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No. 68JUNE 1976

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It has taken the Society 10 years to win the canpaign for public ownership of the Basingstoke Canal. Now we can devote all our attention and energies to the task of restoration, and look forward to the day the navigation is re-opened. To mark this milestone, we are publishing a letter to the Chairman from Woking Borough Councillor, Mr David Boorman. Whatever your interest in the canal, we feel Mr Boorman's letter expresses the sentiments of us all.

Dear Chairman,
You will recall that the BOORMAN family were awarded a weekend on a Narrow Boat as the family prize for our efforts in last year's Canal Society Sponsored Walk. As the weekend (March 20th) approached snow fell, and I seriously considerd calling you to abandon the venture! Thankfully we did not and the Friday dawned a beautiful Spring day.

My wife and I set out for Godalming to collect our boat alone as the children all decided that education was more important than boating. Any fears we might have had about boating in March were soon dispelled as we were shown round the boat. Gas central heating, cooker, fridge, running hot water, shower etc.

Before being let loose on the river we were shown how to steer the boat and how to work a lock. This proved very easy and within an hour we were sent off on our own.

We sailed down river and reached Guildford without serious mishap although we did learn that it was wise to slow down for major bends! We tied up for lunch by the Yvonne Arnaud theatre restaurant in view of the diners; we envying them their menu, they our boat. We later went on down to Send and tied up for the night at Send boat house. The rest of the family then joined us and we spent a quiet night.

We set off at about 8 o'clock on Saturday morning continuing down stream through Pyrford and Byfleet. Thames Lock, Weybridge was reached in time for lunch. We found that the extra crew made the locks much easier for the Captain!

After a shopping expedition in Weybridge we made a start on the return journey passing through Byfleet and by the entrance to the Basingstoke Canal where the barge "Aldershot" is moored awaiting restoration. We took on fresh water and disposed of our rubbish at Pyrford Lock, then made an easy passage to Newark where we tied up for the night. We shared our mooring with a horse and a nesting swan.

We set off early next morning through Newark and Papercourt locks to Send. The crew could now all steer without going aground and there was fierce competition for the tiller. We reached Guildford for lunch and Godalming was then only a short time away. We now realise that we were over­cautious in choosing our point of turn around and that we could have easily gone into the Thames.

In thanking the Society for making our weekend possible can I say something that may be obvious to boating people? Although we spent our weekend almost in sight of Woking we felt that we were as completely on holiday as if we had been a thousand miles away. The view of the country and the pace of life were nnde so different by the simple act of getting aboard a boat. This has reinforced ny conviction that the Basingstoke Canal must be quickly restored. As value for money there can be no leisure facility to equal it.
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Mr David Pumfrett, Chairman of Hampshire County Council's Recreation Committee, congratulated volunteers for their high standard of work at a ceremony to mark the re-opening of Blacksmith's Bridge, Dogmersfield.

Blacksmith's Bridge has been restored by the Society. The 9th St Andrew's Sutton and Cheam Venture Scout Unit did much of the preparatory work and the re-building was undertaken by the Aldershot contractors, Newman and Merry, at a cost of £1,731. A contribution of £500 was made by the Guildford branch of the I.W.A. The Society raised the rest of the money, part of which came from a fund of £1,000 which was contributed by members for special hand-made capping bricks used in the restoration of other canal bridges by the County Council.

Robin Higgs, our Chairman said, "We are glad that the County Council agreed to restore the bridges because the Society believes it is important to retain the character of the Basingstoke Canal for its historical interest, which will attract people just as much as the facilities the canal will provide for boating, angling and towpath walking". Robin went on to say that the Society had achieved a close working relationship with Hampshire County Council. He said "It has been estimated that over £30,000 worth of work has already been done on the canal by volunteers. Today for example is typical of any weekend. There are up to 125 people working at five different sites. Dredging the Canal at North Warnborough using the Society's 70-ton steam-powered dredger, bank clearance at Winchfield, installing stop planks at Barley Mow Bridge, Winchfield, building a new weir at Farnborough Road Bridge and clearing out a bridge hole at Ash Wharf".

Robin Higgs concluded the re-opening ceremony by handing a cheque for £543 to Mr Pumfrett for the capping bricks.
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As announced in the last newsletter, the Society has received an Outstanding Achievement Award in the scheme sponsored by Coca Cola for Architectural Heritage Year.

