCIAL JOTTINGS by David Millett (Acting Social Secretary) Fleet 7364
The meetings in March and April at Woking Central Halls had their best ever attendances to hear Tony Davis and Charles Lewis respectively. The former gave an illustrated talk on the Wey Valley and the latter on the Watercress Line at Alresford.

At the March meeting at Farnborough one of our Vice-Presidents, Paul Vine, turned up to hear David Gerry, the Canal Manager in Hampshire give a talk on the Canal Archives held at Winchester. As most members will know, Paul is the author of 'London's Lost Route to Basingstoke', the definitive history of the Basingstoke Canal which is, incidentally, now out of print.

The winter talks season is now over until September, when it is hoped to arrange another season of varied and interesting speakers on a variety of subjects.

1st Monday monthly at the fox and Hounds, Crookham Road, Fleet (Canal Lounge)
3rd Wednesday monthly at the Bounty, Bounty Road, Basingstoke.

SOCIETY CLUB NIGHTS at the Railway Enthusiasts Club, Hawley Lane, Farnborough (on the A327 Farnborough/Reading Road, immediately on the south side of the M3 road bridge). Thursdays 29th June, 27th July, 31st August. 8.00pm. onwards.
An informal evening and a good place to meet fellow members .and committee members. Licensed bar.

I have now been Acting Social Secretary since April 1977 when I indicated I wished to hand over to another member. So far not one offer has been made and from an organisation with over 2,000 members there surely must be someone who is prepared to help. Details from David Millett (Fleet 7364) or from the Hon. Secretary, Mrs. Lise Hamilton, (Farnborough 4965l)
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In addition to the normal range of work clothing offered in 'Navvies', WRG (Stores) can now offer a range of top quality second-hand gloves, safety helmets and storm coats. Full details and/or sample copy of Navvies sent upon receipt of SAE to Jim Woolgar, WRG. (Stores), 56 Connaught Crescent, Brookwood, Woking, Surrey.
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To make use of the high water levels on the Hampshire Section this last winter the Society, in conjunction with the Westel Canoe Club, organised a Canoe Tourist Trial based at Reading Road Bridge, Fleet on Sunday, l6th April. According to some senior local residents, this was the first large event organised on the canal in Fleet since the regatta to celebrate the peace at the end of the First World War in 1920. The section used was between Barley Mow Bridge, Winchfield and Aldershot, and all starts and finishes were at Reading Road Bridge, Fleet. The trials consisted of 20, 12 and 6 mile events, and competitors could opt for one of three different course completion times within each category. 330 canoes took part in all, of which 50 were double canoes. There were 50 canoes in the 20 mile event, 140 in the 12 mile event and 140 in the 6 mile.

Entries came from all over the Hampshire/Surrey border area from youth, scout and school canoe sections, also from canoe clubs all over South East England plus many individual unattached canoeists.

Starts were staggered over three hours and during the afternoon all canoes returned westwards from the Aldershot direction making a fine sight in the afternoon hazy sunshine.

Ages ranged between 6 and 60, the youngest cannoeing with her father in a double canoe. Entrants received a certificate recording their time, together with a Society pendant as a memento of the event.

The Society organised all the car parking, catering and signposting and facilities for the event, and members of the Westel Canoe Club organised the canoeing side of the event. Thanks are due to all the Society members who helped on the day.
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GRAND DRAW - Progress Report.
As I write at the end of April there is already a steady flow of money and counterfoils arriving through my letterbox and I am encouraged by the numbers of people who have offered to sell more tickets. However, I still have 9,000 tickets awaiting sellers. Some of you may know that the Kennet & Avon Canal Trust hold an annual draw. The draw in 1977 raised record receipts of £2,387. The K & A have approximately 5,000 members whilst wo have only 2,000 but I would like to think that we, despite our smaller membership, can smash their record - it's up to all of us to do a little bit. One or two administrative points. Firstly, please ensure you complete EACH counterfoil.

When the tickets get mixed up in the big drum in September, it won't be sufficient to have filled in only the top ticket.

As many of you have kindly pointed out, my address, 9 LYN COURT, BASINGSTOKE, does not appear on counterfoils or top sheet - a printer's omission, I'm afraid. May I suggest you note my address on the top sheet before you sell the last ticket in the book and lose it.

Published by Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited, a non profit distributing company limited by guarantee.
Editorial Office: 45 Durnsford Avenue, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5308.
Chairman: Robin Higgs, 18 Barnsford Crescent, West End, Woking. Tel: Chobham 7314.
Working Party Organiser: Roger Thomas. Tel: Fleet 20316
Treasurer: Peter Fethney, 5 Longdown, Courtmoor, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5524.
Secretary: Mrs. Lise Hamilton, 2 Frome Close, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 49651
Membership Secretary: Alan/Babister, 31 Elmsleigh Road, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 46147

Welsh Autumn Canal Cruise - October 7th & 8th, 1978
I am running another two—day canal trip on Saturday and Sunday, 7th & 8th October. This time, I am basing it at Llangollen. The itinerary is as follows -
We leave Fleet early Saturday morning and travel by coach to Welshpool for a trip on the Montgomery section of the Shropshire Union Canal on the Powys Princess. We have also arranged to go on the Welshpool-Llanfair narrow-gauge railway, then on to the CHAIN BRIDGE HOTEL, Llangollen on tho banks of the River Dee near the Horseshoe Falls. In the evening there will be a Dinner Dance, dancing to the hotel's resident band. After breakfast next morning, you will have free time until 11am. when we board a horse-drawn boat on the Llangollen Canal for a 4-hour trip to the Horseshoe Falls and over the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. A packed lunch will be provided by the hotel. After this, we visit the Canal Exhibition on the wharf at Llangollen. At abnut 4pm, we will leave for the return trip to Fleet.

We aim to pick everybody up in Fleet and details will be sent of where you are to park your car at a later date. There are no single rooms, so in event of a single person applying it will be necessary for them to share a room. Unfortunatelys we cannot take small children owing to the length of the trip. If this trip is over-subscribed, we feel that the fairest way of allocating seats is to draw the names out of a hat. The closing date for applying for tickets is July 25th, 1978. If you decide you wish to come after that date, please ring me, Rosemary Millett, and I will give you the up-to-date situation. The cost will be - Adults £21, children £17 (sharing parents' room).
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