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No. 78February 1978

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A new grant of £129,243 has been made to the Society by the Manpower Services Commission to provide more jobs and wider training opport­unities on the Basingstoke Canal for local unemployed young people. The Commission made a further grant of £8,790 to cover operating costs.

The grant, made under the Government's Job Creation Programme, will provide full-time work for 45 persons including 33 young people for a 12-month period which started at the beginning of January. They will be employed on restoring the 'Deepcut 14' flight of locks located in a 2-mile section of the canal between Deepcut and Pirbright Bridge.

Additional aid will be provided by Surrey County Council with technical advice and supervision, and a budget of £45,000 for building materials and equipment.

Last year the Society received two grants from the Commission, totalling £52,000, which kept 2 persons employed on the 'Deepcut 14' for nine months. By the end of the year they had completely rebuilt the three lock chambers - Nos 26, 27 and 28 - above Curzon Bridge, and had almost finished restoring lock No 24.

The project will continue to be co-ordinated by Frank Jones and, in addition to restoring more lock chambers, a start will be made on building lock gates for the chambers already completed.

Without the leadership of Frank Jones we doubt if the scheme would have been as productive as it has been, both in training the young people who have worked on it and for the benefit of the canal's restoration.

We wish Frank and his team every success in the year ahead.

Elsewhere in this issue appears a letter from Peter Jones reaffirming the continued need for volunteers to work on the Deepcut flight.

Whilst the JCP scheme has and will continue to make a major contri­bution, and the 600 volunteers who took part in Deepcut Dig last October made an enormous impression on lock nos 15 - 23, both projects can only be regarded as bonuses. Deepcut Dig will not happen again in the foreseeable future and the JCP scheme finishes at the end of this year.

Restoration of the entire flight of locks remains a tremendous undertaking in which volunteers have an important and essential part to play. This is why the working party organisers are appealing for more volunteers who are prepared to learn the skills needed for the job. Most of the jobs can be learned on site, and for more specialised skills, such as bricklaying, the Society is ready to organise training courses.

Proficiency will not only make voluntary workers more valuable but will also bring them more satisfaction from the work they do.

Most of all, the organisers are seeking a sense of commitment. One day a month regularly is far more useful than turning up when there's nothing better to do or the weather is fine.

In the working party section of the newsletter you will find the telephone numbers of the organisers to contact. They are: Peter Jones and Alan Grimster who are currently working in conjunction with the JCP on lock 23; Jim Chisholm on lock 20; the London group of Waterway Recovery Group on lock 17 and Peter Oates with his party from the Southampton Canal Society on lock 19.

Choose your weekend and give any one of them a ring. They will welcome your call.
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POSTSCRIPT TO DEEPCUT DIG from the Chairman of Surrey County Council, Brig D T Bastin.
It was all a tremendous success and we have a lot to thank you for.

It is scarcely necessary for me to tell you how immensely impressed I was by the way in which the volunteers worked, and their cheer­fulness under the somewhat unpleasant conditions on Saturday. It quite revived my faith in the youth of the country. However, both you and Graham Palmer are first class leaders, and this makes a great difference.

I was delighted to hear a mention of Deepcut Dig on Radio 4 this morning, but I felt that the BBC could have been more generous towards the volunteers.

I am sending a similar letter to Graham Palmer and I do thank you both on behalf of the County of Surrey for such a magnificent effort, for which we shall always be grateful.
Editors' Note: The above letter was sent to the Society's Chairman, Robin Higgs, who thought it would be of interest to our members.

Peter Jones, Working Party Leader
In the last nine months we have seen the tremendous achievements of the Job Creation Programme, under the leadership of Frank Jones, on the Deepcut Flight; locks 26, 27 and 28 complete and Lock 24 almost finished. Now that the method of reconstruction has been finalised, it is very much like working a production line. With the new J C P started, the next twelve months promise six more locks completed and fitted with gates.