On 19th March a party of nine members of the Society travelled to London to be presented with their award at a luncheon aboard the M.V. Princess Royal. The party were welcomed aboard by Lady Dartmouth, Lady Baden-Powell and Earl Spencer together with the Managing Director of Coca Cola. Further groups were also present. An excellent buffet lunch was served whilst the boat sailed down river to Greenwich.

On the return journey the presentations were made. The achievements of each group were read out and the prizes distributed. Each member of the Society's party received a copy of "Our Heritage", a publication describing the results of Architectural Heritage Year and a set of other canal books. These books will eventually be presented by the Society to schools along the length of the Canal to promote further interest in the Canal amongst young people.

The Society's party comprised of Sarah Mayne, Penny Gaskell, Clare Salmon, Ian Dunn, Peter Bullcck, Anne Field, David Meller, Nigel Durley and Stephen Bristow. Robin Higgs, who represented the Connittee, received a handsome commemorative plaque on behalf of the Society.
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With a furious hiss and a cloud of steam, the Society's 70-ton floating dredger has become a focal point of interest at Swan Bridge, North Warnbcrough. Motorists stop and stare at a scene of activity unknown on the canal for more years than anyone can remember, A crowd of spectators line the bank opposite the towpath - just how many can be judged by the £80 worth of sales taken by Sally Blackman and Shelley Billington at a hastily erecte stand during the Easter holiday.

On the dredger, Penny Gaskell keeps the boiler stoked and with Brian Bane at the controls, the steam powered grab carves its way through the consolidated silt depositing each load neatly into the train of skips standing alongside on the towpath. The silt disposal team, lead by Roger Thomas, is now fully mechanised with the recent purchse of a 22 horse-powered Hunslet built diesel locomotive. Over 900-feet of narrow gauge track has been laid to take the 8-skip train carrying up to 10 tons of silt at a time to nearby fields for dumping.

Progress is slow but steady: 70 yards or more a weekend, 3 tons of silt a yard, 600 tons a weekend. To do it, the dredger burns about 5-cwt of coal and as much as a ton of wood a day.

The co-ordination between the dredger crew and the silt disposal gang is so well planned that few of the spectators realise they are all part-time volunteers. What gives them away? They don't stop for tea-breaks. Special mention nust be made of the mud covered volunteers, away from the centre of attention, who empty the skips.

There's now an urgent need for more narrow gauge railway track. "If you know the whereabouts of any disused stock, ring Frank Jones or leave a message on the Ansaphone - Farnborough 45032.

At Farnborough Road Wharf, Peter Mayne and his volunteers present a more conventional, though equally professional sight. The new let-off weir is fast taking shape and has come a long way since it was a muddy excavation in the ground surrounded by temporary piling, scaffolding and builders' planks. Here's positive proof of the ability of volunteers to undertake precision civil engineering projects.
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Restoration work at the eastern end of the canal is already well under way. Volunteers are busy clearing the towpath and regular monthly working parties have started at Lock l4, led by Dave Morgan; at Lock 27 with Tony Robinson and his International Voluntary Service team; at Lock 26 under the leadership of Jim Chisholm annd also at Lock 25. On the first Sunday of each month, Peter Jones with a team of 25 or more volunteers can be seen in, on and around Lock 25, situated at Curzon Bridge Pirbright.

What was once the derelict, overgrown remains of the lock chamber has been cleared of silt, rubbish, and dense vegetation. The old, crumbling brick­ work has been removed, and Mike Kerry, a partner in the Aldershot -Building contractors, Newman and Kerry, is supervising the teams of four bricklayers repairing the walls of the chamber.

Tony Harmsworth, grandson of the former owner, is serving as canal consultant, using the original plans end design features of his own. Reconstruction of the upper apron is well advanced, while the lower apron is being excavated in preparation for re-building. The site is another impressive example of volunteers tackling a complex job with professional thoroughness.

Peter Jones believes it will be possible to complete five locks by the end of this year if more volunteers will come forward and lend a hand. "It doesn't matter whether you are skilled or not", said Peter, "But there is an urgent need for more artisans, especially bricklayers".

It's a pleasant part of the canal to work at, with direct road access, and a chance to make new friends and join a team who will welcome your help.
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Ring either Peter Jones or Frank Jones, working Party Organiser, on Farnborough 45032.

in this issue of the Newsletter we have included brief details of the work being carried out at each site together with the work that has been done over the last six months, and what it is hoped to achieve by the end of the year.

