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No. 77DECEMBER 1977

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'Deepcut Dig' was a tremendous success in every way. As a contribution towards restoration of the 'Deepcut 14' flight of locks - and to the Basingstoke Canal as a whole - it will be remembered as a major step forward. In one weekend 600 volunteers achieved what local working parties would have taken a year to do.

As a means of focusing attention on the value of voluntary labour and the number of people who participate, 'Deepcut Dig' generated a great deal of publicity. Not just locally but across the nation - on television, radio and in the daily Press.

And as an exercise in co-operation between a local authority and canal enthusiasts, the Basingstoke 'big dig' set an example for such projects elsewhere. So impressed was the Mayor of Woking, Councillor Tony Allenby, that after his official tour of inspection on the Saturday (and a flight to Germany and back that evening), he returned on Sunday and spent the best part of the day at the site.

To all those who helped organise the event and, most of all, those who took part, the Society is extremely grateful. We hope the weekend's efforts will benefit Waterway Recovery Group and other organisations involved in restoration work up and down the Country.

During the last few years the publicity and campaigning value of the Inland Waterways Association's annual national rally of boats has been the subject of debate. Is the annual jamboree worth the effort? Should it be replaced by a national waterways week?

Recent national rallies do not appear to have achieved the widespread publicity they used to get. Probably because inland cruising is no longer a novelty and the pastime of a few. Today thousands of people take their holidays on the canals. So, perhaps it's time for the IWA to consider a more relevant and dramatic kind of annual demonstration.

Now that the recreational value (if not commercial use) of inland waterways is officially recognised, greater emphasis should be placed on the urgent need to improve the network and for derelict lines to be restored. An objective which would be more forcibly demonstrated by holding an annual national working party than by a water festival which is what the National Rally has increasingly become.

Profitable boat rallies still have a role to play (besides making an enjoyable social occasion) but, as we have found with the Basingstoke, when it comes to campaigning, manpower is more persuasive than horsepower.

WRG does not have the financial resources to hold a 'big dig' annually. But with the IWA's active support, some source of financial sponsorship and WRG's organisation, an annual national working party would be feasible and make a more compelling public demonstration of the Association's aims.

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Notice is hereby given that the first Annual General Meeting of the Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited will be held on Saturday, 25 February 1978 at 7.30pm at St Andrew's Hall, Frimley Green. (Details of the location will be given in the February newsletter).

Nominations for the Committee, which should include the signature of the proposer and seconder, together with confirmation of the nominee's willingness to stand, should be forwarded to the Society's Secretary, Mrs Lise Hamilton, 2 Frome Close, Cove, Farnborough, Hampshire, to be received by Saturday, 7 January 1978.
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15 Kenilworth Road, Fleet.
As I was addressing the newsletter envelopes I wondered if it was generally realised just how widespread our membership is. Perhaps readers would be surprised to learn that we have three members in New South Wales, Australia. Mr and Mrs Budden of Glenbrook have recently joined us, while Mr Jones of Warrimoo and Mr Knight of Telopea have been with us for some tine. Also in the Southern Hemisphere we have Mr Jeffrey in Hong Kong and Mr Smedley in Wellington, New Zealand.

We are represented in the USA by Mr Michel of Rhode Island and on the Continent we have two members in the British Embassy in Vienna.

Our most northerly member is Mr Tomlinson, who resides in Saxa Vord in the Shetland Isles, beating Mr Humphries of Thurso by quite a few miles. In the east of the country our old newsletter printing friend Bob Harlick and his wife take the honours as they now live in (or by) Oulton Broad, while at the opposite side of the UK Mr and Mrs Moffatt-Bailey of Llanfynydd, Carmarthenshire are furthest west. Miss Wallis of Babbacombe, Devon, would appear to be the most southerly member.