All this will happen between Monday and Friday with paid men. What of the volunteer weekend working? Jobs more interesting than labouring will only be available if we can learn construction skills and commit ourselves to practise them on a regular basis; bricklaying, pile-driving, mixing and laying mass concrete; setting up hollow post moulds; assembling reinforcing; erecting scaffolding; hod carrying; fixing wooden shuttering; the use of the adze, mallet and chisel; and the overall eye for accuracy and quality control.

Remembering our commitment to the County Councils to give volunteer assistance on the restoration of the canal, we have here a unique opportunity to learn the skills and do a satisfying job. Training on and off site is envisaged, and it is hoped that the volunteer organisers and leaders will have major support in all these activities.
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If your subscription falls due on 1 March, you will receive separately a renewal reminder; please help the renewal team by returning it promptly.

This year why not complete the Bankers Order form and save yourself the trouble of sending in an annual renewal?

Renewal rates are:
Junior and Old Age Pensioner - £1.25
Adult - £2.50
Family - £3.50
Group - £4.00
Life - £50.00

Donations to the restoration fund will be most gratefully received.
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RESTORATION IN SURREY 1977 - Raymond Stedman, SCC Countryside Officer
The best description of the year's progress in Surrey would be 'a tremendous achievement', but with the news of a further Job Creation Programme in 1978 perhaps we should call it a 'curtain raiser' to the 'main performance' - some curtain raiser!

At the start, of the year Lock 25 was nearing completion and on locks 26 and 27 work had been started but this had not progressed very far.

The first quarter of the year saw the commencement of the Job Creation Programme and this has continued throughout the year and has been an unqualified success under the leadership of Frank Jones and his team of workers. They have completed locks 26, 27 28 and 24 is well on the way to completion.

The volunteer labour side has worked well with the Job Creation Team; also particular projects have been done at: Upper - lower winderness weirs (led by a well known Quantity Surveyor) - progress has been good here though hampered by the bad weather conditions much of the time. The Guildford IWA have been working on Lock 1 and they have had many problems with getting the lock dry. However, work is now continuing slowly but surely. Lock 6 led by the Byfleet Independent Canal Society Inc! (Pablo's lot) is going well and this lock should be completed by mid 1978. The wardens and countryside teams have been kept busy all the time with clearing for the Hymac or doing other jobs along the canal, delivering materials etc.

The Hymac, on hire from Dragon Plant Hire Limited of Guildford, piloted by 'Fred', has continued throughout the year and completed dredging from Pirbright Bridge to Lock 28 (2 miles); in Woking from Chertsey Road Bridge to Monument -Bridge (1/2-mile) and from the Frimley Aqueduct towards Mytchett (1/4-mile). Partial dredging has been completed between Lock 28 and the Aqueduct and, with a certain amount of help from the military, it has been possible to bridge the canal and create a temporary roadway for extraction of silt along this stretch. The silt has chiefly been sold to cover the cost of extraction and is being used on waste disposal tips by the County Engineer. As soon as the weather conditions improve a further 20,000 cubic yards will be removed from the Deepcut.

Dredging generally has been difficult with such a wet year, but this has never stopped work for more than a day. It was unfortunate that we were unable to continue dredging in Woking as the draw down facility at Horsell has not yet been constructed. The total amount dredged this year is about 5 miles (including Deepcut). The 'Deepcut Dig' in October was a huge success and accelerated the work on the Deepcut Flight by almost a year in one weekend. The publicity given to the project will, I am sure, be of great benefit and has spread the news of the canal, to many influential people. The weekend was not without its problems, but I am pleased to say that these were slight and normally easily overcome. Thanks are due to the W R G and particularly Graham Palmer for all his efforts.

The liaison with Hampshire County Council members and Surrey County Council members has been put on a formal footing during the year and will undoubtedly help to make sure that Surrey receive water at the correct time. The other groups, both members and officers and the Consultative group, though on the face of it rather unwieldy, have proved successful during the year and are contributing towards both restoration and development.