Work to be done in next 6 months:
Dates: Leader: Work Done in Last 6 Months: BRIAN BANE - Odiham 2361 Dredged Lodge Copse and approach to Swan Bridge. Dredge as far as winding hole beyond Whitewater Aqueduct and then return to Colt Hill to continue dredging towards Broad Oak.

DREDGING BANKSIDE SUPPORT Dates: Leader: Type of Work: He1p Required: LOCK GATE BUILDING: EVERY WEEKEND ROGER THOMAS - Farnborough 40389 Clearing towpath, laying and ballasting rail track, operating skips, loco, dragline, mudboats and tugs. Diesel mechanic for loco and two tugs. Leader: Type of Work: 2nd and 4th Weekends Monthly. BOB BOWHILL Carpentry to tolerances. It is hoped to nove this work from Castle Grove Nursery, Chobham to a new site in the near future. Contact the leader for details. Help required: Carpenters or anyone else used to working to tolerances.

It is regretted that the Society has found it necessary to suspend all work on this, the only lock in Hampshire.

ASH LOCK LOCK 6, SHEERWATER Dates: Leader: Map Ref: Type of Work: Last 6 months: Next 6 Months; Help Required; LOCK 14 BROOKWOOD TOP 2nd Sunday loathly: 13th. Junes, llth Cth August ,- l-2tlr Septer. ber. FA3LC ITCVA^TH - Byfleet CS l::ap 1?0 026608 Towpath, channel and lock clearance. Some progress, particularly in clearance. Complete clearance of towpath from River Wey to Woking and clearance of Lock Chamber No. 1 Yes, no particular skills required and plenty of variety of work. tcp Dotes; Leader; , Map Rcf ; Type of Work; Last 6 Lcnths; Next 6 I'onths ;• Help Re quired; DEEPCUT FLIGHT 1st Sunday Monthly: 6th June, 'tth July, 1st August, 5th Scpte* ber. ' CS map 169 957572 Towpath, channel and offside bank clearance, Some clearance of upper cills. Clearance of rubbish from lock chamber and upper cill. Towpath, channel and offside bank clearance to a point west of Sheets Heath Bridge. Conplete towpath, channel and offside bank clearance to Deepcut 15. Lots of it required for a variety of jobs. Dates: Leader; Type of Work: Last 6 Months: Next 6 Months; help required; 3rd Sunday Monthly: 20th June, l8th July, 15th August, 19th September. MIKE McGRATH - Weybridge 49235 Towpath and offside bank clearance. A good deal of towpath, channel and offside bank clearance completed. Hope to reach the Upper Deepcut flight. Yes please, they require much larger numbers than are turning out at present. Lock 24 Dates; Leader; Type of work; Last 6 months: Next six months: Help Required: LCCE 25 CURZON Dates: By arrangeraent - work carried out by W.R.G. MALCOLM LAWRENCE 0268 414427 _Lock Restoration. Clearance of most of chamber silt, removal of top gates, excavation of top cill, painting of upper wing walls and removal of paddle frames. Complete restoration of lock. Brick Layers, carpenters. 1st weekend monthly: 5/6th June, July, 31st July/lst, Leader: Map Ref; Type of work; Last 6 months; Next 6 tenths ; required! September. PETER JONES Enfield 39513, OS Map 169 Access at 917564. Lock restoration Complete clearance of chamber, chamber walls bricked to head height, both cills excavated, paddle frames rebuilt, gates demolished, upper cill nearly complete. -Full restoration by October/November. Skilled bricklayers. LOCK 26 Dates Loader ; Map Ref; Type of work-Last 6 ronths; Next 6 months; Help required; LCCE 27 Dates; Leader ; fr'ap Ref; Type 1st weekend Monthly: 5/6th "June , 3/kthJ-uly 31st July/lst August, Septenber. JIM CHISHOLM Wokingham 785146 OS Map 169 Access at 917564. Lock Restoration. Removal of gates and all silt. Partial excavation of upper, and lower cills. Full restoration by Decenber, Bricklayers and Carpenters. 1st weekend montbly: 5/6th June 3/4 July, 31st July/lst August, September. TONY ROBINSON OS Map 169 Access at 917564. Lock Restoration. Last 6 months: Removal of three gates and all silt. Partial excavation of upper, cill and demolition of one wing wall. Next 6 months; S TiTT? .i'Vu;,D ~i3 si" t..3'',i>(.i Help required; Restoration of Lock by December Bricklayers and Carpenters. OFFSIDE BANK CLEARANCE - HAMPSHIRE, Dates; Sunday,23rd May and the last weekend monthly from 2-5/26th September. Leader; Map Ref; Type of Work; DAVID MILLETT Fleet 7364. Details from ansaphone or Leader. Clearance back to the original bank line, cutting back of low overhanging branches and undergrowth so as to 1. provide access for bank maintenance by canal wardens. 2. provide working room for dredger. Last 6 months; Clearance from midway between Colt Hill and Broad Oak, Odiham to Chatter Alley, Dognersfield with minor exceptions to the west of Barley Mow Bridge which will be cleared by the Canal Wardens. Next 6 months; Please note the break in work during the summer. By the end of November however, they hope to be well on the way to Crookham Village, hopefully past Double Bridge. Help Required; This work is suitable for all ages and family groups. The work requires a good regular turn out. WHARF BRIDGE - ASH Dates ; Leader; * • Map Ref; Type of ¥ork; Last 6 months; Next 6 tr.onths;