Apart from the immediate vicinity of the canal, Lancashire would seem to be the best represented County, having about 12 members, and the Poole and Parkstone area of Dorset appears to have above average numbers -- but perhaps David Millett, who comes from that district, knows why that is! The address I envy most is that of Mr Ledgerwood, Hollybush Cottages, Denford, Staffs. Hollybush Cottages front the main line of the Galdon Canal, while the Leek Branch curves round behind at roof-top level. It is a really glorious setting with the Denford Aqueduct carrying the Leek Branch over the main line and, a little further up, the three Hazlehurst locks lead up to a delightful cast-iron bridge. I know it so well because our hire-boat broke down there!
Clive Durley.
Editors' Note: As you will no doubt have gathered from the above, Clive is responsible for addressing the envelopes in which you receive your newsletters.

Pleasure for All
A few days ago I went to Odiham and took a party of eight blind people on the canal in canoes. Some of them were in double canoes with a person at the back who could see, but some of them were in single canoes, in fact, they were paddling their own canoes. Some of them were able to follow the double canoes by listening to my talking all the time, which I tend to do rather a lot. Some of them went round in circles and bumped into each other and into the bank, but I think this is the start of something good. At the end of the session they all said that they had enjoyed it very much and wanted to do it again.

This story makes the hard work being done by helpers on the Basingstoke Canal even more worthwhile because it is a safe situation and easy to control the blind peoples' activity.

Thank you, Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society.
Brian, Education Office.
Editors' Note: We have cheated a little as the above letter was not sent to your editors but was addressed to the Aldershot News and was published by them on 23 September. We thought it well worth repeating. Thank you Brian and Aldershot News.

The copy date for the next newsletter is always shown on the last page of each issue - it is always the first of the month prior to the publishing date. Only very urgent copy will be considered after the due date.
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The Big Dig has come and gone, and the impact on the Deepcut flight of locks is considerable; now every one of the locks has had at least some work done on it But the Big Dig has not done the job for us; it's only given us a flying start on the strength of which the Society's volunteer force can pitch into the task with renewed vigour. So again, as before, it's up to us.

Newcomers to canal work should phone ROGER THOMAS on Fleet 20316, to have the ropes explained. Veterans of previous working parties should continue to contact the Society's Ansaphone, Farnborough 45032, for up to date news on the work available, or contact their regular leaders to check for any last minute change of plan or detail.

Current working parties are:-
Every Weekend Restoring the Deepcut Flight
By December the main worksite for Society volunteers should be Lock 23, with the Deepcut Narrow-gauge Railway (one of the Great Little Trains of Surrey) in attendance. The momentum of the Big Dig mustn't be lost here, so if you're in Surrey and at all in doubt, the Deepcut flight is the place to take yourself to any weekend (but probably not 25/26 December). This is the big job; if the Society, in collaboration with the Big Dig, the continuing Job Creation Project and Fred with his Hymac, can restore the Deepcut flight, they can restore anything.

Leaders of this party, who will provide you with details of the work, are JIM CHISHOLM, MIKE FELLOWES, ALAN GRIMSTER and PETER JONES.

Every weekend Dredging in Hampshire
The dredger has now passed through the constriction that was Pillars Bridge, and is heading towards Sprats Hatch. The routine is as before; park tidily at Broad Oak and walk along the towpath (it's quite a walk now) to the worksite.
For more details phone ROGER THOMAS on Fleet 20316 or BRIAN BAIN on Odiham 2499.

Second weekend of the month Lock 6 (Sheerwater)
10/11 Dec, 7/8 Jan, 11/12 Feb
The concrete at the top cill has been laid, the the bumper strip installed. Pointing brickwork in the chamber itself is just about complete, and there is a real likelihood of this lock being finished some time next Spring.
Further details of the next stages of the work from PABLO HAWORTH on Byfleet 42081.

Third Sunday of the month Lock 1 (Woodham)
11 Dec, 15 Jan, 19 Feb
All the gates are now removed, and a really substantial dam of piling and earth has been placed above the lock, making use of earth excavated when Surrey County Council recently laid the centre (piped) section of the bywash. The party is in particular need of tools, notably a good water-pump, and more people to use the tools are always welcome. Only Sundays are officially billed for the party, but in fine weather they are also likely to meet on Saturdays. For precise details on this and other points, phone JEFF HOLMAN on Woking 63811 or DICK HARPER-WHITE on Weybridge 42074.
(Note: please do not drive your cars down to the worksite at the lock).