Turning to 1978, the new Job Creation Programme on lock restoration and lock gate manufacture will be the equivalent to a £200,000 contract or thereabouts, and I wonder how many of us would have thought that we would be supervising this size of contract way back at the time of the report in 1973 or before. I think it is important to realise that Job Creation has come at a very opportune time for restoration, but we must not forget that one day it will disappear and it will then be up to the volunteer labour to maintain their inpu in order to complete the project.

The Surrey County Council members have shown a great interest in the project and it has caught the imagination and interest of all those who have seen it. They are always very appreciative of all the work put in by volunteers and this scheme proves that volunteers and the public authorities can and do work together and achieve real results.

I wish you all a Happy New Year and let us all look forward to the main performance on restoration in 1978.
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RESTORATION IN HAMPSHIRE IN 1977. - David Gerry, Canal Manager
The main tasks carried out by H C C staff during 1977 included the building of a new culvert in Fleet. They also repaired a previously unknown culvert in Fleet which was broken during dredging by Hymac.

Three bridge holes in Fleet were cleared, the walls rebuilt and stop plank grooves installed. The installation of stop plank grooves is an important task and this latest exercise by H C C means that all the major embankments in the county are now protected.

The clearance of the offside bank in the urban area of Fleet was completed and the wharf wall at Chequers Bridge was extensively repaired.

Turning to 1978, H C C plans for work on the canal cannot be finalised until cash allocations are known. However, it is hoped that the Warden/JCP team working in Hampshire will keep the dredger outfit working for four days each week for a large part of the year. The fifth day each week will be used for cleaning, lubricating, maintaining, adjusting, repairing the dredging equipment and getting in fuel supplies. So, if all goes well, 'Perseverance' should be working a six day week for at least 50% of 1978. But members must realise that all the equipment is elderly and major breakdowns could cause serious delays. We have a long list of other works to attend to and if dredging stops we shall immediately start on other works and that may make it difficult to pick up dredging again.

We hope to be able to cut weed several times this summer at the western end, but the trip boat movement may make this unnecessary.

We hope to have improved towpath moving equipment available and to continue to improve the towpath by re-levelling and better maintenance generally. It would help if the general public would take their litter home.

The biggest task for '78 is the restoration of Dogmersfield cutting, which will take most of the cash available, but it is planned to do most of this work using the Warden/JCP team with SHCS equipment. Would members please stand by; we may need a considerable number of volunteers to help for a short period with tasks that can only be done by hand.

It is hoped that the HCC maintenance wardens based in Winchester will be able to carry out some small duties at the eastern end during the year, thereby easing pressures on the canal team.

Members have often asked - what are the canal wardens' other tasks? A considerable amount of warden time is spent in preparing and restoring silt dump sites - a lot of effort but with not a lot to show for it in the end when all is green again. We cannot switch our water supply off, and we must therefore attend to our weirs, patrol banks, especially embankments, check that culverts are clear and back up any volunteer groups that come to help. It is hoped that there will be some dredging carried out in the Military area by the Department of the Environment during 1978.
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On the canal, just like anywhere else, it's now the time for New Year Resolutions, and for setting targets for 1978, The big target that has been suggested, to really give ourselves something to aim for, is to try to complete the Deepcut Flight this year. This is certainly a place where attendance of Society members at working parties has been disappointingly low in recent mpnths. The canal and its flight of 14 locks rising up to Deepcut will be one of the splendours of the area when it's restored and working again, and now is your once-only, unrepeatable opportunity to play your part in restoring it.

Other working parties continue, to satisfy particular tastes and local loyalties, and the latest up to date details can be learnt by use of the Society's Ansaphone, on Farnborough 45032. Regular participants in established working parties should check working details with their leaders a day or two before the event.

The current roster of working parties is given below.

Every Weekend Deepcut Flight
The Society's work-sites now span the section from Lock 23 to Lock 18, and, alongside, the London branch of the Waterway Recovery Group are working on Lock 17. The work includes demolition, excavation, construction, reconstruction and repair, and covers bypass weirs and channels, pointing of brickwork, digging out cills of locks and other tasks.