Every Sunday. ALAN GRIMSTER (work): 01 211 4448 Address; 17 Lynwood Drive, Mytchett. OS Map 169 Access at Q945l6. - Bridge Hole Clearance. Good progress made by Southampton Canal Society, Venture Scouts and our own members. Complete clearance of Bridge Hole and the the group will move on to Heath Vale Bridge.

The bridge hole clearance and stop plank installation .should be completed by the end of May when the group will move on to Double Bridge. Full details on the Ansaphone. Members are reminded that full details of all the Society's restoration work can be obtained from the Ansaphone facility on Farnborough 45032.

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This weekend will be on July 10th and llth and it will be held at Colt Hill Odiham. This year Nobsurd will be a combined Water Festival and Antique, Collectors end Country Fayre.

For the up to 10 year olds there is to be a fancy dress competition on the theme Flora and Fauna of the Canal and for children up to 15 years old there is to be on Art Competition, painting or sketching any of the many facets of the canal. The water races for children from schools and Youth Groups will be for canoes, bathtubs, and there will be a water cycle race. For the older girls, over l3, there is to be an Inter Princess Beauty Competition. Girls living within 15 miles of the canal will be eligible. For the adults there is to be a greasy pole competition. There will also be water polo, using a 5 foot diameter ball, and log rolling.

There will be various rides to suit all ages. These will include horse drawn boat rides, rides on a steam boat and rides on several demonstration boats which hopefully will be on the Canal for the weekend. If anybody has an ambition to ride in a helicopter, then 5 minute trips will be available, tickets at £2.50 to be booked in advance.

A souvenir programme will be on sale containing the details of the events together with historical photographs of the canal. If anyone would like to take advertising space in this programme, then whole or half pages are available. Sales Stand space is also available for the Antiques, Collectors and Country Fayre.

During the Nobsurd Weekend two Country and Western Dances and Bar B Qs will be held in the New Inn, Colt Hill. The first will be on Friday, 9th July and the second on Saturday 10th July. Two Groups, the "Three Card Trick" and "Freight Express" will be playing on both nights, TICKETS are available now at £1.50.

There is to be no admission charge to Water Nobsurd, but a small fee will be charged for Car Parks. To make this event a success Volunteers are urgently required in both adninistrative and supervisory capacities.

Information can be obtained from the following people. When writing for entry forms, PLEASE enclose a stamped addressed envelope.

Children's Art Competition
Mr Peter Richardson, 6la Southampton Street, Farnborough, Hants. "Water Princess" Mrs G. C. Hubbold, 5 Braganza Court, Guildford, Surrey. Country and Western Bar B Q Mr B.Burke, 25 Longdown, Courtmoor, Fleet, Hants. Children's Water Bicycle Race and Bathtub Race Mr M. Frilling, 13 George Road, Fleet, Hants.
Adverts in Official Frogramme Mr S.W. Googe, "Menbury" Gables Road, Church Crookham, Hants. Sales Stands and Helicopter Rides, Arts nnd Crafts and volunteers to help Mr. S.W. Googe, 'Menbury' Gables Road, Church Crookham, Hants. Children's Fancy Dress
Mr Humberstone, 11 Tichborne Close, Frimley, Camberley, Surrey. Any other Events
Mr. Jeremy Browne. 102a Aldershot Road Fleet who can also supply details if members wish to put their boats on the canal for the weekend.
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John Peart, Farnborough 46554
Sunday, 25 April 10.00 am. Reading Road Bridge.
The walkers gather and wait f«r the off.
The morning is very cold, overcast with a hint of rain. The walkers stamp feet and rub hands to keep warm. At last we are away and a brisk pace soon gets the blood flowing again. Out of the civilisation of Fleet by way of Pondtail and we enter the wilderness of a remnant of the Great Heath which once extended all the way to Chobham. The Basingstoke Canal assisted in the reclamation of much of the Heath by providing manure from the street sweepings of London and chalk from the pits, around Basingstoke. A long march brings us to Farnborough Road Weir where Peter Mayne kindly stops work to give us information on the techniques used in rebuilding the weir. ;