Last weekend of the month Offside clearance in Hampshire
26/27 Nov, 8 Jan, 28/29 Jan
This party is now on the last lap of its main task, and DAVID MILLETT would particularly like all his regulars and past helpers to join in and polish off the remaining work. By this time of the year the garden should be making little call on your time, so if you're in Hampshire on the right day, come along and help clear the last sizeable remaining obstacles to the navigation (above the waterline at least). The current location is between Coxmoor and Chequers bridge but you should ring DAVID MILLETT on Fleet 7364 to check the exact site.
(Note: a special one-day meeting on 8 Jan is planned to keep some momentum going after the Christmas and New Year break).

Various weekends Weir Restoration
This specialist working party continues restoration work on the weir above Lock 8 (Deepcut Top). Anyone interested in this sort of work should contact PETER MAINE on Camberley 24701.
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60 canal restoration groups and societies, from all parts of the Country, as far away as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds, joined in 'Deepcut Dig 77' on the Basingstoke Canal at Pirbright in Surrey during the weekend 8/9 October.

The restoration project - the biggest weekend working party since the Droitwich Dig in 1973 - was organised by the Waterway Recovery Group and the Society, in association with Surrey County Council, who supplied the materials, plant and equipment.

Despite a wet start to the weekend with periods of torrential rain, making working conditions difficult, the volunteers successfully completed an ambitious work programme restoring nine locks on the 'Deepcut 14' flight, and the clearance of three locks at Brookwood, spread over a distance of 2 miles. The work included clearing mud and vegetation from the lock chambers, removing old lock gates, extensive brickwork repairs, and constructing five new by-pass weirs. Full time workers on the Job Creation scheme, who have been employed on the Deepcut flight since March this year, also took part, rebuilding Lock 24.

Welcoming the volunteers, the Chairman of Surrey County Council, Brig. David Bastin, said, 'the restoration of the Basingstoke Canal is, I believe, a unique project in the co-operation between local authorities and volunteers. This must be the most exciting and worthwhile venture I've seen in the whole time I've been involved in local government work'. And the Mayor of Woking, Councillor Tony Allenby, described it as a 'wonderful effort and simply astonishing'.

Mr John Heap, Chairman of the Inland Waterways Association, said that the volunteers had come in response to the enlightened view of Surrey County Council and added, 'The local authorities have shown what can be done and should be done all over the Country'. Thanking all those who were taking part including the WRVS who organised the catering on site, Robin Higgs, Society Chairman, said that the event would not have been possible without the support and tremendous assistance of the County Council. Referring to the work of the volunteers, Robin said 'Deepcut Dig is another demonstration of the promise the Society gave the local authorities that volunteers would make a major contribution to the restoration of the Basingstoke Canal. It is also a promise in another sense', he concluded, 'the promise of a much needed amenity for recreational use in the future'.

Among those making a tour of inspection were Sir John Humphries, Chairman of the Water Space Amenity Commission and Mr Illtyd Harrington, a member of the Greater London Council and British Waterways Board.

During the weekend, Frank Jones was presented with Stroudwater, Thames and Severn Canal Trust's annual award for the most outstanding individual contribution to canal restoration work. Frank, the Society's former working party organiser, is currently project co-ordinator of the Job Creation Programme scheme employing 26 full-tine workers on the canal, for which the Society was granted £52,000 by the Manpower Services Commission.