Though the Job Creation Project is working on this flight, it's a mistake to think that Society participation is limited to unrewarding odd jobs. Special care is being taken, in planning the work, to see that Society projects are identified, so that volunteers can have the satisfaction of seeing 'their' particular pieces of work through from start to finish. The overall co-ordinator of the Society's work here is MIKE FELLOWES on Wokingham 787428, and the leaders of individual working parties are PETER JONES, ALAN GRIMSTER and JIM CHISHOLM.

Related to this work there is a special and urgent requirement for track-laying on the supporting Deepcut narrow-gauge railway. More hands are needed here, so if you fancy helping to build a railway, contact STAN MELLER on Camberley 32096 for further details.

Every weekend Dredging in Hampshire
The muddiest job in the world continues here, and her crew of dedicated heroes have now brought the steam dredger 'Perseverance' well clear of Pillar's Bridge. Their clearance works are now nearing those other splendid pieces of restoration, Sandy Hill and Sprats Hatch bridges.

In the New Year dredging should become a seven-day-a-week operation, the Hampshire canal wardens are scheduled to be dredging on Mondays to Fridays. So here again an ambitious target has been set, to reach Barley Mow bridge, Dogmersfield, by Easter, to give the Society's trip boat 'John Pinkerton' a highly dramatic and picturesque new cruiseway in which to operate in 1978. So if you want to help and don't mind getting very muddy in the course of the day, proceed to Broad Oak bridge any weekend, park tidily and walk east along the towpath to the worksite. Further details from BRIAN BANE on Odiham 2499.

Second weekend of the month Lock 6 (Sheerwater)
11/12 Feb, 11/12 Mar, 8/9 Apr
This party have laid the concrete mitre at the top end of the lock, and as a group from the Job Creation Project have installed the top hollow posts, the top end of the lock can be considered finished. The main task now is the bypass weir and channel, and then there'll be the escape ladder recess to be cut. After that, completion of the bottom end of the lock should finish the job. Further details of the work from PABLO HAVORTH on Byfleet 42081.

Third Sunday of the month Lock 1 (Woodham)
19 Feb 19"Mar, 16 Apr
Work continues on this lock, under the auspices of the Guildford branch of the Inland Waterways Association, even though the elements have not been at all helpful lately. More helpers are still needed and details of the work can be had from JEFF HOLMAN on Woking 63811 or DICK HARPER-WHITE on Weybridge 42074.

This party only bills itself as meeting on Sundays, but on fine weekends usually meets on Saturdays as well. (Note: please do not drive your cars down to the worksite at the lock).

Last Sunday of the month Various jobs in Hampshire
29 Jan, 26 Feb, 26 Mar
This party has completed its major job, of clearing the offside in Hampshire, but will continue to meet, though on Sundays only. The work will be various and individual tasks can't be predicted at this range, but the approach will be as before, to provide work that all the family can take part in, without requirements for special skills.

To find out the details of the location and task for any month, you should contact DAVID MILLETT on Fleet 7364.

Various weekends Weir restoration
This is a specialist working party restoring the weir above Deepcut Top Lock. Anyone interested in joining in this work should contact PETER MAYNE on Camberley 24701 for further details.
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1 May 1973 is the target date for the completion of the trip boat. Final permission for its use has still not been given, but it is hoped that this will soon be forthcoming. Recent decisions with regard to its fitting out will now allow progress to accelerate. The most important decision taken is to fit semi-permanent windows both sides of the passenger area. Our stalwart member John Hulbert is doing all the joinery on the boat, and has already fitted a sample window. Painting will not start in earnest until early spring, when we shall require intensive painting parties - Anyone interested please contact DAVID ROBINSON, Fleet 21376 NOW.

BOOK REVIEW - Alan Babister
Canals in Towns by Lewis Braithwaite
Published by Adam & Charles Black in hard cover at £4.75

I must confess to being a canal user who hurries through towns, although that may well change having read this book. It seems that there is a great deal which is of interest if you know what to look for.