On, via Artillery Weir, to Ash Lock, and out onto the great embankment to cross the Blackwater Valley into Surrey where the sun appears at last to brighten the morning. A few more minutes walk, and the Swan extend's a warm welcome to thirsty walkers. An hour later we are on the towpath again in warm sunshine. The afternoon is one of great interest. The hulks of narrow boats, wide boats and barges long abandoned in Greatbottom Flash and Anglers Flash, are clearly seen due to the extrenely low water levels in Surrey. Frimley Aqueduct is very exposed at this time.

The great highlight of the afternoon came at Locks 27, 26, and 25 where Tony Robinson, Jim Chisholm and Peter Jones are doing some superb restoration work. The three locks are at different stages of restorationand the sequence is quite apparent.

A pleasant walk down the remainder of the Deepcut Flight brings us at last to Brookwocd where the party breaks up to return home.

Now for something entirely different.
A Sunday MORNING walk of 5-1/2 miles on public footpaths to the S.W. of Guildford.
June 20th. Meet 10.00am at Guildford Station, returning to the station at approxirately 12.30.
Come along and work up an appetite for your lunch.
I will be out walking, will you?
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This year's sponsored walk is drawing near. To be held on Sunday, July 18th over the entire canal towpath, it will again be the Society's major fund raising event of the year. The support of all members is urgently required, to make this year's walk another outstanding success. With this newsletter you will receive your sponsor booklet. Get busy now filling it up. Plenty nore booklets are available. If you would like to be a marshall or generally help out on the day please ring BYFLEET 42024.
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SOCIAL JOTTINGS by David Millett, Fleet 7364 (14 Dinorben Close, Fleet)
90 members enjoyed the last illustrated talk of the winter season given by Mrs Frances Fratt, the assistant - U.S. Press Officer, whose husband Derek is one of Britain's foremost freelance canal photographer's. Derek provided the excellent slides - which featured many unusual aspects of canal architecture and wild life.

In response to many requests I have arranged a coach trip to the Midlands on September 19th when a two hour canal cruise will be made through the Dudley Canal Tunnel, at 3,154 yards, the longest and by far the most spectacular navigable tunnel on the British Waterways network. The electrically powered boot operated by the Dudley Canal Trust Limited will be used for the trip through the rocky caverns and tree lined basins. The tunnel which was built between 1765 and 1792 was reopened in 1973 after nearly ten years work by volunteers of the Preservation Society. The tunnel was connected underground with the Earl of Dudley's limestone mines under Castle Hill and featured prominently in the early developnent of the Black Country. Full details will be given in the next newsletter.

Next winter's social evenings will commence in Septenber and I shall be pleased to receive any suggestions for types of social events and names of speakers which would appeal to members.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your excellent support. It makes my job really worthwhile.
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Canal cruise on Southern Oxford Canal.
Pub evening, Prince of Wales, St John's, Woking.
coffee morning at 2, Forest End, Fleet. (See page 11)
Pub evening, New Inn, Colt Hill, Odiham.
Morning Ramble.
Coffee norning at 192 Upper Chobham Road, Camberley. (See page 1)
Pub evening, Prince of Wales
Nobsurd (see page 8). Pub evening, New Inn. SPONSORED WALK(se page 9).

2 Pub evening, Prince of Wales
6/8 I.W.A. National Rally, Peterborough.
9 Pub evening, New Inn.
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Apologies to the undermentioned, who were missed off the list of Society's Officers in the last newsletter.
Peter Fethney Sales Manager
Tony Jarrett Newsletter Team
Philip Pratt Exhibitions Organiser
David Robinson Museum Project Officer.