At the end of the 'big dig' it was estimated that the volunteers had achieved work valued at between £7,000 and £8,000, which would have taken a year to do by normal working parties. 400 bags of cement were used, 90 tons of ballast, 10 tons of sand, a -1/2-ton of reinforcing materials, 3,500 bricks, 18 concrete mixers, 14 powered concrete breakers and 4 dumper trucks plus hundreds of hand tools. And for refreshment, the volunteers consumed 1,400 pints of beer. Accommodation was provided at Bisley Camp.
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Today the Society's steam dredger lies some 200 yards east of the old Pillars Bridge near Odiham. For three years now, weekend in, weekend out, a dedicated band of members has been operating the dredger in every kind of weather. Slowly but surely in its wake has appeared a restored canal, returned to its former beauty, an attractive habitat again for the long disappeared wild life. Ahead still lies dereliction, but a challenge for the future.

A typical weekend's work for the dredger commences around 9am on a Saturday morning, A minimum of four crew at present operate the dredger, which removes the silt from the canal bed and dumps it, approximately 1 cu. yd. a time, into a mud boat alongside. When loaded, the mud boat is towed away by tug. This operation requires two crew, one to steer the tug and the other to control the mud boat. On a good day in the winter, the dredger is capable of filling approximately six mud boats, and in summer, with longer daylight hours, as many as ten. Each mud boat is towed back up stream to the dumping site, where it is unloaded by a small crane fitted with a grab, operated by a further person. The tug returns, to the dredger with an empty mud boat and the whole cycle begins again. At present three mud boats and one tug are in use, the boats taking around half an hour to fill and empty.

A good weekend will see a further 50-75 yards of canal reclaimed. To date a rough estimate suggests that well over 75,000 cu. yds of silt has been removed from the canal.

Ways to speed up the dredging process have been looked into, the obvious being to operate the dredger throughout the week and not just at weekends. This was tried out recently when the Hampshire County Council wardens, who had previously had some training, spent a week using the Society's dredging equipment and successfully completed the dredging of approximately 100 yards of canal. This is to be repeated again during the coming winter months, a dramatic increase in the length of restored canal in Hampshire will be very apparent by the Spring of 1978.
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The Deepcut Railway continues to grow in length. At the time of this report it stretches from Lock 28 to Lock 23, a distance of nearly a mile.

The Railway Group express their gratitude to the Greater London Council for the gift of 1,000 feet of track, various skips and sundry other items.

They also wish to publish sincere thanks to Bovis Civil Engineering Ltd for the loan of a considerable length of track and some giant skips capable of holding over 2 cu. yds. The track has been laid on the towing path east of Lower Wilderness Weir and is known as 'The Bovis Straight'.

The railway has got to be extended further towards Lock 17 and there is a desperate need for more track. If any members with connections in the Civil Engineering industry know of some redundant track which might become available to us as a gift or loan, please telephone the information to:-

John Peart on Farnborough 46554 OR
Stan Meller on Canberley 32096 OR
the Ansaphone on Farnborough 45032.

Our railway gauge is 2 feet, but this is not critical; any narrow gauge track will help us, since the Railway Group have facilities and materials to re-gauge track.

Two or three people who can guarantee to work two or three weekend, days per month are needed to work the Smalley miniature excavator, working at the Deepcut locks. Anyone interested telephone David Junkison, 01-941 0685, evenings after 7.30pm.
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An army Hymac excavator moved in to dredge the flash between the old and new Pondtail bridges at Fleet during October because of a danger of unexploded war-time bombs.

A County contractor has dredged a 200-yard stretch upstream from Pondtail Bridge to the Try Homes building site. Hampshire canal wardens helped with the operation by disposing of the silt. The wardens are now re-building the wall on the towpath side of the canal between the two bridges.
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Major engineering work, expected to cost Hampshire County Council £18,000, is under way to reinstate the cutting immediately below Swan Bridge at North Warnborough.

The first stage was completed in October with the excavation of a land drainage channel and the installation of drains. A platform was then built for an RB 22 dragline crane which is being used for driving interlocking steel piles 14ft below ground.

Finally the slope of the cutting will be graded back, allowing for a footpath in place of the former track at the top of the cutting to make a less acute slope.

The main work is expected to be completed by Christmas and it is hoped that the contractor may also be able to dredge the navigation channel whilst the crane is in position.
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At a meeting on Monday, 7 November the Society was finally given permission by Hampshire County Council to put the trip boat into service. This means, all being well, that we can start running trips in the early Spring of next year.