Using large numbers of black and white photos, maps and sketches, the author expands the idea that canals in towns are as interesting, attractive and valuable as those in the country but in different ways.

Although the book is likely to be of interest to any canal user, it is largely aimed at the rambler or towpath walker since the author believes that this is the proper way to explore canals in towns. To this end part two of the book is a gazetteer of towpath walks.

I found this a most absorbing book even at the relatively high price (why are all canal books so expensive?), and even though it failed to erase my memories of thick oily mud and little boys hurling rocks over bridges on the BCN, I shall be going there again - with renewed interest.
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SOCIAL JOTTINGS - David Millett, Acting Social Secretary. Fleet 7364.
The programme for the rest of the winter social season is shown below. Please support these meetings to the full as attendances have dropped considerably this winter to the extent that they are barely covering expenses. The talks have been arranged for your benefit, especially those members who may not be able to work on the restoration physically but nevertheless like to keep in touch on a regular basis. Friends of members are also very welcome. The Sales Stand is in attendance at all social evenings.

Wednesday, 8 February at 7.45pm. Teachers' Centre, St Albans Hall, Lynchford Road, Farnborough (opposite Lloyds Bank)
Illustrated talk by Tony Manning, a Water Resources Engineer from the Thames Water Authority, Thames Conservancy Division. His talk will be entitled 'Water Resources in Thames Water Area' and will cover water supply, drainage and the amenity responsibilities of the T W A. Coffee and biscuits. Licensed bar.

Monday, 13 February at 8pm. Woking Central Halls.
A repeat of the above talk for members in the east of our area. Coffee and biscuits.

Wednesday, 8 March at 7.45pm. Teachers' Centre, Farnborough.
David Gerry, Basingstoke Canal Manager in Hampshire, will give a talk entitled 'In the footsteps of Paul Vine'. Paul Vine is the author of London's Lost Route to Basingstoke and much of the material for the book was researched at the Hampshire County Archives in Winchester. David Gerry will talk on the early history of the canal using materials and photographs of documents in the possession of the County archives. At the same time, David Robinson, our Museum Projects Officer, will be displaying albums of historical photographs and other artifacts, all of which have been acquired or loaned by members for future display in the Basingstoke Canal Museum when it is eventually established. Coffee and biscuits. Licensed bar.

Monday, 13 March at 8pm. Woking Central Halls
Illustrated talk by Tony Davis, Hon Secretary of the Inland Waterways Association, Guildford branch. The talk will be entitled 'The Waterways of the Wey Valley' and will feature the River Wey Navigation (both the navigable and un-navigable sections), the Wey and Arun Canal and the Basingstoke Canal, Coffee and biscuits

Monday, 10 April at 8pm. Woking Central Halls
Illustrated talk by Charles Lewis, a Director and Publicity Officer of the Wiwncester & Alton Railway Limited. The talk will be entitled 'The Watercress Line, the story so far'. Although the history and the preparation for the re-opening in 1977 will be covered, emphasis will be placed on showing slides of the operational aspect last year when over 100,000 passenger journeys were made, an increase of 18% on the first year's estimate. Coffee and biscuits.

Friday, 28 April at 8pm. Teachers' Centre, Farnborough Joint meeting with the Inland Waterways Association (Guildford Branch)
Illustrated talk by Roger Squires entitled 'The Waterways Restoration Movement', when he will describe and illustrate the various restoration schemes in progress up and down the country. A chance to compare the scale of our restoration effort with those taking place elsewhere.

SOCIETY PUB EVENINGS throughout the year as follows:
2nd Monday monthly at the Water Witch, Colt Hill, Odiham.
3rd Wednesday monthly at the 'Bounty', Bounty Road, Basingstoke (in the parlour).

A new Pub Evening for members and friends on the Basingstoke area is starting on 15 February. The Bounty is situated close to the Maes Bounty Cricket Ground. Look out for Ted Williams (Basingstoke 61579) who will be wearing a Canal Society badge to help those who do not know him. At the first meeting some slides will be shown and either the Chairman or Vice Chairman will be present.

