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Newsletter No. 5July 1967


Mr. D. Gerry, Chairman
Mr. J. Woolgar, Secretary
Mrs. F. Woolgar, Treasurer
Mr. D. Jebens, Publicity Officer
Mr. L. Harris)
.Mr R. Snell ) - Social Functions
Mr. R. Harris, Historical Consultant
Mr. P. Dyson, Records
Mr. J. White, Technical

It has been suggested that for those of you who have not already met your Committee at some of our functions, we should introduce them to you through the newsletter. Your chairman is Mr. Dave Gerry, who lives at Fleet. He is also a Committee member of the Fleet end Crookham Amenity Society.

The Secretary end Founder of the Society is Jim Woolgar, who lives at Brookwood. His wife is treasurer and assists with the typing of numerous letters and increasing phone calls.
Les Harris from St. John's and Dick Snell of Woking are our social functions organisers. They put in a great deal of hard work whenever there are boat outings end in arranging displays for exhibitions and meetings. Mr. Snell is also our photographer and must surely hold the record for recruiting new members.
Dieter Jebens from Camberley is our publicity officer. He deals with leaflets etc. advertising our work.
Robert Harris of Farnham supplies us with historical knowledge. In this respect he is a walking mine of information.
Press cuttings about the canal and waterways in general are collected by Paul Dyson of Normandy. Paul draws our attention to any items which need to be investigated. John White of Guildford in the practical expert. He works on the Wey on grain barges and repair work to the navigation. We shall look to the future when we hope this knowledge can be put to practical use.

We are sorry about the poor quality of reproduction in the last newsletter, but it was produced in a great hurry and in difficult circumstances in order that it should be distributed before our first proposed working party and Fleet Carnival.

Our thanks to members who have volunteered to be "postmen". We do hope the system works as it will save a great deal of Society funds.

OUR DESPERATE NEED FOR A DUPLICATOR CONTINUES!! Jumble sale experts might bear us in mind and keep an eye open for a duplicator thAt is going cheap.

Our entry consisted of trailed boats, suitably dccorated, one finishing up as a canal barge towed manually. We tried to illustrate other aspects of the canal so the boats were decorated with wild flowers and fishermen (actually fisherladies) and we had anglers, navvies, and naturalists in attendance. We distributed a lot of leaflets which should bring us in several new members. Everybody concerned would like to thank Mr. Harris and Richard Snell for the hard work they put into this effort.

Ramble: As mentioned, we are holding a ramble on the Basingstoke Canal, Deepcut section. The date will be sometime in August - details in the next newsletter.
HELP: We would like help in two ways. As a canal society it is imperative that we have true records and facts about the canal. We need ramblers or every≠day strollers to take part in a mile by mile survey. This is not a difficult task and you will bo told what specific things to look for.
Also we need volunteers to take part in a user survey. This would only necessitate giving up one day in order to record the number of persons using the towpath, etc. Persons interested please contact tho secretury or Paul Dyson, 53 Wyke Avenue, Ash, Aldershot, Hants.

The National Film Theatre are again arranging a canal film evening. It has been suggested that we try to make a block booking. The date is Sunday, January 7, 1960, price of seats 6s. If anyone is interested, could they let the secretary know, although we will give you a reminder nearer tho date. We believe this will include a 1953 film on the Basingstoke Canal.

As recorded in the less legible part of our last newsletter, We are able to offer dye line copies (approx. 2ft. x 2ft. )of an old 1866 map of the Birmingham Canal system. The estimated cost has been reduced to ebout 6s.6d. , inc. postage.

Hoatel Craft have kindly agreed to give members of the Society reduced rates on their horse-drawn hostel craft. Tho rate is from £9 a week including meals. Anyone interested should contact Hostel Craft Ltd. 2 Waverley Road, Fordingbridge, Hants, tel. Pordingbridgc 2150, mentioning the Society.

A series of 13 half-hour children's programmes will appear on Granada television toward the end of September between 5 pm and 6 pm. This describes the voyage of four children from Llangollen to London and although not strictly a canal programme it does show some canal lore and canal people.

We would apologise for tho confusion caused on June 25 when our first working party was planned. This had to be cancelled at the last minute through no fault of ours. We received a letter in which we were given permission to work on the canal subject to certain conditions - one of which was that we worked under supervision. However, tho evening before we were due to work tho lengthsman still had not received instructions to supervise us.

The owners have also asked for an assurance that we will not use the working parties for publicity or propaganda - which of course w cannot give since we can≠not be responsible for what other people publicise. We cannot plan another working party until we hear from the solicitors.

Just a reminder to nEw members that throughout the summer weekends We are manning this lock on the Wey. Names of volunteers to Hon. See. who will give details and instructions.

This will be held October 21-28 and obviously our Society will be involved. The enclosed petition is the first stop - please try and keep the dates free and if you have any further ideas let us know.

Secretary: Mr Jim Woolgar, 56 Connaught Crescent, Brookwood, Surrey.
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