In fact considerable progress has already been made, albeit not all on the boat itself. Ballast, in the form of concrete lintels kindly donated by Sidney Hill Ltd of Cranleigh, has recently been loaded into the boat. Next, as soon as the passenger area can be made weather proof, the floor will be laid. A meeting was held recently with the Department of Trade inspector who has to certify that the completed boat comes up to the necessary standard. From this meeting we now know what further equipment needs to be purchased.

The original boat appeal raised the grand total of £5,122. Whilst not wishing to ask those members who-previously contributed, it is felt that other members, especially those who have recently joined, might like to make a contribution to a fitting out fund.

Some of the items of equipment still required include life belts, fire extinguishers, bilge pumps, galley equipment, seating etc. If any member would like to make a contribution towards these items, please contact PETER FETHNEY on Fleet 5524. Equally, we would like to hear from any member who has the wherewithall to obtain any of the above items at discount prices or, better still, for free!
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The first unofficial trip of the boat took place in mid September when a party of officials from the Southern Tourist Board paid a visit to the restored section of the canal. Having inspected the steam dredger, the party was welcomed aboard the trip boat by the Society's Chairman, Robin Higgs, The return trip to Colt Hill Bridge was very pleasant, to say the least, everybody enjoying the experience in the warm afternoon sun. All those aboard were most appreciative and very enthusiastic about the project.
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I am so glad to be given the opportunity to say thank you very much to all the people on the boat who made my day, 2 October, the Regent's Canal cruise, such a wonderful trip; also to my husband who stayed at home to look after our two dogs.

To begin with the one important factor, the weather. It was quite lovely really, sunshine and cloud, but there was nothing to cloud my day; I enjoyed every single moment. Although I lived in London many years ago, I never did discover the Regent's Canal - how much I missed.

I was lucky to bag an outside seat on the boat, which gave me every opportunity to trigger away with my camera as we journeyed along, so I have quite a record of a great day. The thing I enjoyed most was the fact one could walk along the towpath from one lock to another; most of us did quite a lot of walking.

It is difficult to say what impressed the most. Perhaps the gaunt and shabby Victorian warehouses with grimy bricks and broken windows. They were to me really quite majestic in their way. Every turn in the canal would bring a new zig-zag skyline into view, buildings of all shapes, ages and sizes, even several enormous gas containers, or perhaps the people enjoying their walk along the towpath, some with dogs, small children in prams and older ones on bikes and, of course, the fishermen; there were many of those, young and old. Then there came the Islington Tunnel; even as the boat entered one could see the circle of light the other end, about 950 yards away. I thought too the bridges over the canal were lovely, some quite old and others very modern carrying the speeding traffic on its way. The many locks - they were fascinating - the grand and massive gates, with the sudden rush of water as the locks filled or emptied.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to the next trip, wherever it may be. So thanks once more, David, for finding room for me.
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SPRING CRUISE 1978 - David Millett, Fleet 7364
I am considering the possibility of a weekend coach/hotel/canal cruise combination starting early on Saturday morning and arriving back on Sunday evening. This would be a visit to a canal or canals further than we normally go on a oneóday trip. The combined price would include coach fare, Saturday dinner, bed and breakfast and the cost of the canal cruise(s). The cost would be around £15 and to give me some idea of the potential demand, would anyone interested please telephone me on Fleet 7364 as soon as possible.
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The prizewinners for this year's Sponsored Walk were as follows:-

1. Sports equipment to the value of £30 - not awarded. Only two schools took part, neither raising in excess of £50.
2. Long weekend narrow boat cruise - Mr and Mrs Snell, Ewshot.
3. Voucher - Oldest Lady - Mrs M J Wright, Farnborough Oldest Gent - Mr C Wright, Farnborough.
4. £3 - Boy and Girl (10 and under) - Paul Browning, West Byfleet No girl claimants.
5. Mystery - Individual raising most money - Sally Blackman, Farnborough.