SOCIETY CLUB NIGHTS at the Railway Enthusiasts Club, Hawley Lane, Farnborough (on the A327 Farnborough/Reading road on south side of M3 road bridge).
Thursdays, 23 February, 30 March, 20 April from 8pm onwards.
An informal evening and a good place to meet fellow members and committee members. Licensed bar.

At the Club Night on 30 March, a Disco Dance and Hot Supper will be held. Tickets (limited to 90) £1.25 each from Colin Gostelow, 16 Larchfield Road, Fleet (Fleet 3759). Dress informal. Cheques etc to be made payable to Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited.

A vacancy still exists for the position of Social Secretary. Details from David Millett (Fleet 7364) or from the Secretary, Mrs Lise Hamilton (Farnborough 49651).

8 Speaker from Thames Water Authority, Teachers' Centre
13 Speaker from Thames Water Authority, Woking Central Halls
13 Pub evening, Water Witch
14 ITV Schools programme on Stoke Bruerne
15 Pub evening, Bounty
15 Talk on River Thames at Sutton College of Liberal Arts
16 ITV Schools programme on Little Venice
18 Jumble Sale 10.30am, Civic Hall, Fleet
23 Club evening at Railway Enthusiasts Club

1 Your subscription is due
8 Talk by David Gerry and David Robinson, Teachers' Centre
13 Pub evening, Water Witch
13 Talk by Hon Secretary of I W A, Guildford Branch, Woking Central Halls
15 Pub evening, Bounty
22 Talk on Dudley Tunnel Trust at Sutton College of Liberal Arts
24/27 London Ring Cruise
30 Club evening at Railway Enthusiasts Club (Disco Dance and Hot Supper)

10 Pub evening, Water Witch
1O Talk on Watercress Line, Woking Central Halls
19 Pub evening, Bounty
19 Talk on Thames Sailing Barges, Sutton College of Liberal Arts
20 Club evening at Railway Enthusiasts Club
29 Illustrated talk on Waterways Restoration Movement, Teachers' Centre
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It is doubtful if any of the bridges over the can have ever had a number or name plate on their parapet wall as is traditional on most other canals, although most have their own name. Just before Christmas HCC maintenance wardens from Winchester "named' the brick bridges recently restored, by placing traditional plates en the parapet walls. These plates, cast by a Midlands firm, are most attractive and an addition to the canal which is most welcomed. Made in cast iron and stove enamelled, they bear the name of the bridge, its year of building and year of restoration. A special plate (see photo) has been placed on Blacksmiths bridge which has the addition of the Society's logo and mention of the I W A who, of course, were partners with the Society in restoring the bridge. The cost of the plates? Each one was approximately £37.

POSTMEN required for the Cove and Farnborough area. Please contact Mrs Wright, 38 Southwood Road, Cove. Tel: Farnborough 42447 if you can help.
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As advised in the December newsletter, the first Annual General Meeting of Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited will be held on Saturday, 25 February 1978 at 7.30pm at St Andrews Hall, Frimley Green.

The hall is on the A321 Frimley/Ash Vale road. Travelling from Frimley the hall is on the right hand side just south of Frimley Green and just before the road crosses over the railway line.
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The Grocers Trust. The Robert Kiln Trust. You will probably never have heard of them, but they are just two of the numerous Trust funds who have generously contributed to the restoration funds over the last year. Why does a Trust fund contribute to the restoration of the Basingstoke Canal? Because our very hard working member Richard Allnutt has spent considerable time promoting the restoration cause to many charitable trusts over the last two years. The result of hit efforts in 1977 alone realised £3,900. Thank you, Richard, for all your splendid work.