Contrary to instructions in a recent Hampshire County Council circular to Society lengthsmen, written reports are not required. Verbal reports are quite adequate. Any reports to Canal Manager please.
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The ladies are holding an Autunn Fayre on Saturday 2nd October at the Civic Hall, Fleet. We hope to make this event even more successful than last year's Christmas Fayre, which made a profit, of £250.

To raise money to buy materials, we are having coffee mornings during the summer. We would appreciate offers of help to make soft toys and handicrafts (materials can be supplied). For those interested in the Fleet area, we are having working groups on Wednesday afternoons and evenings.

Oddments of knitting wools, fur fabric, felt and material would be most welcome, and if during the summer you are making preserves or pickles, please save a pot for our home-made stall.

A Bring and Buy Coffee morning is being held at 'The Coppice', 192 Upper Chobham Road, Camberley, on Wednesday 30th June from 10.30am. to 12.00 to help raise funds for our Autumn Fayre. Frirmley and Camberley members are especially asked to support this event. Coffee morning and Bring and Buy Stall, Thursday 10th June, 10am to 12 noon at 2, Forest End, Fleet.

Coffee and Sherry Morning: Saturday August l4th, (Details later). Please contact Mrs Janet Hedger, 2 Forest End, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 7465 for further Details.
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The Society is seeking 400 Green Shield Trading Stamp Books (with stanps in of course!). With this number of books we should be able to acquire two concrete nixers of a transportable size for use on site. If you are unable to work on the canal then here is a way in which you can help others who are able to do so. One book per member, would achieve more than our target and one book per member is not much to sacrifice, is it? To make things easy for members to do their bit, arrangements have been made for books to be left at the following branches of Lloyd's Bank. (And we are indebted to their managers for their help). If you are unable to call at one of these Banks then please send your books to John Hobbs, 11 Dinorben Beeches, Fleet, GU13 9SR.

please put the books in an envelope marked "Surrey and Hampshire Canal Society - Trading Stamps".
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IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE that several members from the Byfleet Area, carry out a small amount of work on the Barge Aldershot. This work could be completed in two weekends, if sufficient people come forward. Once the work is complete, the barge will be reasonably protected until restoration is started. If this work is not carried out the barge is likely to be so vandalised, as to mak. restoration impossible. PLEASE contact David Robinson Fleet 21376, who will be happy to hear from you.
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WELCOME to our new minutes secretory Miss S. Billington.
NEW Exhibitions Officer is memberber Phillip Pratt.
DONATION of £200 fron the I.W.A. South Eastern Branch was presented to the Society Chairman at their A.G.M, on Thursday 5th May.- Very Many Thanks.
CANAL EXIBITION at Woking Library on 3rd April was very successful. The Society's display stands were present along with those of other local canal societies.
S.H.C.S. donate £10 to the Fleet Pond Society.
£100 is donated to the Waterways Recovery Group to help with the Group's work on the canal system, and as a contribution for their work now being carried out on the Basingstoke Canal at Lock 24.
BACK NUMBERS of the March issue of the Surrey County Magazine, which contained an interesting article on the canal, can be obtained from Surrey Publications (Magazines and Guides) Ltd., Norfolk Farm, Pyrford, Surrey, price 45p.
MAY BALL held on Friday 7th May at the Civic Hall in Fleet was a great success. £384 was raised towards the Society's funds. Without doubt star of the evening was Peter Mayne of Camberley who arrived at the Ball immaculate in evening dress and WELLINGTONS.
THANKS to Higgs and Hill Ltd for the loan of a grab for use with a dragline. This will be invaluable when mud boats have to be enptied.

COPY DATE for the August newsletter - 1st July.
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Front - The Dredger reaches Swan Bridge, North Warnborough. See page 3
Inside - Lock 25 takes shape under the guidance of Peter Jones and his team. See pages 3 and 4.

Editorial Office: 45 Durnsford Avenue, Fleet. Tel: Fleet 5308
Chairman: Robin Higgs, 18 Barnsford Crescent, West End, Woking. Tel: Chobham 7314.
Working Party Crganiser: Frank Jones. Tel. Farnborough 45032.
Treasurer: Peter Youngs, The Coppice, 192 Upper Chobham Road, Camberley Tel: Camberley 258l9.
Secretary; Mrs Lise Hamilton, 2 Frome Close, Cove, Farnborough. Tel: Farnborough 49651.
Membership Secretary: Alan Babister, 31, Elmsleigh Road, Cove, Farnborough Tel: Farnborough 46147.
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