Special mention is made of Andrew Murrell, the youngest walker, who walked 5-1/2 miles from Send Church to The Anchor - not bad at four years old.

The prizegiving ceremony will be held at the Open Evening on Monday, 12 December at Woking Civic Halls.
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SOCIAL JOTTINGS - Andy Gray/Martin Bowers
Society Club Evenings at the Railway Enthusiasts Glub, Hawley Lane, Farnborough (on A327 Farnborough/Reading road, immediately on south side of M3 bridge). Licensed bar. Meet fellow members of the Society on Thursdays, 26 January and 23 February.

Society Pub Evenings throughout the year on the second Monday of each month at the Water Witch, Colt Hill, Odiham.

12 December, 8pm. Woking Central Hall. Open evening.
14 December, 7.45pm. Teachers' Centre, St Albans Hall, Farnborough (Lynchford Road, opposite Lloyds Bank). Open evening.

At both these meetings members are invited to bring along their own slides and photographs.

9 January, 8pm. Woking Central Hall.
It is hoped that a speaker from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution will beavailable for this date.
11 January, 7.45pm. Teachers' Centre, St Albans Hall.
Film and talk. Anne Pitcher's film featuring 'Nobsurd '76', Canada Geese on Fleet Pond and other items of interest.
8 February, 8pm. Teachers' Centre, St Albans Hall. Speaker from Thames Water Authority.
13 February, 7-45pm. Woking Central Hall. Speaker from Thames Water Authority.
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3 Society stall in the Maltings Market, Farnham
12 Pub evening, Water Witch
12 Open evening, Woking Central Hall
14 Open evening, Teachers' Centre

1978 January
1 Final copy date for February newsletter
7 Final date for nominations for Executive Committee
9 Pub evening, Water Witch
11 Film and talk at the Teachers' Centre
26 Club Evening at Railway Enthusiasts Club

8 Speaker from Thames Water Authority, Teachers' Centre
13 Speaker from Thames Water Authority, Woking Central Hall
13 Pub evening, Water Witch
18 Jumble sale
23 Club Evening at Railway Enthusiasts Club
25 Annual General Meeting
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The next jumble sale will be on SATURDAY, 18 FEBRUARY in the Civic Hall, Fleet at 10.30am. There will be a cake stall and 'nearly new' stall.

Thanks to all helpers and those who provided jumble for the recent Tuesday afternoon sale in Fleet. £86 was raised. We would like to double that in February, so please turn out those cupboards, garages etc, after Christmas.
Jumble can be delivered to: 7 Gorseway, Fleet (Fleet 7465) 'Henbury', Gables Road, Church Crookham (Fleet 5402)
Please phone if you want jumble collected.
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On 20 September, 200 people attended the Public Meeting at Fleet Civic Hall which was organised in conjunction with the Residents' Association of Fleet and Church Crookham. The Society's new set of restoration slides showing work along the whole length of the canal was shown for the first time, with a commentary by Roger Thomas, our Working Party Organiser. This was followed by clips of Southern Television film material previously shown on the Day By Day programme over the last year or so. Questions from the public were answered by Robin Higgs, our Chairman, Roger Thomas and by David Gerry, the Canal Manager in Hampshire.