Most recent contributions are as follows:-
Gordon Gray Trust £50, Robbins Hill Trust £200, Ian Askew Trust £25, Grocers Trust £100, Frogal Trust £500, Robert Kiln Trust £400. Other contributions - £50 from Fleet Rotary Club, £100 Fleet Townswomen's Guild.
The Society's thanks to all concerned.
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The prizes for the 1977 sponsored walk were recently presented to the lucky recipients at a Social evening at Woking Civic Halls. While applauding all their efforts, special mention must be made of Dick and Alison Snell who between them raised £146. Dick and Alison have walked the full distance in all four walks, raising over £450 in total. This year they generously declined to accept their prize of a canal cruise, so saving the Society some of the money allocated for prizes. Thank you Dick and Alison and all who helped to make the 1977 walk a success. DO NOT FORGET 1978 will see a National Sponsored Walk, a walk which will publicise canals countrywide. More details later.
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A fund raising project is in the pipeline, and it is one in which our elder members can help. I would like to know if any of our 50-year old plus members have any amusing anecdotes to tell about life on or by the Basingstoke Canal during their childhood. Perhaps they have stories about the various boats and boatmen who worked along the cut, the various ways there were of fishing for crayfish and other fish, about building along the canal long since gone (eg Dinorben House), amusing stories from the 1939-45 war relating to the canal, knowledge of 'characters' who frequented the cut, photos of members, their relatives or friends enjoying the canal. So if you have any amusing stories to tell about the canal, and I would prefer them to be pre-1945, then send brief details to S W Googe, Henbury, Gables Road, Church Crookham, Aldershot. Tel: Fleet 5402.
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I W A London Branch are running a campaign cruise on Friday 24 to Monday 27 March around the London waterways, some 44 miles and 26 locks on the Grand Union, Paddington Branch and Regents Canal.

The main objects of the cruise will be to encourage the use of all London's waterways and campaign for the Right of Navigation now enjoyed on the Thames but not on the canal. Further details and application forms can be obtained from Tony Jarrett at the Newsletter office.
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DONATIONS from talks in 1977 were £63.
I W A contribute £100 to the cost of Deepcut Dig.
A NEW bridge over the canal has recently been completed upstream of Arthur's bridge, Woking and is now open to road traffic although it is not yet a through route.
£116.15 was raised at a buffet dance held on 10 November which was attended by 200 people. The first prize in the raffle was a whole lamb kindly donated by J. H. Dewhurst Ltd.
MAY Ball will be held on 6 May; full details,in next newsletter.
STOKE Bruerne and Little Venice will be featured in ITV Schools programme on 14 February at 9.30am and 16 February at 11.20am respectively.
FARNHAM Afternoon Townswomen's Guild have recently donated £5 towards Society funds.
SWAN cutting has now been reinstated except for final landscaping.
SOUTHAMPTON Canal Society have donated £10 to the Society's funds.
VOLUNTEER required to type stencils for future newsletters. Please contact Gloria Jarrett at the Newsletter office.
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Front: 1. The Society's passenger narrow boat at Colt Hill, Odiham.
2. John Hulbert at work fitting side windows to the boat.
3. Artist's impression which is to be used on all publicity material concerned with the boat.
4. Bridge plate.
5. The Dragon Hymac dredging upstream of the Kings Head Bridge, Frimley. Inside:
6. Swan Cutting, North Warnborcugh, during and after repair work to the bank slip.
7. Lock 24. Job Creation Programme assembling bricks for the lock wall.
8. Sponsored walk prize winners.
9. Surrey County Council Canal Warden, Les Trumble, clearing overgrown trees at Frimley.
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COPY DATE for the April newsletter - 1 March
Published by Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited, a non profit distributing company limited by guarantee.
Editorial Offices: 45 Durnsford Avenue, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5308.
Chairman: Robin Higgs, 18 Barnsford Crescent, West End, Woking. Tel: Chobham 7314
Working Party Organiser: Roger Thomas. Tels Fleet 20316
Treasurer: Peter Fethney, 5 Longdown, Courtmoor, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5524
Secretary: Mrs Lise Hamilton, 2 Frome Close, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 49651
Membership Secretary: Alan Babister, 31 Elmsleigh Road, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 46147
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