Before the meeting a small reception for local councillors and executive officers of the Residents' Association and the Crookham Village Association was held in the Portakabin Exhibition unit which had been on display for a fortnight outside the Civic Hall. During that period a very large number of people visited the exhibition, and sales and donations totalled nearly £120. Also an encouraging feature was that, having circulated schools in the area, many sent along school parties with their teachers as part of their studies on the local environment and local history. Thanks are due to the many Fleet and Church Crookham members who helped to man the exhibition and enabled it to be open every day except Sundays.
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This proved very successful, and here is a list of those who contributed the sum of £185.
E & N Jones, Warrimoo, AustraliaConstance C Prevost, Farnham
Mr Radford, FleetMiss J Green, Woking
Mr & Mrs Davidson, West ByfleetMrs V G Smart, West Byfleet
Mr & Mrs A A Cripps, GuildfordMrs H N Smith, Beaconsfield
Mr R Palmer, London EC4Mr Naulgo, British Embassy, Vienna
A P Leggatt, QC, Old WokingPeter Cooper, Ealing
Mr P L G Holland, Virginia WaterLt Gen Sir William Eldridge, Ash Vale
Mr G A H Korts, Pyrford, WokingMr & Mrs P Fethney, Fleet
Elizabeth Larrett, SelbourneMrs Y Branston, Crondall
Mr J H Outhwaite, West ByfleetMrs H F Thomson, Fleet
Surrey Heath CouncilMr G T Ganter, Church Crookham
David John Tremayne-Smith, aged 10 months, Ash

Those who have donated £10 have had their names sent in to the Tree Council for inclusion in the Royal Tree Record to be presented to HM The Queen at the end of Jubilee Year. Planting of the trees will start in November and continue throughout the winter.
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It gives us pleasure to report that the members of the Crookham Village Association have completed the repairs to Poulters Bridge and the towpath wall underneath it. The work has been going on for the last year and the finished result is a credit to all concerned and an example of a local village organisation undertaking a local project for the benefit of the restoration as a whole. Surely this example can be copied by other local groups along the canal and give valuable added support to the restoration work being done by the Society and the County Councils.

We need postmen for the newsletter in Crondall and the Heath End and Upper Hale areas of Farnham. Please contact Janet Hedger, Fleet 7465 if you can help.

Our Social Secretary has had to resign because of pressure of work. If anyone is interested in taking on this position,, please contact David Millett, Fleet 7364 who can tell you what is involved.
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CONSERVATION Area Plan to protect the environment of the 15-mile Hampshire Section of the canal has been approved.
£5M to be given by the Department of the Invironment to B W B for urgent maintenance work.
APPOINTMENT of Mike Fellowes as Deputy Working Party Organiser with special responsibilities for co-ordinating voluntary work on the Deepcut 14 flight of locks. Mike's phone number is: Wokingham 787428.
SOCIETY has entered the Shell Inland Waterways Restoration Awards scheme.
APPLICATION has been made for further Job Creation Programme grant to build lock gates for restored locks during 1978.
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Inside and Out - Impressions of the Deepcut Dig

Front cover
Centre. 'It's a stick up'. Frank Jones holding up the Chairman of Surrey County Council, Brig. Bastin, watched by an amused Mike McGrath (centre).

Inside cover
Top left. Frank Jones (Right) being presented with the trophy by Mike Ayland, Chairman of the Stroudwater, Thames and Severn Canal Trust.
Bottom left. In pensive mood - Rear, Robin Higgs, Chairman SHCS; front, Graham Palmer, WRG.
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We offer our sincere apologies to all our readers for the deletion of an article in the last newsletter. What did you miss? - nothing very exciting. It was an event in the course of being arranged which, on going to Press, had not been finalised and was removed on legal advice!

SUTTON COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS, Sutton, Surrey. Alan Moody, 01-643 0142
The programme continues as follows:-
Friday, 16 December - Bert Dunkley 'Narrow Boat People and their Boats'
18 January -B E Osborne, Droitwich Canal
15 February - D G Corbie, River Thames
On most intervening Wednesdays there's a Railway lecture. Details and further information from Alan Moody, 01-643 0142

COPY DATE for the February newsletter - 1 January

Published by Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society Limited, a non profit distributing company limited by guarantee.
Editorial Offices: 45 Durnsford Avenue, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5308.
Chairman: Robin Higgs, 18 Barnsford Crescent, West End, Woking. Tel: Chobham 7314
Working Party Organiser: Roger Thomas. Tels Fleet 20316
Treasurer: Peter Fethney, 5 Longdown, Courtmoor, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5524
Secretary: Mrs Lise Hamilton, 2 Frome Close, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 49651
Membership Secretary: Alan Babister, 31 Elmsleigh Road, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 46147
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